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Touching Hearts


We are excited to announce that Ron has created a new way to reach out with some of his other gifts and talents.  If you have read his bio (listed on this site), you know that for ten years he had the opportunity to share these gifts as a singer/actor in many parts of the world - performing over 60 leading roles on major stages.  Some of the highlights include the title role in "Phantom" with Kristin Chenoweth and Javert in "Les Miserables."

Ron now brings his gift of music to this new CD - which includes songs about love and many types of relationship.  These songs explore quite a spectrum, from the love of a father for his son to the love that inspired a spiritual destiny.

Though originally created to share with family and friends, we are choosing to share "Touching Hearts" with all of you - for the messages inspire feelings that help to open our hearts.  After all, the heart is the access point of the soul and the most important goal and focus as we now learn to open to the rising soul energies at this time. 

If you would like to order a copy of "Touching Hearts," please click on the link at the bottom of this page and fill out the simple ORDER FORM.  The CD costs $16, plus shipping and handling (depending on where you are in the world).

Many blessings as we continue to reach out from Children of Light to educate and inspire in any way we can as we learn to come together in healing "re-soul-ultion" on our planet!


Songs included on the CD:

All I Ask of You

Home To Stay

Father to Son

Trust the Wind

Once Upon a Dream

If I Sing

Lost in the Darkness


Soon It's Gonna Rain

Take Me as I Am

This Nearly Was Mine

In Your Eyes


***Sample tracks are now available on the internet at CD Baby!!!  Click here to go and listen:

Ron Baker
(on piano and Vocals)

Recorded at Woods End
Saratoga Springs, NY    May, 2004

Photography - Jeff Fasano, NYC

Copyright - 2004

To order,

click below and fill out this simple Order Form:

CD/Book Order

Some reviews:

Ron Baker's voice is beautifully rich; dark in soul-stirring way.
Reviewer: Alee Reed
Ron Baker's voice is beautifully rich, dark in a soul-stirring way. I love the selections he has chosen for his first CD, especially THIS NEARLY WAS MINE,a rarely showcased treasure from South Pacific, which strikes a chord with anyone who has ever experienced bliss with another person and then let it slip away. My other favorite is GESTHEMANE from Jesus Christ Superstar. Ron sings it with an uncanny understanding of the torment, passion, anguish, longing, and courage said to have been experienced in that fateful garden. The selections included in TOUCHING HEARTS present a wonderful spectrum of moods and emotions and would be an asset to any music-lover's collection.

Reviewer: Jabez
Incredibly inspirational collection of songs sung with a passion.

Reviewer: Peter Frame
After listening to this moving CD I found myself playing it over and over not only because of Ron's powerful and soothing voice but also, because it truly touched and nurtured my heart so deeply.

 You feel Ron's Heart touch you in every song,
Reviewer: Brian Brennan
These songs truly touch your heart and soul. Soothing, loving, emotionally powerful songs sung by an amazing powerful voice. For those who are energetically sensitive, you feel Ron's healing voice and loving heart come through the songs. Everytime I listen to this CD, I feel better.

 Beautiful and moving
Reviewer: Amy
I love this cd. Ron's voice and piano accompaniment are powerful and moving in their truth and simplicity. The whole experience of listening to the cd lovingly resonates in the listener on a deep level. It's a beautiful way to escape into your day.

 His magical voice truly opens the heart.
Reviewer: Alexandra Stephenson
Ron Baker's new CD is mesmerizing. All the day's stress melted away as his amazing voice soothed me. In this relaxed state, my heart began to open as I was carried away by the music. Thanks to Ron Baker for contributing uplifting and beautiful music that heals.

 Your heart will be touched
Reviewer: Walt Pool
My initial listening to this cd was a beautiful experience, but my emotional responses to further listenings is what makes this cd one to touch my soul. Ron's powerful interpretations come from his loving light.

Reviewer: Linda Zoblotsky
I thank Ron Baker for singing and recording this inspirational and loving collection of songs with a gorgous powerful voice that soars above the clouds and reaches into my heart. The packaging is wonderful. On the back of the CD, Ron looks like he is day-dreaming and each song is a contemplation of love and life as it is and what it can be. The performance of GETHSEMANE is earth shattering, a real reason to re-record this well-known ALW song in Ron's pure operatic and striking voice. The entire collection is a breath-taking wonder.

 Listen with your heart and you will feel it....POWERFUL!!!!!
Reviewer: Jeff Fasano
A compilation straight from the heart! Powerful!!!! Moving, emotional and loving.... A purposeful collection, filled with meaning and full of soul....This dude has legs! ...and a voice to match!!!!

 Ron's magnificent voice coupled with his song selections make for wonderful list
Reviewer: Terry Eldh, Broadway performer
Ron's magnificent voice coupled with his song selections on this CD make for wonderful listening...over and over again.

 Inspiring, Beautiful and Kick Ass
Reviewer: Brendan
The music that Ron shares is soothing, opening and, most importantly, entertaining. This CD gave me goosebumps. Try it, you'll love it.

 "Touching Hearts" takes me into a new dimension!
Reviewer: Betsy Eder
I seldom rave about a CD, but Ron Baker's Touching Hearts takes me into a new dimension each time I listen to it! It's a poignant collection of songs that you can tell are dear to Ron's heart. I play it every chance I get!

 Amazing, touching, Ron's depth of character is revealed. How vulnerable!
Reviewer: Frank DiMercurio
The songs touched me deeply. The selections were woven beautifully together as I closed my eyes and listened. Often, I was transported to a time in my past as the music reached inside me and helped me reflect on wonderful and painful memories. I truly enjoy this CD!

 Magnificent! Heart-warming! Such an inspiration!
Reviewer: Barbara Messier
Ron captures your heart with his voice on this thrilling CD. A variety of beautiful music that inspires and comforts the soul.

 Ron Baker...not to be missed!
Reviewer: Molly Sloan
Songs I love sung by a great talent. Tremendous vocal versatility from velvet gentleness to powerful strength.

 Loved it!!
Reviewer: Marian Johnson
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole CD, there is a nice variety of songs, all of them uplifting, and Ron's voice is just wonderful. The piano accompaniment is perfect.


Copyright 2005 Children of Light