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Welcome to Peru
and the grandeur and majesty of the Andes Mountains!

Journey of the Heart, May 2002

We are so happy to have the internet with which to share our sacred journeys. We are hoping that it makes the experience live more fully - particularly for those of you who have worked with us from your homes across the world to ground the energies of this powerful vortex in the WorldWide Meditation: Transfiguration of the World Soul on May 25, 2002!

Within this brief overview, one of our goals is to share some of the healing focus of the journey. Perhaps this will even enhance your own healing intentions and directions in some way.

For the journey, we were each instructed to make a vision rod. We were to get a piece of wood for this rod and were instructed to divide it into three parts. This represents the three worlds - lower, middle and upper. In the Incan tradition these three worlds are represented by the snake, the puma and the condor. Ultimately this represents the coming together of physical, soul and spirit (as well as the three minds - conscious, subconscious and superconscious).

This marriage of the three worlds is exactly what we are working to integrate as our planet moves through this next evolutionary leap.

Our rituals were configured to enhance this marriage into the conscious mind and into our conscious experience. And remember that this particular planetary initiation also moves us into the third level of integrating the initiations of Ascension which began in 1997. This level is the Transfiguration on the Mount.

Another way of explaining the Transfiguration is that we have now begun the process of introducing a new idea into the energy realms of the planet. This has given "Birth" to the energy of the next root race - spiritual man/woman. Once the idea was introduced, our personal energies began to be challenged by the expansion of this new idea - bringing up anything that stands in the way of this higher potential. This takes place through powerful releases of kundalini energy up the spine, which takes us into the first layers of the "Baptism" initiation. The Baptism is ultimately a time when we go through shedding and purification of all that no longer serves us as the kundalini moves up the spine and through the various energy centers/chakras of the body (challenging and clearing us mentally, emotionally and even physically).

Now that we have hopefully all been working to integrate these new levels of energy, we are ready for the Transfiguration. This is the time when we reach the pinnacle of our personal purification process, ready to begin integrating the energy of Spirit for the first time consciously. For this initiation we returned to the heart chakra of the planet (Machu Picchu) and the Ark of the Covenant energies.

Machu Picchu

The Ark of the Covenant is an etheric vortex or doorway through which the energy of Spirit pours and enters our planetary realm. In our bodies, we have a mini-Ark of the Covenant which has begun to form in our heads, called the Rainbow Bridge by some. It is now time for us to begin to download Spirit for the activation of these next healing layers.

Having made our vision rods and having become clear about this information and the intention of the journey, we flew to Peru to begin.

After a night in Lima, we flew to Cusco and took a bus to a lower elevation for our first sacred sites.

Our first temple is in an Incan village called Ollayntaytambo. This allowed us to get our feet wet, as we prepared to move into our first sacred ceremony in Pisac.

The temple stairs in Ollayntaytambo - small ones to the left of each much larger ledge

Standing in front of the Sun Temple wall at Ollayntaytambo

A view of the long trails leading to the sacred ruins of Pisac...

For this first ritual, we were focused on clearing the LOWER WORLD (the subconscious mind) - clearing our bodies of layers of fear, shame and guilt.

Ron giving last minute notes before the ritual

For each of the primary rituals, Gabriel gave us sacred configurations and shapes/movements to make. It was very interesting that we were able to find a vortex that matched each one of those configurations. For instance, for this ritual we were to spiral into the center to release the intentions. In looking for a spot, we found a room in Pisac which has a natural spiral movement of the energies. This, of course, only enhanced the movements we were making as a group.

The 22 people who went to Peru all showed up with very willing hearts. The focus of personal intentions for each of the rituals was clear, moving and ultimately very healing. Within each one of these rituals, we also set intentions to wish the same healing for the entire planet, according to each person's highest good.

There are always details in every journey that add depth of meaning and value. For instance, in this first ritual, a hawk circled directly overhead. This has become a common occurance on our journeys. Hawk represents a "messenger of Spirit" in the indigenous traditions.

Another detail is that our hotel was gold and violet. These are the colors of soul and spirit.

A corner of our hotel

The culture of Peru is extremely gentle over all. We made many friends....some human and some not.

An alpaca

An example of how people were moved, as well as nurtured on this journey of the heart

Once we completed our first ritual, we were ready to move to the centerpiece of our journey - Machu Picchu!

A portion of the ancient temple site

For most of the journey we were guided to each of the sites by a wonderful man named Romulo, a shaman who grew up very near Machu Picchu. He touched us all with his tender and genuine heart.


