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Gabriel's Overview of 2017

A Year of SELF as the Destination:
Seeding of the Soul
in the Heart



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MESSAGE FROM GABRIEL, as channeled through Ron Baker

"Dearly beloved, Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel. And as always, we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.

We come at this time to talk about 2017, a year we are calling "A Year of SELF as the Destination." It is a year to focus on deepening your inner focus, so that you can align with the soul that is seeding into the heart space.

This is a year where your souls have a chance to begin forging its presence into your consciousness in a deeper way. This is true for all souls, and it will impact and touch people at the levels they are ready for.

It will only touch the periphery of those souls who are more primitive. It will penetrate into the depth and consciousness more fully, for those who have done more work preparing or simply have the capacity for such a thing. This capacity will only be there if you have reached one of the more advanced soul levels in your progression of lifetimes.

It will color the lives and choices of those most fully who allow it, those who are willing, conscious, penetrable energetically and thus prepared for such an energy to land and ground itself in the body.

2017 is the beginning of a new layer. You may say you have been in a time of preparation that has moved you across an abyss, a gap the created an interrupt in the old paradigm of your lives as you had known them.

You have been told that the events of 2012 create an end of history as you have known it to be. This was the line of interruption and the years since 2012 have been introducing new bridges of energy in the body, bringing the energies of the higher chakras (energy centers) in the body down into the lower chakras.

This time of preparation has been much like the years leading up to 2012, where an interrupt was also in place. This allowed for a gradual interrupt to take place, when you began to disconnect from the habitual focus on the outer world to provide you with hits of gratification in any number of ways.

It was a time when the years of revelation of things that were not working so well in your world began to become known. This was all perfect in the unfolding Divine Plan, all in place with an intention of getting you to look more deeply at your lives and to begin to let go of the systems, both inner and outer, that were no longer serving your growth or fulfillment.

This has now been a time, since 2012, when you have been encouraged to sift out and let go of more of the things in your lives that no longer serve you as you move into the next levels of your potential. Much like you let go of certain behaviors, choices and perspectives as you moved from one stage of school to the next, you have now been encouraged to let go of the things in your lives that have only held you in fear and limitation.

These things have had to become loose enough in your lives to be let go. This has been a gap and cavern in the movement of time for you to merely experience an interrupt of the habitual. This has served as a beginning wake up call.

2017 is now a "1" year in numerology (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1). This is a year of new beginnings and a year focused on the needs of the individual in a bigger way than other parts of the cycles that you move through in your lives.

This is a year of the individual being seeded with the soul consciousness in a way that has not happened prior for mass consciousness. This is a time when the soul will begin to evaluate more fully where you are as an individual.

It will begin to encourage the personality more fully to make choices that set you up well.

It is a time when your world will need much direction toward that which serves the good of the whole. This will encourage you into what will set you more for more fulfillment as individuals. It will encourage you into the depths of your hearts, into what the channel calls the perspectives of "adult reality," rather than the perspectives of the wounded child held within you all.

The soul will begin to direct, to impact, to influence, to encourage a deeper connection to Self, a deeper flow with Life, and a deeper awakening of the potential that is held within you.

Prior to this time, the soul has been operating behind the scenes of your lives, as a dormant potential for most of you. The channel likes to share it like this. An adult potential is held within a six-year-old, even though it is not conscious or accessible to the six-year-old.

Much the same, the soul potential has also been held within you... though not conscious or accessible in most ways. Up to this point, the adult has typically been so ruled by the lower self and the lessons that were set up at the beginning of the lifetime.

The personality has been learning how to navigate in the world, colored by emotional wounds, missing needs and limiting mental beliefs.

The soul potential is also held within you. It has simply not been the time, nor has the been an understanding how to prepare for accessing this soul consciousness. That has only been emerging in recent years. This is what we have spent the last 27 years training the channel to understand and integrate in his life, as well as encouraging him to teach and share the tools and information with others.

What is important to understand in the process of moving from one stage of consciousness to another is that the challenges that rise are an important part of the process.

Much as you had to face new challenges when you moved from childhood into adolescence or from your teenage years into adulthood, each of those challenges encouraged you to expand your consciousness, to explore within yourselves for great solutions that would allow you to resolve those challenges. This is the process that encourages your growth and evolution, both as individuals and as the collective consciousness on the planet.

Those challenges are needed. As the soul now prepares for its connection or awakening in your bodies, your world has been revealing many new challenges. From the challenges of global warming to the challenges of becoming a world of nations needing to learn to work together in a more complete way than ever before, you are being encouraged to seek within for deeper discoveries of the choices that will set you up better and better.

It will be a time of accelerated need for individuals to become the destination, the point of focus. The inner Self, and more specifically the center point of the heart, is where the physical and spiritual aspects of Self come together.

