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What follows is a brief account of an amazing and powerful journey to the "rooftop" of the world.

On Sunday, September 12, a group of 19 people gathered at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City to begin a lifechanging journey to India, Nepal and Tibet. The occasion was the sixth planetary initiation of Ascension - the most recent energy upleveling that our planet has experienced in her move into a quantum shift of evolution.

What is actually happening is that we, as a planet, are preparing to give birth to our soul consciousness in the physical. This process will open us to the potential of remembering our divine nature in clear and meaningful ways in our daily lives. The initiations have been introduced to us through the model of the Christ, though this process of healing has nothing to do with a particular religion or group. Ultimately, what the one Jesus did 2000 years ago was model for us a process of personal Ascension. In doing so, He planted the seeds of possibility for each one of us.

The initiations that we have experienced since January 23, 1997 include the Birth, the Baptism, the Transfiguration on the Mount, the Renunciation/Crucifixion, the Cocooning and now we have begun to experience the Resurrection initation.

Initiation means "beginning." Therefore, each of these initiations simply introduces a new level of energy, which we will then spend the next years integrating into our lives. It is ultimately a time of endings and beginnings, of death and rebirth. Our lives have been lived in the fear and separation of the ego defense system, a system of survival for thousands of years. It is now time to move beyond that fear and defense and into the Oneness and Unity of our soul selves. It is a process that will happen whether we choose to embrace it or not...

These initiations are introducing a quantum shift in our planetary evolution, a time of personal and planetary Ascension. It will continue to be a time of change unlike anything that we have known. The good news is that if we choose to flow with the shifts, preparing our individual lives, it is a time when we can create Heaven on Earth...

The purpose of the first initiations have been to prepare our physical vehicles for the energies that are now being introduced. Ultimately, they have initiated the endings of old patterns and limitations. This initiation actually begins the emergence of the soul consciousness into physical manifestation. It is a part of a three-year cycle of Purification that will now take place.

The focus of our journey was to initiate the seven levels of the Soul Body. These include the physical, emotional, mental, intuitional/compassional, Will/Spirit, Soul and Divine bodies.

We were given seven rituals or ceremonies to perform while in this part of the world. One was coordinated with each of the seven soul bodies.

We were instructed to create two items for the journey. One was a sacred mandala or medicine wheel. One that wheel were to be placed twelve sacred stones - the same twelve stones that are talked about in the Book of Revelations heralding the New World. This sacred breast plate represents the twelve tribes of people on the planet. In the center of the mandala we were to place what we felt was our own soul stone.

The second item that we were to create involves the Haric Line. This is the line of soul energy that runs through the center of all of our beings. On it were placed seven circles, representing the seven soul bodies. In each, we placed our intention for the manifestation of that soul energy in our lives.

With that background, we now begin the journey...

We first flew to New Delhi, India, where we began to acclimate our bodies to this part of the world. We visited many places. However, for the sake of space and time, we will stick to the ritual locations for this sharing.

On our third day in India, we made an early train trip to Agra, the home of the Taj Majal. This shrine to love is one of the seven wonders of the world. The energy experienced on the grounds of the Taj Mahal was very loving and focused on the heart. This was the location for our first ritual, coordinated with the physical soul body. This seemed the perfect place, since it embodies love in the physical. For those who do not know, it was built by one of the rulers of India for his wife who had passed away. It took seventeen years to build and stands as a reminder of love in the physical.

Most of the group at the Taj Mahal

Our guides for this segment of the journey, Harpreet and Shivani

As we were performing our ceremony, the sun came out bright and beautiful!

From here, we moved into Nepal for the next stage of our journey. This was also the first move up in altitude. One of the advantages of moving to higher altitudes is that the higher one goes, the less the magnetic field of the planet has its densifying effect. Therefore, the higher one goes, the easier it is to access the higher vibrations and frequencies of energy.

There were two primary places that we visited on our first trip through Nepal that we want to share. The first was the Kopan Monastery. It is a very sacred space, introduced to us by a loving monk named Njawang. We spent the morning here in the gentle energies of this monastery, preparing for our second ritual.

the group with Njawang on top of the Kopan Monastery, complete with prayer flags

Ron with Njawang

The actual ritual, activating the emotional body of the soul, took place at a sacred stupa on the outskirts of Kathmandu. This intention of this ritual was to bring together the two sides of duality, as well as light and dark.

The stupa, along with some of the crowd who gathered for the ritual.

Once this was complete, we were prepared for our actual journey into Tibet. We arrived in Lhasa on Saturday, September 18, just in time to prepare our energies for the WorldWide Meditation. Though the meditation took place for most of the world on September 18, the time difference actually put us at sunrise on September 19. For this ritual we visited the oldest, most sacred temple in Tibet - the Jokhang Temple.

Part of the Jokhang Temple

A view of the courtyard edge (from above and ground level) - where the WorldWide Meditation took place

This ritual was coordinated with the third soul body, the mental. This is the seat of the soul and the place where we direct our wills in the physical. It is also the body of manifestation, which is why we chose it for the WorldWide Meditation.

The Dalai Lama's throne on the side of the courtyard

We performed our fourth ritual in Lhasa as well, at the famous Potala Palace. For those who do not know, this was the former home of the Dalai Lama. It is a most powerful place, being the center of the first chakra of the planet. It is here that we performed our heart ritual, the fourth soul body of intuition and compassion. We actually performed it on the roof of the Potala, between the two sides.

