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Gabriel's Overview of 2016

A Year of Magnetism,
to Prepare for the Integration of the Soulll



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MESSAGE FROM GABRIEL, as channeled through Ron Baker

"Dearly beloved, Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel. And as always, we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.

We come at this time to talk about 2016, a year that that we are calling a Year of Magnetism into the New Soul Reality.

What do we mean by magnetism? This is another name for what we have called "resonance."

This is a year when you are getting to know your personal resonance unlike ever before. "What do I resonate? What is my truest commitment?"

This involves an awareness of your conscious commitments and a growing need to become aware of your sub-conscious commitments - those commitments that have been held in the survival system of your life. Those are commitments that have typically been compensating for your missing needs, the wounded emotions--compensating and committed to moving away from pain, shame and conflict that you have associated with the first years of your life.

You resonate with powerful survival choices in the subconscious, and this is vital for you to understand as you move into this year of magnetism.

You will magnetize to you whatever you resonate with more fully and deeply. If you remain unconscious of what fear, shame and judgment is held in the subconscious, you will attract more powerfully than ever opportunities to become aware/conscious, to see the essence of that which you fear and are committed to avoiding.

It is vital that you learn how to approach the wounding of the subconscious as an empowered, nurturing adult presence. You must learn to become the teachers of your wounded subconscious. This is a year of deepening the encouragement of this healing approach.

Let us give you an example of what we mean:
if you habitually fight some feeling experience you fear such as "deprivation," you will find yourself fighting and avoiding experiences of deprivation unlike ever before.

Why would you fight the experience of "deprivation," you may ask? If your physical, emotional and mental needs were not identified, nurtured and championed as a child, you will have experienced a perceived threat--deprived of your needs.

Without an education about the deeper truths of your needs and how life actually works, you will have perhaps made a decision to try to avoid this feeling of "deprived" at all costs. "I don't want to be deprived of my needs any longer." And so you have tried to avoid the feeling, controlling your experience in any ways that you could.

What you have not understood is that the challenges of your developing years were how your "soul curriculum" of this lifetime was put into place. That, as an example, may have included the need to negotiate missing needs through the experience of deprived.

This means that you were created with a sacred ability to FEEL deprived, so that you would recognize the impact of the missing needs. This, then, would have given you a particular focus on the specific things that were missing... giving you a chance to not only discover how IMPORTANT this need is in your life, but giving you a chance in later years, once you moved beyond the foundational years as a child, to spend time focusing on HOW you might learn to fulfill that very need.

The experience of deprived is actually then not threatening. It is encouraging. Encouraging you to seek and respond to what has been missing.

However, all too often, without a clear life education, you have misunderstood the feeling of "deprived" as the threat and you have sought to avoid it at all costs.

This means that you will have committed to fighting "deprived" and will have begun to attract or magnetize a reflection of this commitment. Life will have responded in love to your choice and given you constant ways to fulfill the commitment to fight.

Here is a way to fight deprivation, IF that is what you choose. And the more you will have fought it, the more you may have decided it was a threat, rather than an opportunity to look more deeply, to discover what it was trying to reveal - the NEED below the deprivation.

This revelation would be empowering, but when you are so busy fighting a feeling, you do not tend to land and seek within, going deeper than the feeling you fight. This has kept you in survival consciousness for your whole lives.

The deeper truth is that you are given a soul curriculum in your life to point you in particular directions, giving you clues about what will allow you to claim important pieces of yourself.

In order to prepare for the soul, which is attempting to rise at this time on your planet, you must learn to slow down and look to what is held in the soul curriculum for this lifetime setup. You must become aware of what you have learned to fight, that which is held in the subconscious programming as a survival commitment.

You may have been feeling things are getting more intense in recent years, feeling a constant barrage of challenge. This is only the pressure of the soul emerging. It has brought that which is held in fear, shame and judgment to the surface - so that it can be faced as the adult that you are.

In learning to face what life is revealing as a part of your habitual fight, you prepare for the soul.