This is the destination.

This higher resonance of Self holds a potential that you have been encouraged to move toward, if you have been aware of our messages for the last 27 years. We have encouraged you to learn how to nurture yourself, to learn how to identify the needs that have been missing, learning how to take responsibility for the wounded emotional body and the limiting beliefs held in the mental body.

We have encouraged you in any number of ways to prepare for this time.

If you have done that clearing, nurturing work, you will be clearer for receiving the impact of this higher soul potential that is seeding itself in this year of 2017.

As you move into this "1" year, you will see even more fully that your governments and world systems have only been able to bring you to a certain point. Keep in mind that those systems have been created by and made up of other individuals who are also learning their lessons in the same stage of development that you have been learning within.

The individuals in these systems have had to navigate the same wounded fear, shame and judgment created from missing needs. They have had to navigate their way, while being held in the limitations of wounded narcissism, like a child who fears that their needs will not be met, unaware how to move into the consciousness that is able to focus most fully on the good of the whole.

A focus on the good of the whole can only take place effectively when the individuals understand how to fulfill the nurturing needs of the individual. This is what will allow one to feel safe and clear enough to expand beyond the individual into serving the collective whole.

You are all in this worldwide learning curve together.

You have a world full of systems and governments that has been impacted by each stage of your collective learning curve. It has held the collective imbalances that have been inherent in each individual, fearful that no one is looking out for "my needs".

You are a world that needs to seek the destination of the heart, applying the qualities of the heart to yourselves and to one another, so that you can learn to heal fear, shame and judgment. This is what will allow you to truly prepare and then tap the consciousness of the soul that is held within you.

You have been a world held in the grasp of defense, separation and control. This has been reflected in the macrocosm of your systems and governments.

As you move into this year of 2017, the soul will begin to seed itself into the conscious mind of the heart more fully, attempting to awaken you into more of your personal power, more understanding of Life and how it works, and more of the inspiration of higher levels of your potential.

This "1" year will challenge you to become the destination of your own journeys, challenging you to seek deeper, so that you become consciously aware of and standing in the truth of what matters to you, what is most important, what you are willing to stand for and what your vision is for yourself and for the world around you.

It is a year that will require much more of you. Keep in mind that all things are there to reflect to you the level of consciousness that you have known, and more than ever, the limitations that are inherent in this level of consciousness that truly need deeper solutions.

Each person is merely doing the best they know how, within a certain level of consciousness. Let's apply this once again to the school system. When you were in 5th grade, you only had a certain understanding of Life and a certain depth into which you could reach to face the challenges of your life. When you reached high school, you had a greater scope of understanding and more tools to call upon.

However, you will soon discover that you need to reach deeper in order to access what you will need to create solutions for the challenges that face you individually and collectively.

These revelations of imbalance serve you.

They encourage you to show up, to explore, to look more deeply to find the ways that you may enhance your lives. They serve you brilliantly. However in the stage you have been in, the wounded child will often blame, shame, distract, avoid and want to head for the hills to avoid having to take responsibility for the challenges.

To go into blame or hiding will never be a solution. This will be a year when much blame and shame will rise to the surface. This only goes to show you how much wounded child consciousness there is in your world.

The true empowered individual merely takes in all that becomes apparent in the challenges, and seeks to discover ways to resolve these imbalances of fear, shame and judgment. This encouragement to go deeper into yourselves is what you will have more than ever as you move into the influence of the soul in this Year of Destination.

We could go into more detail, but we do not think it is necessary. keep these simple things in mind and allow yourself to respond, to explore, to purposefully open to align with the soul that is seeding itself into your consciousness, you will be set up well.

This is a process that will continue on well beyond your lifetimes. This is a stage of evolution unlike anything you have known on your planet so far.

Those of you who simply show up, prepared and willing to continue to seek into the depths of the heart, practicing all of the qualities of the heart that you can imagine, will benefit the most in this time of soul seeding.

You have tremendous potential, well beyond anything your logic could imagine from the perspectives of the wounded child or even the adult nature you have known so far. You are infinite beings.

If you want a more fulfilling reality, you must take responsibility for learning to delve deeper, to respond and explore, discover and apply the most heartfelt empowerment tools that you hold. This is the encouragement, the opportunity and the critical need that you face at this time.

We remain ever grateful for the opportunity to share and to encourage your journeys into the heart, into the soul, into the love of All That Is.

And now, as we take your most joyous leave, we ask as always that you remember to love one another each step of the way. Blessed be."

- Gabriel


For more information, as well as important clues for how you can integrate this potential and take advantage of the opportunity that is in our hands, visit my blog at ronbaker.net - ronbaker.net







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