This was significant, for it symbolized the coming together of the two hearts - giving and receiving. It was also significant for a number of other reasons. First, it is not legal to perform ceremonies in Tibet of a religious nature any longer. However, we were watched after... Not only did we get to do this loving ritual, but were watched by many Chinese guards. Close to the top of the ritual, they called one the head army officials on duty. He watched and we sent him love. It was not long before he left, giving us full permission to continue. The guards were actually very touched by the ritual, sharing many smiles. And the final significance of this healing event was that when it ran long, they allowed us to stay after the Potala was officially closed to the public.

Gabriel shared that it will be very healing for the Chinese to be influenced by the healing nature of the vortex of Tibet. This is one of the ways that they will move into their healing with the rest of the world.

During the heart ritual on the roof of the Potala Palace

Following the ritual, in front of the Potala Palace

Later the same afternoon we made a very touching journey to a local nunnery in Lhasa. There we made many friends, complete with chanting and yak butter tea (not our favorite thing).

Old friends

Fascination with a video

And finally before leaving Lhasa, we spent an afternoon at the Summer Palace of the Dalai Lama.

The view from the main palace window

After spending some time in Lhasa, we began a journey through several mountain passes to our next destination - Gyantse. On this journey, we reached heights of 17,000 feet! The views were spectacular...

A yak enjoys the view

Some views of other parts of the mountains

We spent the day at the monastery in Gyantse. It is a very powerful place, with many standing columnar waves of energy surrounding the central piece of the temple. These ultimately comprise the two spirals of creation, preparing us quite beautifully for the fifth ritual.

The front of the Gyantse Monastery

From Gyantse, we were off for another ride through the country side to Xigatse. This is one of the largest monestaries in Tibet, once home to over 10,000 monks. It was a very powerful location for our fifth ritual, the Will Spirit body. It was quite interesting to us that wherever we went to do these rituals, we were always surrounded by loving, supportive people. There were always monks present at the rituals as well... At this particular ritual, they were so intrigued that a couple of them moved into the configuration with us and most of them were standing within a foot of us. Our guide was kept quite busy keeping the space open for us.

The giant Buddha inside one of the temples in Xigatse

Some of the crowd who gathered for our ritual

We spent the next day on a long trek back to Lhasa. At this point, we were quite energetically charged. It was time to move back down to lower altitudes. We returned to Nepal, where we visited the Drepung Monastery. This was quite powerful and our next ritual drew quite a crowd of interested supporters.

The Drepung Monastery, with some of the crowd who gathered

The sixth ritual was coordinated with the Soul Body. This was shared in a beautiful location under the stars. This is the center of purification - and for this ritual we experienced rain, the element of purification. We did this ritual at a location where the Buddha had once given an important address. There were many synchronicities. Not only was there shelter from the rain right at the peak, but there were a couple of players who were unexpected. There was an old man selling candles who did not have the ability to speak. He just happened to have the exact number of candles that we needed for the ritual... a ritual of forgiveness. He watched us the whole time with intense interest.

By the time we left, this man had touched each of our hearts with his innocence and loving spirit. We spoke to him with universal sign language and made a connection that none of us will soon forget.

There was also a little child of about five or six who showed up and ended up singing with us and creating quite a healing through his innocence. As we were leaving, he simply said, "Namaste" with a gesture and disappeared. For those who are not familiar with this statement, it means, "I salute the God in you."

Before leaving Tibet, we wanted to visit one of the most famous sites of this part of the world - Mt. Everest. Only we wanted to get close... So a bunch of us loaded on a small plane and got as close as we could.

Our approach to Everest

Mt. Everest up close!

At this point, what we all needed was some time to ground our energies. So we headed for the jungles of Nepal for three days. One of the highlights of the journey was our time at Temple Tiger!

We arrived by boat

Then we headed into the jungle by jeep

We finally arrived at beautiful Temple Tiger

This is the view from the main area of camp

But this is when I knew we had arrived...elephants!

Each day we rode the elephants into the jungle

We saw many animals, including rhinos

This is David, Anil and Jeetu, some of the wonderful staff

After three days, we took our final ride

And the sun set on Temple Tiger

The staff at Temple Tiger was amazing - so loving and helpful. If any of you have the chance to visit Temple Tiger, it would be well worth the journey!

The time came too soon to leave our friends in the jungle...and we were off on our final trip to Kathmandu and then to New Delhi, India for our final ritual.

The seventh and final ritual, the Divine Body of the Soul, took place at a beautiful Lotus Garden in New Delhi. We first visited a Bahai Temple. This is significant, for it is set up to include all religions. This ritual was for the integration of the seven soul bodies and the coming together of the twelve tribes. Another beautiful synchronicity. The seventh soul body is also the one that connects us all to world service...

One of the configurations at the ritual

We finished the rituals by burning our seven intentions, releasing them into essence, so that they may manifest in our lives.

The final ritual was experienced on the final day of our journey and we were soon off to the New Delhi Airport for a VERY long journey home... So we now return to our lives and begin the integration process of all of these energies.

Goodbye to Tibet, for now...

Thanks for sharing these moments with us. We look forward to staying in touch with many of you, sharing our mutual journeys in this unprecedented time of healing. If there is anything that you need, please do not hesitate to let us know.


We hope that this has helped all of you to feel connected to this most sacred journey.


Copyright 2005 Children of Light