Learning to show up as the willing, compassionate adult who is learning to reclaim the wounded emotional body is a particularly important clue for you to be able to resolve the challenges of your soul curriculum and to create a sense of wholeness in your experience of self in the physical.

2016 will be a year of Magnetism.

It will reveal the truth of your deepest commitments, both conscious and subconscious. Simply pay attention to what you are manifesting and attracting and you will get every clue that you need.

We have spent many years training the channel and subsequently his community of healers, how to face, nurture and resolve these emotional challenges held in the lower body mind system, in the lower chakras.

We have taught them HOW to face and resolve such wounds as the fight of the feeling of "deprivation." We have taught them how to seek deeper truths about these vital pieces of self.

Let's look to some deeper truths about "deprivation" at this time, to give you an idea.

Once you are an adult and have choices, no matter what you choose in a moment, you will experience deprivation as a part of the moment. If you choose to play tennis, you will not be riding a horse. You will be deprived of the experience of riding a horse when you choose to play tennis.

When you spend time in one location, you are deprived of being in a different location. This is a natural sense of balance. You cannot experience all things at one time in your present levels of consciousness.

Therefore, you needed to be taught that the feeling of deprivation is there to serve you in balance with the abundance you create from committing to the things that are important to you. So if you prefer to play tennis in this moment, commit to that experience and create an intimacy with that abundant experience and you will not be habitually fighting what is missing, the deprivation of horseback riding while you are on the tennis court.

We use this as a simple example to simply share that "deprivation" is not a bad feeling. It is not threatening to your well-being or sense of self. You have choices.

Deprivation and abundance in balance is quite fulfilling as an experience. You are given free will to choose anything you decide is important to you. You are then supported into a deeper connection and intimacy with whatever you choose to invest in.

However, this has not been the typical experience of life on your planet, as you have habitually been stuck in the survival level of consciousness, always fighting the feelings (like deprivation) that you have learned are threatening to you in some way.

You need a much deeper education about yourself and about how Life works if you are to create a more fulfilling relationship to Life. All of the experiences are there to serve you.

Allowing the freedom of that which you are not choosing in a moment to remain neutral is a healthy relationship to the experience of abundance and deprivation. However, in survival, most people put the focus so fully on that which they want to avoid, that they don't spend much time learning to become intimate with that which they are choosing.

The nervous system is habitually scanning for where I might be deprived.

This does not leave a great deal of focus for intimacy and connection with what you are choosing. This is one example of an endless array of experiences, which all serve you, if you allow yourself to choose consciously that which is most important to you.

You would be amazed to know the percentage of choices that are made out of the agendas of avoiding fear, shame and judgment.

One example would be making choices from the agenda to try and be seen a certain way by those around you. Looking outside yourselves, learned in the early years of your life when you looked to please mommy and daddy, you have learned to choose out of fear.

Rather than trying to give yourself an experience that truly pleases you, when you have missing needs and never learned to trust the support of your parents and subsequently the support of Life itself, you remain in a search for the "validation" of your worth and value from outside yourself.

If you are seeking validation of your worth from outside yourself, your choices likely remain colored by what "should" I choose in order to be seen a certain way, to be liked, to be validated or to please someone else.

This has kept you from a deeper peace and fulfillment of getting to know your most authentic self. This is the only way to truly fulfill yourself.

And so we point out two examples of ways that you magnetize from fearful commitments and agendas.

If, on the other hand, you are in touch with your deepest truth today and commit to the things that are important to you as an individual, you stand a far greater chance of magnetizing to you the experience that is truly important to you.

When you do this, you are fulfilling something authentic and meaningful.

And so this year will be very focused on accelerating the magnetism of your choices.

We suggest that you become conscious of what you have held in the programming of the subconscious of the first years of your life--which was a perfect set up for your lifetime.

Find out where you are in the fulfillment of needs, with an awareness of your needs, committed to the fulfillment of your needs as an adult. And where you have been held in the wounding of fighting unmet needs with choices that continue to fight and avoid what is missing.

When you are learning to claim and fulfill each of your energy centers-- and there are seven levels of consciousness held in these seven energy centers--you find that each chakra holds inherent needs.