Some of our group going up some of the stairs to the Gateway of the Sun in Machu Picchu - shared to give you some size perspective of this huge temple site

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu, each nook and cranny is filled with connections to different aspects of higher energies. Many people would feel compelled to sit and meditate in their personal free time.

Robert channeled many different energies while we were in Machu Picchu. We will share more about those beings at some future time on the web site...

We were fortunate to be able to connect with the energies at Machu Picchu one day before the WorldWide Meditation. Then we returned on Saturday morning, a little more acclimated to the energies and ready to join with so many of you.

This ritual was focused on joining the world with the heart chakra and the energies of Spirit released at this particular time - as we prepare to become the root race of spiritual humankind. It was beautiful how so many people gathered, watched and even joined with us in praying for world peace, unity and oneness.

We actually performed this ceremony in an area around the "Peace Tree," the only tree within the sacred site. (You can see it best in the closeup of the temple shown above.)

The group holding our rods up, sending energy out to all of you around the world

The group

This is Puma Mountain, the mountain which supposedly keeps the sacred site "charged" with energy

On the final morning while we were at Machu Picchu, a portion of the group chose to hike to the top of Hyana Picchu - the very tall peak behind the sacred site. (almost 1500 feet higher than the sacred ruins)

A picture of Machu Picchu temple from way up above

Ron sitting "on top of the world"

The group was ready to now move to the higher elevations of the trip (as if 10,000 feet was not enough). We took a wonderful train journey to Cusco - the core or naval of the Incan sites.

We first visited the Temple of the Sun in the heart of Cusco, which was very powerful. We then proceeded to Sachsaywahnman - where we completed the next ritual.

Having prepared the Lower World, we were prepared to clear the Upper World (the superconscious mind) of attachments and illusions. For this ritual we were to form the six-pointed star, made up of two triangles. This represents the energy of Spirit (upper triangle) penetrating the physical world (lower triangle) - all surrounded by a circle.

For this configuration, we found a remarkable natural vortex of energy that actually pulled us BACKWARDS in a figure eight. It was moving so fast that it almost pulled Ron off his feet when he found it.

This is the group performing the ritual in the center of the large complex or temple at Sachsaywahnman.

The depths that were reached and shared by the individuals in the group were inspiring. We wish there was some way we could convey that experience to each of you directly. Instead, these few pictures will have to do for now. We will include a montage at the end of this sharing, so that you can glimpse the intimacy and closeness that made the journey so impactful for us all.

At the end of the second ritual, Romulo led us through a cave of darkness - which is an initiation passageway. While in the cave, there was absolute darkness. This brought up deeply held fear in many people, as they moved through it like a "birth canal." The symbology of this movement was the re-birth that becomes possible when we prepare the lower and upper world - to be reborn into the heart as conscious, spiritual, empowered individuals.

The group after coming through the cave.

Now we were prepared for the final leg of the journey - to even higher elevations. We journeyed to Lake Titicaca, which is the highest navigable lake on the planet - as well as one of the deepest on the planet (as deep as 600 feet).

The significance of this location is that we were preparing for our final ritual - the joining of the upper and lower worlds in the heart. What better place to do it than at the largest vortex of multi-dimensional energy on the planet (according to Gabriel)...as well as the highest (upper world of Spirit) and deepest (lower world).

Once again, we found a natural vortex in which to do this final, powerful ritual. It was focused on clearing the heart space of judgment and unforgiveness, bringing our journey to a close.

Sunset at Lake Titicaca

One of our last events was going out to the people who live on floating reed islands on Lake Titicaca. It was a time of celebrating with the children, which brought everyone a great deal of joy. This was quite appropriate for "becoming like a child to enter the kingdom of Heaven - accessed in the heart experience."

Upon returning home, as a group we are experiencing tons of energetic activation and shake-up in the lower belly, as well as in the head. This comes from the body starting to disseminate and ground into the body the energy of Spirit that has been downloaded through the crown chakra.

We hope you have enjoyed our tour of majestic Peru. We look forward to sharing with you in the future worldwide meditations and journeys. We hope that you will continue to spread the word - so that each event between now and 2012 will continue to grow as our world now enters fully into a seven-year cycle of Tribulation/ Transformation.

Lots of love shared by all

"The Silly Brigade"

Please let us know how we might serve you as we share more of what Gabriel continues to reveal in this unprecedented time of change and potential healing. We hope that you will also stay tuned for the Monthly Educational Reports that we will start to include later this month about world events, why they are unfolding in this way, what they represent for us, as well as how we might respond to create tremendous growth and healing, rather than going into more fear and defense.

Special thanks to Deborah for organizing our journey

Goodbye from Robert and Ron

We wish you many blessings in this time of Transfiguration!


Copyright 2005 Children of Light