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A great deal of the web site is to provide a forum for the channeled information of Gabriel. However, this is only a small part of the work that we offer at Children of Light. The purpose of this page is to inform you about the work offered by Ron and Robert in private and group sessions. However, we also share that their schedules are quite full. This is why we also offer workshops, to pass on this invaluable work to more and more people around the world.

Ron and Robert are authors, 12th Level Light Ascension Masters, Reiki Masters, international teachers, counselors and healing practitioners. After ten years of personal training and working with thousands of people, he and Robert both have private practices in NewYork. While Robert is a trance channel for Archangel Gabriel, Ron is a conscious channel and a hands on healer.

Most of their work is focused on helping people work through the day-to-day issues of life - focused on transformation through deep emotional release, inner child work, body work, healing the defense and survival approach to life by clearing the inner blocks that allow us to create more success, creativity, love and intimacy.

They offer this work both privately and in groups, taking people step by step through the various levels of personal healing and inner transformation. They also have a number of Empowerment Support Groups.

From time to time, Ron has also led men's support groups in New York. Their center is New York is quite unique in the fact that there are as many men involved as women. We have found that it is more typical for women to be drawn to inner work, so we are very grateful for the opportunity to be creating community that is balanced in this way.

The body of work at Children of Light is based on many levels and sources of information, much of which has been handed to Ron and Robert through Gabriel. However, it is vital to point out that the work is clear, simple and grounded.

The work is taught in a step-by-step process, based on the needs of each individual. It is focused on healing the complete system of body, mind and spirit. All that is required for those who come is a willingness to look inward and a commitment to allow their lives to improve. It is a particularly nurturing, though direct approach that has helped hundreds and hundreds of people in many locations around the world...


For those who want a little more information on what is involved in this work:


This work is based on shifting resonance. What does that mean? Every individual resonates with certain patterns of energy. Those patterns are determined by emotional conditioning and mental belief systems. The imprints for those patterns are based on our early programming - what we learned primarily from our caregivers (usually Mom and Dad). Based on the lack of education in the world that we have known, these patterns are based on the gaps created in a true sense of self when all of our true needs were not modeled, identified and nurtured.

A child's unmet needs keep us from growing up and truly individuation. We have been a world in the myth that we are dependent on those more powerful to give us permission, to make us feel safe and to compensate for the lack of self. In short, we have been afraid in the goal of pleasing Mom and Dad to really trust that we are safe to be ourselves.

The part we do not realize is that we continue to live our lives into adulthood based on those early patterns. Once the nervous system is programmed, these patterns become the safety zones of our lives! All of our survival patterns are in place by the time we are only eight years old!

We then typically spend the rest of our lives repeating them and continually end up with the same results. The reason we do not realize this is that by the time we are adults, we have long forgotten our original decisions. Those memories are lost to us, held in the protection of our subconscious.

We end up motivated by achieving and accumulating, trying to be what we think "they" want us to be - in order to prove that we are loveable. In this survival approach, we are also motivated by trying to avoid the pain and conflict in life, rather than moving forward into our individual dreams and visions for ourselves. Why? Because we are not in touch with our authentic selves and the vision that comes from that inner truth when we operate from defense and survival.

Most of us have been stuck on a "hamster wheel" of life and merely re-cast the members of our original family system. All of this in the name of the fearful child inside who created this original approach to life.

In order to heal, we must learn to re-parent our nervous system. We must learn to identify our unmet needs, as well as learning to respond and heal our wounded emotional bodies.

These are the patterns that are held in the subconscious. We need a clear way to access the memory held here, approached as the empowered adult who will champion the needs of that child within. Only then will we leavn to value ourselves and grow up into the miracle of potential that has long been held down - in our need to fit in to the "herd" consciousness.

This process of healing provides simple and clear ways to do just that. It focuses on identifying the unmet needs, discovering where the gaps are and why we have known lives marked by certain distinct limitations and frustrations.

It is NOT POSSIBLE to be fulfilled by living our lives in defense, survival, avoidance and fear. However, once we become conscious of what we are actually doing, we can then make an empowered decision to reprogram our lives and to move out of the limitating approach that no longer serves us.

The feeling that something is missing comes from the lack of true connection to SELF.

The first steps of this healing process involves self-awareness and a nurturing approach to fulfill the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs that free the true, authentic and empowered SELF.

This prepares us for the next steps of developing that emergence into a mastery of self to become a conscious creator!

We offer many levels of teaching at Children of Light that can take a person into the depths of self-mastery - activating the Light Body (soul, spirit and physical connection). We train people how to unite the three forces of creation - the sexual force, the erotic force and the love force.

Our clients are constantly amazed as we work together in mutual inspiration to reveal more and more of the potential possible in the marriage of our humanity and divinity. This is what we wish for each person in a time of unprecedented opportunity.

We hope to have the chance to share some of this with many of you!

Blessings to you all



Copyright 2005 Children of Light