The first chakra at the base of the spine is focused on your connection to the physical reality. It needs to experience connected, nurtured and safe as the three main needs. This is what will create fulfillment in the first energy center of your bodies.

When these needs were missing, from parents who did not receive these needs in the prior generation, you experienced fear and contraction instead of fulfillment and safety. This perfect set up of your soul curriculum in this lifetime is ultimately to bring an awareness of how important these particular needs are for your fulfillment.

When they are missing, it can provide an eventual focus and awareness of how important these needs are--encouraging you to learn how to identify them and then how to fulfill them for yourself.

But you have typically protected yourself from these missing needs. And so we suggest that in order for you to fulfill yourself in each of these seven levels of your being, that you seek clear education.

We have given tremendous amounts of information about these very topics over the last decades with the channel. He has dedicated his life to teaching others from this body of information.

We suggest that there are ways for you to gain clear education about what will set you up for the most fulfilling individual experience that is true and authentic for your particular level of soul consciousness as you continue on your soul journey.

This way you can make informed choices. This is a powerful way to make sure you are magnetizing into your life exactly what you need, enhanced by what is truly important to you as an individual.

In the last few years you have been bridging the higher self down into the lower self. In 2013, universal energies began to bridge the 7th energy center and the grids of the Divine Plan down to the 1st at the base of the spine. In 2014, you began to awaken your individual soul plan down into the 2nd experiential center in the naval region of the body. And in 2015, you began to awaken the first gateways of the heart chakra into the 3rd center of the solar plexus.

The higher is bridging with the lower. And in 2016 you will now awaken the 5th energy center, for a commitment to all you have learned through informed lower self. The 5th chakra is the center of self-expression, choices and commitments.

Many of you have felt lost, unsure and confused as the familiar lower energies of the personality have been penetrated by the impact of higher energies.

Unsure who you are any longer is a very disconcerting experience that has come from the penetration of these higher energies. These energies are quite benign, supportive of the higher potentials of your experience.

The bridge that will allow you to take the soul energy into your lives in the physical. This configuration is now ready to include the 5th chakra, revealing to you your most powerful choices and commitments--both conscious and subconscious.

If you will start from the simplicity of what you DO know, based on what has been revealed in recent years, plenty will be there for you to create clear commitments. And now you can include how it will not serve you to commit to what experiences you habitually want to avoid, such as "deprivation."

Attachments to agendas like validation will not serve you either. These are just two of the revelations you may have discovered in recent years, from the soul curriculum of this lifetime.

So we encourage that letting go of the choices that no longer serve you is just as important as knowing what clear choices you are moving toward. Trust your conscious heart and the simple truths that you know are important to you.

For instance, you may know that you are committed to specific experiences, like connection and intimacy. Focus on the people who matter to you, the career focus and interests that matter to you, the experience of life that you truly want to create that matters to you.

It may be the experience of adventure, expansion, settling into the intimacy of your primary relationship and home base. Only you can know what is most important to you at this stage of your life.

We suggest that you let go of that which have attempted to avoid, nurturing the wounding that has held your fear, shame and judgment in place. And shift the focus of your commitments to that which serves your deepest, authentic truth.

This is what will be revealed in 2016. You will be powerful manifestors of whatever you are most committed to, magnetizing clues so that you can respond and prepare for the soul that is rising.

So we encourage you to get clear and commit to your present truth, for truth is ever unfolding if you allow it to be. Life is attempting to move you into soul level consciousness--your most sacred and authentic individual essence.

It can only come into a neutral heart space. And so get the education you need to get clear and prepare for the unprecedented gifts that are to come. Manifesting through meaning, value and purpose rather than fear, shame and judgment. This is your opportunity.

These are the things we would like to say about 2016, a Year of Magnetism, revealing your truest commitments in preparation for the Soul.

And now, as we take your most joyous leave, we ask as always that you remember to love one another."

- Gabriel


For more information, as well as important clues for how you can integrate this potential and take advantage of the opportunity that is in our hands, visit my blog at ronbaker.net - ronbaker.net








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