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Gabriel's Overview of 2015

A Year of Healing Duality,
Bridging the Lower Self into the Heart



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Empowered At Last

MESSAGE FROM GABRIEL, as channeled through Ron Baker

"Dearly beloved, Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel. And as always, we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.

We come at this time to talk about 2015, a time when you will heal unlike anything you have known before... IF you have prepared for this time.

It is a we call a Year of Healing Duality, Bridging the Lower Self into the Heart Space. This is a time when you will activate the heart chakra in a way that you have not prior. This is more miraculous for you than you can possibly imagine... in potential, of course.

The opportunity for you to move into the heart space, for you to awaken into levels of love and light, at levels that you have never done before, is now at your fingertips.

What we mean is that the energies are there to support your shift OUT of lower self consciousness into the miracle of the heart, which it was always intended to be. You are precious sacred beings, and yet you have never known the experience of this reality for the most part in your lifetimes.

You have known separation and duality. You have known fear and defense and struggle. You have known sacred stages of learning, from rather primitive perspectives compared to what is becoming possible on your planet.

It is time for you to now make a move that has not been possible for mass consciousness in the entire history of your planet. It is a time unlike any other. This will be a time when you will be challenged to let go of many old perceptions, old patterns, old ways of processing and perceiving your lives.

This will be a time of shifting into the heart space in a way that is unprecedented.

What you have spent the time doing in the last years is preparing for this initiation into the heart. You see, the Soul is the destination and the guide on your journey. The Soul has been moving through the stages of moving through the prior root races on the planet, preparing the personality and the lower chakras of your bodies, while operating behind the scenes.

Only now is the Soul preparing to become conscious experience. There are many levels of experience involved here. You must learn how to resolve the lower self. You must learn how to nurture the wounding of the lower self. You must ultimately learn to resolve the lessons that have been present at every stage of your evolution.

If you do not, you will be continually trapped in the perceptions and experiences of the lower self... represented by separation, defense, strife and struggle.


"Life is so hard. Life is such a challenge." This is what you have truly believed deep down. "Relationships are so hard. Relationships are so much work." What you have not understood are the clues and tools for healing and resolving the lower self.

Yes, indeed life and relationships are hard and quite a bit of effort if you are trapped in the approach of one person's defense against another's defense. My defense versus your defense. My struggle versus your struggle. My wounding versus your wounding.

This is indeed a struggle and challenge. This is what you have known. However, you are being energetically being supported to move out of the limitations of separation, defense and struggle, into the heart space for the first time in the history of your planet.

Why? What is happening?

Quite honestly what is happening is that the vibration and frequencies on your planet are shifting, rising from 7.8 Hz per to the destination of 13 Hz per second. This is a resonance that will allow your heart space to open and become quite active. This is the resonance that will sustain the first true and honest experience of your sacredness.

To prepare for this time we have shared with you in prior years that bridges of the Higher Self have been prepared to activate and empower your lower self chakras.


The year of 2013, as an example, was the year for the 7th chakra (at the crown of the head) to begin to energetically connect to the form and structure of the first chakra (at the base of the spine). What this allowed was for the higher Divine Plan to begin to make itself known in the physical world, in the physical structures of your lives.

The 7th Ray, the Ceremonial Order of Magic, was then activated in a deeper into the forms of your lives. Its impact is configuring balance into the form and structures of your lives. You see, this higher energy only knows balance... and it intrudes and interrupts anything that is held in fear, shame and judgment.

These three energies primarily hold you out of balance.

The education needed to understand this has been provided in the last 24 years through this channel and his friend. We have provided an education that will allow you to make the miraculous transformation from the lower self into the heart space.

The first stage of this bridge is the 7th chakra and the 7th Ray penetrating through your bodies and the form of the planet to inspire greater balance. Fear, shame and judgment have held you in duality.


This basically takes place in the 2nd chakra. The year of 2014 began to create a bridge from the 6th chakra, the higher will of the Soul (in the third eye of the forehead) down to the 2nd chakra (in the naval region). These energies began to activate a clearing of the 2nd chakra, the emotional body.

This is what you have known this year and it has been quite intense. You have had many accelerations of wounded emotion that has been held or stored there. You have had quite a challenge to your relationships to all of life... and certainly to one another.

