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Practitioners Trained at COL


I am so proud to share these practitioners with you, who have spent years studying with me to be able make a real difference in people's lives... who have already been working with people with lovely results. Their clients are happy and making clear forward moves.

I cannot tell you how often I am asked, "Do you know someone who does what you offer in different locations?"

The truth is that I created this particular approach, developed over the last 25 years. And therefore, there are only a limited number of practitioners who have been trained in this process... which creates beautiful, empowered transformations 100% of the time... if people are simply willing to show up and apply the tools we clearly set up for you.

And so without further delay, here are the practitioners who are doing this work that I would like to introduce.


Miguel Rosell... Los Angeles, CA


"In 2003, I made the life-altering decision to sell most of my material possessions and move from my hometown, NYC, to Australia. At the time I thought this decision would transform my life and lead me to a happier existence. Up to that point, I did not feel that I was living a purposeful life.

Shortly after arriving in Australia, I realized that the discontent I was trying to escape was right there, still inside me. After 2 months of traveling through the country, I was guided to return back home. I started to understand that the only want to heal my predicament was to go "in and through" myself.

I began to search to find a path that would assist me in understanding why I felt so much dissatisfaction. After about a year, I found Children of Light. It was there that I participated in a 10-year journey of internal exploration, as well as a formalized practitioner training program under the guidance of Ron Baker.

This work helped me find the answers I was seeking, dismantle many of the disempowering myths I held about myself and more importantly, lead me towards living a life filled with purpose and a greater capacity for intimacy... with others and with myself.

Today I continue on my journey of self-discovery with the understanding that the deeper I go within myself, the more I am able to expand, both internally and externally.

I now feel a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment guiding others down the same path."

To learn more you can email Miguel at miguel.rosell@gmail.com or visit his website... www.miguelrosell.com


Noam Gamady... New York, NY


"I was born in Israel. After moving to New York and starting a family and creating a successful career in project management and real estate, I found myself struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and a recurring state of discontent.

Instead of supressing the discomforts and holding them in, I decided to search for ways to resolve them more and more. Since beginning, I have sailed on a passionate journey collecting tools that allow me to live a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

I have trained in a variety of modalities, including Reiki, meditation and bio-energetics with Ron Baker and other teachers. I have now become a practitioner and am eager to share my personal experience as an inspiration to guide, support and nurture others on their journeys."

To reach Noam, email him at noamshands@gmail.com or
visit his website: www.noamshands.com

Susan Gonzalez... New York, NY


"I am a classically trained musician and singer, with a doctorate in Performance and Literature. I have combined what I have gained through music with training in Light Ascension to deepen my quest for an integrated spiritual journey.

I discovered energy work in 1998, when I began my journey with Children of Light, working with both Ron Baker and Robert Baker. I have combined all that I have learned to create an integrated form of healing, using Harmonic Resonance, Reiki and my training as a bioenergetics practitioner.

It is my pleasure to continue offering this practice to those who seek a nurturing modality on their journey to inner self-discovery."

You can reach Susan by email at susangonzalez@optonline.net


Marie Story

"I grew up in Seattle, WA with a variety of interests, including music, dance, tennis and skiing. I have always considered myself to be a seeker, and have undertaken many forms of personal healing... each of which eventually ran their course. I came to Children of Light in Sept of 2007, after being confronted with some personal challenges that motived me to seek out deeper healing on every level - physical, emotional and energetic.

My journey with COL has been a deep and sacred undertaking, allowing me to get a better understanding of myself and my place in the world. Through this process, I have grown my heart, unearthed and freed many self-limiting patterns, and improved the quality of my relationships.

I trained in each level they offer, eventually leading me to formalized Practitioner Training, led by Ron Baker, which provided me the foundation for guiding others on a similar path. And I have now been a Bio-energetics Practitioner since 2013.

I am passionate about guiding others through this fulfilling and meaningful process of empowerment. I am currently seeing clients in NYC and at my home in Stamford, CT."

You can reach Marie at mariestory@yahoo.com


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