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Journey to Peru, 1997

Welcome to the beautiful Andes Mountains

We are excited to be able to share our journey with you through the wonder of the internet. We have decided to print most of this information in gold because it is one of the two primary colors that we were dealing with for the entire journey. We went to Peru on a shamanic journey and were instructed to gear all of the items that we made and took with us to two colors - gold and violet. We were told to use crystals of the same colors, such as citrine and amethyst. The reason is that the violet color represents the energies of Spirit which would be pouring in through the vortex opening at this time. The gold color represents the activation of the soul body. We even found that there is a crystal called an ametrine which combines both colors.

In preparing for our journey, we were instructed to make several things. The first was a shamanic staff, which would serve as a rod of initiation, evoking the energies of Spirit. Then there was a rattle, which would be used for invoking the energies of the astral realm to release karmic codes. We were to put things sacred to us on the inside of this rattle, as well as crystals and our intentions for taking the journey. The last thing that we were to create before the journey was an amulet to be worn around the neck, with three crystals in a particular geometric design that we were to pick individually. Our last instructions were to set specific intentions for ourselves as individuals, as well as our intentions for the healing of the planet. These intentions were to be based on the information that we had received about the spiritual significance of the journey and this particular planetary initiation.

So come with us as we share our journey... We will focus primarily on the rituals that we were given to carry out and the intentions of those rituals, for they hold the essence of our intention, both individually and as a planet.

It is a journey that surely changed all of our lives to one degree or another...


September 13, 1997

Welcome to Peru! This is us right after arriving at the Lima Airport.

After a long day on planes, we all met up for the first time in Lima. Two of our group came from Michigan and one from Salt Lake City. Lima was the point of convergence.

We spent the first night in Lima and flew the next morning to Cuzco...

These are two views of the city of Cuzco from our hotel.


September 14, 1997

We spent the first day simply becoming accustomed to the elevation - 11,000 feet! Several in our group experienced altitude sickness anyway. The day in Cuzco was quite charming. The people were very open and the street vendors had wonderful things to bring home to all of our friends and family.


September 15, 1997
We woke early this day to begin our rituals. The rituals that were given to us were to be completed in four stages. The first stage was to clear the emotional body of old karmic codes, preparing the heart and solar plexus (seat of the soul) for the energies of Spirit. The karmic wheel is something that we have been operating through for thousands of years on our planet. It began, according to Gabriel, in a time we know as Atlantis. That Atlantean consciousness is now rising again on our planet. The vortex was opened on January 23, 1997 in the Great Pyramid. It is rising once again to give us the opportunity to make new choices, to balance the misuse of the energies that began at that time.

These karmic codes are held in our astral bodies as individuals, accessed through the heart. We have been caught in this system of recycled karma for thousands of years - creating the process of birth, death and rebirth. However it is now time to move out of that system, integrating the astral realm and healing these karmic codes here in the physical. This is part of what is involved in this process of Ascension. And it is the reason that we went to the heart chakra of the planet to access and release these energies.

Saqsaywaman (notice the beautiful blue sky)

This is the sacred site where we went to complete our first ritual - the release of karmic codes, preparing the heart/soul space for Spirit. The reason that I have pointed out the blue sky is that, as stated on earlier pages, we experienced beautiful weather for our trip. The exceptions were either during our rituals or directly previous to acting them out.

As we were touring the site and experiencing the energy held here, we noted that dark clouds were gathering on the horizon. We were accustomed to such affirmations of nature from our journey to Egypt earlier this year. The weather continued to shift and build as we got closer to the ritual. You will see this dramatic shift in the sky in the next picture.

However, the reason that we were to act in this site is that most of the major ley lines of the planet come together here in an area forming a sundial (on top of Saqsaywaman).

We all eventually gathered at the chosen spot. We had brought with us certain animal statues and pictures as well. These were to the represent the animal nature of the lower self, as well as the energies which were abused during this Atlantean time in certain experiments of mutation. We were to release them in this ritual as well. We placed them in certain geometric patterns and began our dance of ritual in the Sun Dial.

We invoked the energies of Light, particularly those connected to this area and sacred site. We used our rattles to invoke these astral energies, those connected to us as individuals as well as those connected to planetary patterns. We used the rattles as rebirthing chambers, balancing and releasing these energies. The wind began to blow very hard and the skies continued to darken. We moved through several configurations, including both spirals of energy to reverse and release these energies with our intention. We also used sound and light to aid us in this ritual.

The ritual took about one hour to complete, including the burning of the karmic elements that we had written down as individuals. Fire, as stated previously, is the element of transformation.

Just after our ritual. Note the dark skies...

As we finished our ritual, a number of native Peruvians moved directly into the center of the circle to experience the energies. I was particularly moved by a family with three small children who had their own short ritual and bonding, including the toddlers.

During this entire ritual, including the preparation of the space one gentleman sat to the side and observed. He remained for over an hour. At the end he spoke to our group in his native Spanish and said, "Mother Earth has truly been served in this hour." He then proceeded to give us some wonderful information about this site, which was obviously dear to him. He felt like an angel sent to bless our time there.

Robert spreading the ashes of our burnt karmic elements
with dramatic skies in the background

The skies continued to be cloudy for the next hours. We went to lunch and then moved on to another sacred site - the Temple of the Moon, near Cuzco. There we were to complete another ritual, part B of this first phase of rituals. This next phase was to have the Sun cleanse our soul space, the womb of the soul, now that we had cleansed the space of karmic baggage.

We got to the area between 2:30 and 3:00. We were to do the ritual by 3pm, when the sun was at its energetic peak. We moved through a number of caves and did some energy balancing. We moved into the Cave of the Two Snakes (or the Monkey Cave) to do the final preparation. The skies were still totally clouded over as we entered. We did a short meditation and closed with, "Now let's go out to greet the cleansing Sun."