Many of you are finding yourselves in deeper struggles in many new ways in your primary relationships. This is because so much of it has been guided through the struggle of fear, shame and judgment... one defense against another. One separated being attempting to "change" another separated being, so that your wounded feelings would not be triggered.

You may not realize it, but you have used one another for thousands of years in an attempt to escape the fear, shame and judgment of your feelings in the 2nd chakra.

The energy of duality comes from the fear, shame and judgment associated with feelings. You see, all feelings are necessary and are there to serve you. All feelings are what allow you to experience life in the physical.

But because of passed on fear, shame and judgment, you have learned to associate pain, shame and conflict with your feelings. This is NOT true in the deepest reality.

However, you have learned to associate your fear, shame and judgment onto one side of the feeling spectrum... generally what you consider the 'negative' side of the feelings.

You have powerful and powerless. You have learned to fight and resist through fear, shame and judgment one side of this spectrum, more often than not. You might have been fighting the FEELING of powerless, not understanding how it serves you.

The feeling of powerless does not remotely indicate that you ARE powerless. It indicates that you FEEL powerless. Do you begin to consider the difference?

I AM powerless would be quite devastating, if that were your reality. I FEEL powerless is something quite different. But because you have lacked the education on the planet to help you understand the emotional body, you have assumed feeling a feeling is the same thing as BEING trapped in the limitation of that feeling.

I AM powerless, as an example, is simply not true. In reality, you have the power to respond, to change, to make new choices, to seek deeper solutions, to love and nurture, rather than resist, fear and judge.

You have always powerful in potential, capable... but without the education that allows you to embrace all of your feelings as sacred messengers that enhance your experience of Life, you have resisted them in profound ways, fearing that you ARE powerless.

"That is who I am. Those are the limits. That is what I must avoid at all costs, what I will distract from at all costs. And I will do it by controlling anything that I can to avoid the feeling."

This is what you have known and it has held you in duality, trapped in the lower self, in a survival approach to Life.

And what you are beginning to learn is that it is entirely possible to nurture and reconnect from wiser and deeper perspectives. The channel loves to call this wiser perspective an "adult reality check."

We concur that it is the more mature part of yourself, the wiser part of your Self that you can learn to activate and access, that will allow you to stand as a more empowered adult, who is capable of seeing life through these deeper truths.

The deeper truth is that a FEELING is NOT threatening. A feeling is merely an experience. You need the ability to experience the feeling of powerless, so that it could inform and inspire you.

You see, when you allow the inspiration of the feeling, it reveals what is NEEDED. You can then respond, make new choices.

So when as a child you say, "I am approaching this limited situation, and I feel powerless." We say, Oh. This is merely the part of your consciousness that has hit the limit of what you have grown into so far.

"I feel powerless within my 5 year old being to do anything about it." Well, at 5 you lacked the education and tools to inspire a response and solution. And when Mommy and Daddy did not have the education to recognize what was happening and to guide you and teach you HOW to respond to the feeling, then you began to associate fear, shame and judgment with the feeling.

"I fear this feeling. I fear the limitations associated with this feeling. I feel unsafe with this feeling experience. I shame myself and this feeling as unlovable and unacceptable and unsafe. I judge this feeling as something to be condemned and avoided at all costs!"

Then you began a conservative, limited, fearful relationship to this feeling. This has been the nature of DUALITY that has kept you from knowing the deeper truths that the feelings are there to inform you, so that you can respond and reveal the NEEDS that you have.

"I NEED to make an adjustment. I NEED to get help and guidance. I need deeper education. I NEED a deeper solution."

What you are now beginning to awaken from the 6th chakra moving down into the 2nd chakra is the higher will of the Soul, which has an inherent 'knowing' of the deeper truths. And it is inspiring more of your misunderstood feelings to the surface.

Without a clear education, you will more than likely fight the feelings harder. This 2nd chakra, the home of the emotional body, is also the center of one-on-one relationships... and so you have likely used your fight of feelings to fight and resist even more fully in your relationships.

Like a wounded child, what you have wanted is for the primary relationships of your lives to somehow 'save' you from your feelings. To make whatever adjustments that are necessary so that you would not have to feel the feelings that bring up your fear, shame and judgment.

