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Ron's inspirational, new release -
A Loving Journey of Transition

An inspiring story about crossing the veil.


This is a true story of the love and courage possible in facing one of life's greatest challenges - the transition of death. This is a story of one elegant woman's journey, facing so much so quickly, and yet opening up to allow those around her to share intimately in this most sacred moment of her life.

This is a story about one family's choice to show up fully. This is a story that changed many lives by affirming that facing life head on, willing to look at the truth of inevitable change with love, support and deep compassion is the most enhancing choice we can possibly make for ourselves and for one another.

This is a story of two sides coming together in perfect harmony - spiritual and physical. This is a story that reveals uncharted territory, as this woman was able to bridge both sides of the veil consciously for five days - enhancing our understanding through direct experience that there is indeed a profound support of Spirit embracing all of us all the time.

This is a story that I hope it will inspire you in some way.
This is the story of my mother.

Ron shared two heartfelt weeks with his mother, Carolyn, before her unexpected death in May of this year. Their journey touched him in powerful and surprising ways.

In this book, Ron shares their compassionate story, helping to take the fear out of death. You will also be inspired by Carolyn being able to reveal each time she was awake exactly what was taking place on the other side.

In the midst of facing terrible loss, Ron found that his mother was able to offer him a rare and precious gift... She was able to take him with her across the veil for five remarkable days!

Serenity is available both in paperback and as an Ebook.

Paperback - $14.95 (due to be released from the publisher in December)

Ebook - $12.95 (available immediately)

This book would make a wonderful holiday gift for the people you love who have dealt with death or are facing that potential.

It can also be an inspiring gift for those who want a beautiful confirmation of the continuity of life beyond the physical!


To order "Serenity: A Loving Journey of Transition"

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Ron Baker
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2672 Broadway, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10025


Paperback books will be hot off the press by December 11.
Order now to ensure that you get one of the first printing for you or your loved ones.



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