As we emerged from the cave, the weather was once again working with us. The Sun had broken through in full force and the sky totally cleared within minutes. We completed this ritual and gave thanks.

This is the area just outside the Cave of the Two Snakes. Notice the skies once again, just moments after our ritual of cleansing of the Sun...

We closed the day with a trip to Tambo Machay, another sacred ruin. We did not have any official rituals to do. However, we received surprise blessings and information that was to affirm our journey of healing. Robert, who is a trance channel, sometimes opens to bring through other energies when they are particularly strong or have a specific purpose. This was the case in Tambo Machay, where he brought through an energy welcoming us back to Peru and instructing us to go into the four chambers at the top of the site. Each chamber has very powerful specific energies aligned for specific purposes. However I will stay on track and gear the sharing to the four specific rituals...

Tambo Machay


September 16, 1997

The next day we left Cuzco and headed for two destinations, Pisac and Ollantaytambo. Both proved to be pivotal to us as a group and to many individuals.

At Pisac we unloaded from the buses and began the trek along the edge of the mountain to the ruins. Many people had great emotional releases and epiphanies along this trail. It was quite beautiful, but not a part of the configuration of rituals. So I will simply include a few pictures to share the sight with you all.

Notice the tiny people on the trail leading to the ruins...

Pisac Valley

Some friends at Pisac...

From here we went to Ollantaytambo, one of the few Incan villages still inhabited and full of life. We stayed at a very quaint bed a breakfast run by a local woman. Here we were scheduled to do phase 2 of our rituals. This ritual was in conjunction with the full moon. This site is the temple of the moon.

Our ritual was to prepare the soul space to receive the energies of Spirit, now that it had been cleared of karmic elements and cleansed by the Sun. We were to form certain configurations, connect with the energies of the space and region and sing the song of our souls. We used crystals in a configuration of the circle and triangle as well. As we made formation for the ritual, we invoked the energies of the moon. We all looked up and the clouds around the moon formed some definite configurations. We all saw them clearly. First came the six pointed star, then the square, then the circle. We then did our songs, all individual and beautiful.

We again had three guardians from the area. There were three children who led us up the ruins late at night and stayed with us for the entire ritual, which took over an hour. Then we had a celebration, dancing and giving thanks. They stayed with us, fascinated with the sounds coming from the CD player that we had brought. They eventually got up and danced with us, sharing a song of their native land in praise of Pachamama, which is the name for the goddess of Earth for them.

A view of the village of Ollantaytambo from the ruins

One of the village streets - Ollantaytambo


September 17, 1997

We were very excited that our day to go to Machu Picchu had finally arrived!

We left Cuzco the first thing in the morning. We took the train. We waited at the station for about an hour and made many local friends who were there selling their goods...

Train station - Ollantaytambo

The train ride took about two hours and we arrived at the base of the mountain, Machu Picchu. The village is called Aguas Calientes. It is famous for its hot springs. We stayed at a beautiful hotel, El Pueblo. By the time we were checked into the hotel, we made it up to Machu Picchu around 1:00. We met Cucho, a wonderful, powerful and gentle shaman, who led us to the top of the ruins to begin our day of World Wide Meditation.


The details of this meditation are included on the previous page; therefore, we will not go into detail here. Let us simply say that it was very powerful. This ritual was phase 3 of our itinerary with Gabriel. This was to open us to receive the energies of Spirit directly. We were directly in the heart of the vortex that had been open since September 12.

To give you an idea of how dramatically the sky had changed during our ritual we will include a couple of pictures...

Ron, soaking wet from the rains of the World Wide Meditation, under a dramatic sky...


September 18, 1997

Cucho, leading a meditation and connecting with the surrounding mountains

This day culminated with phase 4 of our rituals. We did the Devic Ceremony. For those of you who are not familiar with the term "devic," it implies energies of the angelic realm, as well as the energies connected to the plant kingdom of our planet. There are actually four levels of this energy, but that information is not necessary in this explanation.

We gathered at a point of Machu Picchu called the Crystal Mountain. We were led in a guided meditation by Gabriel, followed by some specific rituals of our own. We then sang songs of Hosannah! and rang our bells, connecting our intentions with the energies of the Devic Realm.

Suzanne and Lynn following the Devic Ceremony...with nature answering back!

There were actually two rainbows that appeared during this ceremony. We were indeed blessed with affirmations!


September 18, 1997

We had one more day to spend in Machu Picchu before leaving. We had no specific plans. At first we decided to hike two hours of the Inca Trail. However, shortly after beginning it, some of us intuitively felt that we should go back. We did and began an unexpected adventure.

Robert opened to channeling several star beings for the first time in his life. They came from different star systems, such as the Andromedan system and Sirius. They came with great news and support. They said that it is our birthday. We are being born into a whole new era and have many blessings that wait for us. According to them we have been playing a chess game on our planet for thousands of years and it is now time for that chess game to come to a close. It is up to us as individuals whether or not we will win that game. However, at the rapid rate that things have been changing and people have been focused on healing themselves, things look wonderful for the outcome.

Robert, bringing us loving messages

We moved from place to place within the ruins of Machu Picchu, which is apparently a Library of Records of the history of our planet. It is all held energetically as codes within the rocks of the ruins. It is now time to release the information along the ley lines of the planet and awaken to who we truly are.

They wished us happy birthday and encouraged us to call on them for help. There was such love that came through in their messages. We are truly not alone and are truly supported in this great shift of consciousness that we are now integrating.

So it is up to us to open the windows of our souls to integrate the love and the magic that await. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. We look forward to sharing more with you in the near future, either in person or via the internet.

Come back and tell your friends!


Copyright 2005 Children of Light