What you didn't understand is that the other person has been doing the same thing with you. YOU have been cause of their wounded feelings. YOU have been the one triggering their shame to come up. YOU were the one who was supposed to know the deeper truths and deeper answers.

So all you have done throughout your lifetimes, in this fight with duality, is reveal the NEED for deeper truths, answers, help, support, guidance and education.

And yet, because you did not trust that help was possible, because Mommy and Daddy did not know how... you decided at very young ages, to fight, destroy, bury, destroy, run from, distract from the feelings. Rather than understand the revelation of a NEED.

You NEED deeper education and wiser perspectives, tools for resolving the wounded perspectives of the lower self. You have the capacity in many forums on your planet at this time. You are also energetically supported to heal and inspire deeper truths and a deeper relationship to the wounded emotional body.

This is VITAL, if you are to make a real move into the heart.

And it is the bridge that you have been preparing in the year of 2014, with the 6th chakra moving down to the 2nd. We felt that this explanation was an important reminder, as you move into this year of further healing duality with the transition into the heart space more fully.


The year of 2015 will now be focused on a 3rd bridge. This is to join the 3rd chakra (in the solar plexus) and the 4th chakra (heart space).

The 3rd chakra is the energy of your personal identity, your relationship to your self. it also houses the lower will and the energies of your lower mental body.

Up to this point, your sense of survival in separation and defense has included using the 3rd chakra merely to describe what you believed necessary in order to avoid the wounded feelings of the 2nd chakra.

Your lower self is a survival self so far in your learning and growth on the planet. The 1st chakra is about safety, security and survival, as well as a connection to FORM and structure and group consciousness (your place in the herd).

This sense of safety, security and survival, without clear nurturing and guidance to bring it into the resolved potential, has continued to color the 2nd and 3rd chakra experience... not feeling safe, not feeling nurtured, not feeling guided, not feeling that Life is supportive of you as an individual.

This has been based on the limits of the family structures and the limits of what you have learned and been able to support with one another. This has kept you in fear, shame and judgment... and now we add a sense of survival.

Merely surviving your lives is what you have known for the most part so far. What we suggest is as you learn to allow these higher energies to nurture you, to awaken you, is that you will finally reveal the NEEDS of each chakra.

You NEED to nurture yourselves physically, emotionally and mentally.

Nurturing is a facet of the compassionate heart, the fourth chakra that is now opening and awakening to you in ways that have not been possible before.

This new bridge of the 3rd and 4th chakras will allow you to nurture yourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally, finally responding to the NEEDS that have been there all along.

As you begin to nurture yourselves, you calm the lower self in a new way. It begins to TRUST the wiser parts of you, the adult self that is becoming more conscious, willing and responsive... as you show up to nurture these lower 3 centers.

It will be much like re-parenting your nervous system. You, the empowering adult, have the potential to finally become the authority in your own life... looking INWARD more fully.

What you have done so far, ruled by fear, shame and judgment, is to look OUTSIDE yourself as a way to compensate, to distract from the pain, shame and conflict you have held inside. You have in many ways been like wounded, lonely children, hoping that something outside yourselves would make you feel that your life was meaningful.

What you have not understood is that NOTHING outside yourself is capable of fulfilling you, without an ability to embrace the outer as merely an opportunity to get to know yourself.

What do we mean? People and situations in your life are an opportunity for you to EXPERIENCE your Self. No matter what situations you are involve in, YOU are the one experiencing the situation. What does the situation reveal to you about your Self?

No matter what other persons you are with, YOU are the one experiencing the relationship. No matter how many things you have, YOU are the one experiencing those things.

And if you do not nurture the lower self, showing it HOW to feel safe to feel and experience, you will not end fear, shame and judgment. You will not heal duality. You will not heal and transcend separation, defense, strife and struggle.

You will remain trapped in the limitations, no matter what energies are going on around you. You have been handed a free will on the planet, and yet it has not been free at all for most of you. It has been quite trapped in the fear, shame and judgment of the lower self.

A free will is the ability and permission to make any choice. We have already discussed how you have not felt safe to make any choice, beyond avoiding the feelings you have thought were threatening.


This time of awakening the heart and joining with the 3rd chakra will be a time of needed compassion, needed awakening. This will be a time when the 7 gateways of the heart begin to connect.

