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Robert Baker

(1948 - 2013)

Robert was a trance channel for Archangel Gabriel and an international teacher for 22 years. In that time he brought through a profoundly powerful body of information... that has given Children of Light a very unique approach to life, as well as understanding what is happening on the planet at this unprecedented time of change and transformation.

Robert in Egypt

What Robert shared about his life:

My earliest background in metaphysics began with my family. My father was completely healed of grand maul seizures by a healer. This caused my grandmother to dedicate the rest of her life to healing and metaphysics. She became a Christian Science Practitioner. So I grew up relying upon my grandmother's mental work for healing and to this day take no medication, except in rare instances.

I came to New York twenty-five years ago from British Columbia, Canada where I grew up. My father was a lumberjack in the north woods of Canada. I came to New York to pursue my dream as an actor and spent many years acting, directing, producing and ended up as the head of the make-up department of New York City Opera.

I had always been interested in people and in being of service to them in some way. In 1987 I took a trip to the Far East with New York City Opera. I traveled throughout southeast Asia for two months, finding myself on the island of Bali at Christmas of that year. While there I had a near-death experience that changed my life and revealed to me why I am here. I was told, when I had gone to the light, that I must return for I had not yet learned how to love. I was shaken by the experience and after that was never the same.

I began to experience energies in my body that I had never experienced, such as psychic, clairvoyant abilities and sometimes even the ability to heal through my hands. It scared the hell out of me. So I began to investigate, reading, taking workshops. I began my own personal journey of healing.

In 1990 while I was meditating I went unconscious. Upon return I was told that Gabriel had spoken through me. That was the beginning of my experience as a trance channel It was also in 1990 that I met Ron Baker and we began our experience of learning together. In 1992 I was ordained as a Minister of Communion of Souls in New York.

Through our experience of personal growth and healing with a multitude of teachers and philosophies of healing, as well as the amazing information from Gabriel we began to develop the Ascension process which we committed to with people teach around the world.

I am joyous to be a part of this experience and share what I know and have learned with others, in hopes of making a difference. And I hope for them to then make difference for even more people. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing spiritual evolution our planet is going through, as we build a resonance of One Family, One Heart and one Soul together.




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