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Ron Baker

Ron Baker is an international teacher, bioenergetics therapist, healing practitioner, author, channel, Reiki Master and self-empowerment coach. (Before pursuing a career in the healing arts, he was very successful in the performing arts - acting in over 60 leading roles on Broadway and opera stages around the world.)

His life is now dedicated to educating and inspiring others to tap deeper layers of personal potential and self-empowerment, as they prepare for Soul consciousness.

Ron with James, a sweet friend from Wales

Some thoughts from Ron:

I am happy to share some thoughts about my life... The longer I am on this path of empowerment, the more I realize that it is the sharing of our humanity with one another that creates the greatest healing.

I grew up in small towns in NC for most of my life. Right from the beginning, I had a passion for learning and adventure, with a desire to do everything possible - focused in music, gymnastics, performing, riding horses and a passion for learning!

Though at the time I perceived my life as a happy one, I grew up in a home that included alcoholism and divorce. Like most, I grew up with people who were in pain and did not know how to share their feelings honestly and intimately. It was a home where everyone did the best they could. However, the problem was that none of us knew a better way.

(And I am happy to share that each one in my family is now on a unique, conscious path of healing and development... even getting involved in the process offered at Children of Light.)

In addition to challenges in my family, nothing made sense about the world as it was being presented. There were so many unanswered questions. "Why does this person live only a short while and another lives so long?" "Why did I get lucky and get born into what I am being told is the best country, the 'right' religion, the best this and that?" This all seemed random and unfair to my young mind.

I began to rebel inside and so my life became a search for deeper answers and deeper truths.

As I prepared for college, there were two primary areas that interested me: healing and performing. So I began college as a double major in pre-med and the performing arts. The plan in my head was that my scholarships in the arts would fund my training as a medical doctor. However, my life has rarely gone according to plans...

I have always been one to follow my heart and intuition. It soon became clear that Life was opening doors to move more deeply into performing. And so I followed. I finished my undergrad work at Baylor University and then continued to receive two post-graduate degrees, a MM (Masters) and an AD (doctorate in performance) at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

After graduating, I was offered an apprenticeship with the San Francisco Opera. From there, I moved into a performing career that took me all over the world, performing over 60 leading roles. I was fortunate to sing on stages from the Bolshoi Opera in Moscow to Lincoln Center in New York to a couple of Broadway favorites - performing Javert in "Les Miserables" and the title role in "Phantom," with Kristin Chenoweth as my Christine.

During the years of my performing, there were other opportunities opening in my life. As I would travel, I would find myself in synchronicities that allowed me to study with many types of healers. Little did I know that my travels around the world were educating me about many different healing modalities, as well as many different cultures. In that time, I worked with wonderful, loving people - from indigenous healers to more traditional Reiki practitioners.

Awakening gifts encouraged new ways to explore healing, whichI thought I had left behind in college. I first became aware of being "parasympathetic," which simply implies an ability to feel things that are going on energetically in others in an acute way. For instance, whenever someone in my family would get sick or hurt I would feel the symptoms in my body, no matter how far away they were. This happened once when my mother had a ruptured stomach ulcer in NC. I felt the pain so acutely that I fell out of my desk in Ohio. And then the phenomenon began happening with anyone in the room with me.

These things were both exciting and unsettling, ultimately encouraging me to understand Life more fully and how it truly works. What I was beginning to discover is that we are all connected. We all have a capacity to tune in and become much more intimate with one another, if we are willing to move beyond our defense and separation into a deeper intimacy with Life around us.

As I learned over time to contain my own energy, I learned that I have choices. And I can choose to open up those abilities in moments like when I am working with clients. I can simply tune in and help them understand where their energy is moving through their bodies and where it is blocked. As people become aware of their own energy, they are then empowered to make clearer choices that allow them to grow and move beyond the limits they have known. This also serves to create most consistent health for them.

In 1990, my career brought me to my debut in New York. One week after arriving, I heard someone talking about meditation and metaphysics. I went to the person and said, "I don't know who you are, but I know that I am supposed to talk to you." It turns out this man was Robert Baker, who was just beginning to explore his healing journey as well. He, too, had been on a lifelong search for deeper answers and peace of mind.

It was later that year when he first began to channel Archangel Gabriel, which propelled us both into the deepest education and personal healing of our lives - and the time when so many answers we had been seeking were revealed.

A return to a healing focus became the priority in my life out of these rare opportunities. Then in 1996 I put my performin career aside to become a full-time healing practitioner. As things unfolded, it became clear that each step of my journey had been a more complete preparation for a career in the healing arts than I would have known how to create for myself when I began.

These are the events and synchronicities that eventually led to the creation of Children of Light, a metaphysical school and healing center located in New York City.

Robert and I then spent twenty-two years studying and working with Gabriel before he passed away, putting together the uniquely powerful system we have taught around the world - a process of personal healing and self-empowerment that consistently enhances the lives of everyone who explores in this way.

After attending a "Prophet's Conference" with some of the great minds of science and psychology, we were even more affirmed that Gabriel has taught us a rare depth about Life and how it works. So many of the concepts that were presented as areas of exploration had been areas that were introduced in such clear ways from the loving wisdom of Gabriel.

We understand from the process we have gone through in our own empowerment processes what it takes to transform the "survival consciousness" held in our physical, emotional and mental bodies into the initiations of Soul consciousness... the very process that the planet has been preparing to make in this time of unprecedented acceleration and change.

We now KNOW there is SO much more potential we all hold than most have even imagined. I now live in realms of experience that were not even in my initial goals... and I am grateful.

Back to my journey... Over the years, Robert and I have had the opportunity to share layers of this information with thousands of people in various parts of the world. We have also been leading groups on 15 journeys to sacred sites around the globe since 1997... all connected to the seven Soul initiations of Ascension that have been taking place for the first time in planetary history.

These adventures have provided one more way for us to share our piece of the healing puzzle in the world, involving over 16 million people in worldwide meditations.

One other way I hinted at sharing more of this life-changing information was in a first book, written in 1998. Revelations for a Healing World received wonderful reception and reviews and sold out its second printing.

However, Gabriel shared that the time was premature to put focus on books at that time. And so I put that on hold until this year of 2015, when I am getting the green light to write my first book for a greater release into the world. Right now I am working on A Map to Greatness: Book One, Preparing for the Treasures of Your Soul.

I have also written one other book that is quite special to me, called Serenity: A Loving Journey of Transition... in which I share the remarkable final two weeks my family spent with our mother in the hospital before her passing. I was able to connect with her on the other side during the whole transition process, affirming the ways our Souls can commune and remain connected even after physical death.

The way my mother lived was inspiring, as well as the way she left this physical world.

Finally, the most recent part of my healing journey has been creating a way to reach many more people around the world, as I am only able to be in one place at a time, while living in a world that has a real NEED for a deeper "Life education" about who we are in potential... and so I created EmpoweredAtLast.com (Link = EmpoweredAtLast.com)

In all that I have had the chance to experience over the years, I am happy to be able to say that Life makes great sense to me now as a miraculous opportunity. As a matter of fact, the more I learn and open to experience, the more I am in awe of the privilege that Life can be. Intimate, empowered and profound!!!

These are some thoughts about my life - a life that has been rich with adventure, love and healing. Thanks for sharing a bit of my story. Hopefully one day we will have the opportunity to touch hearts more directly.

Blessings to you all!


Copyright 2015 Children of Light