The FIRST gateway of the heart is the center of conscience and conscious choice. Do you see this as a NEED? You NEED to make conscious choices to nurture yourselves physically, emotionally and mentally. YOU NEED conscience, which is a developed sensitivity to the impact of your choices.

You NEED to develop conscience about the impact of your own choices to your Self as a starting place. You have not known how to treat yourselves with compassion and care, for the most part... choosing instead to focus outward looking for reassurance and acceptance so much more often.

If you focus outward more often, hoping that the job and the relationship and the money and the things will make your life meaningful, you have in some ways made your Self the lowest priority.

And you NEED to allow this first gateway of the heart to bridge into the Self, making conscious choices to respond and nurture.

There are many layers of conscious choice beyond this, but we believe those layers will become clearer as you begin to make conscious choices at this first level, responding to the needs of your lower self, to hold a space for deeper truths to emerge.

To become the authority who nurtures your Self, willing to respond to all that you discover is what you needed Mommy and Daddy to know how to do. But until this time on your planet, they have not known how. It has not been modeled.

As the heart begins to awaken in unprecedented ways at this time, it will encourage those of you who have prepared into a deeper response and compassion and willingness.

The SECOND gateway of the heart is the center of CONNECTION.

When you have not been connected to your selves on the inside, you have instead have chosen to attach to the symbols of your lives as a replacement or alternative. This will never serve you.

When you have not been grounded to your selves on the inside, you have looked outward to Mommy and Daddy from the time you were quite young to be the "source" of your guidance, nurturing, safety and reassurance.

When they didn't know how, you had no alternative and so you began to look for replacements on the outside... certainly not understanding that a connection to Self is what they would have taught you... not to remain in the illusion that they were going to be the source for long.

So when you ended up looking to the outside, you made those replacements the source of gratification... not understanding that much more fulfilling depths were possible. Instead you remained focused on the outside...other people, jobs, relationships, things.

The second gateway will encourage you to awaken and evaluate and to respond to the NEED for connection... first to your Self. This requires that you show up with the wiser part of your Self who chooses to nurture yourself physically, emotionally and mentally... showing this lower self how to CONNECT to you on the inside.

Only as you learn to connect more fully to your Self and to your own experience and feelings can you then truly connect to anything outside yourself. Most of you have struggled with the limitations of your relationships. This is simply because you have not know connection in your relationships.

If you are not truly connected to your Self, how can you bring yourself into a connection to another? Instead what has typically taken place is a wounded attachment to the others in your life, seeking reassurance like a wounded child. It is quite understandable and there is not need for shame or judgment about what HAS been...

Nurturing what you discover is the solution!

Learning to connect to your Self is the foundation of all things in your life. When you ARE connected to your Self, your own truth and your own choices, you can then reach out to inspire connection with Life around you... with one another. Understanding that you will always be a sacred individual, sharing and inspiring and connecting and even enhancing one another in the nurturing.

But no one outside you will ever be the "source" of these things. Those things outside you are merely opportunities for you to EXPERIENCE Life. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And without a connection to your Self and your own experience, you can begin to see why there has been such a gap and unfulfillment in what you have known so far... confusion, separation and loneliness.

And most often, like wounded children looking to Mommy and Daddy to be the source of fulfillment, you have kept each other trapped in fear, shame and judgment... blaming others and holding them responsible for what is missing.

The deeper truth is that you were judging that which is not able to save you from your wounded feelings... pain, shame and conflict. Do you see how every layer brings you back to being trapped in the lower self without the compassion of the heart?

This will never allow you to know love...

The heart has always been associated with love, but quite often you have only been able to love to the edge of your comfort zone. Anything that triggered your sense of survival, through wounded feelings you did not want to feel... took you out of your capacity to love.

As you open the heart space and begin to explore and get to know what is possible though your own choices, your own nurturing, your own connection to Self, you will be quite surprised and enhanced!

The THIRD gateway that is important here is the gateway that accesses a WILL AND PASSION for Life.

You have not known a truly passionate relationship to Life for the most part. You might have been passionately committed to your agendas, your compensations, hits of gratification, distractions or anything that helped you move out of fear, shame and judgment...

but this is not a passion for Life. It is a passion for compensation from what is missing.

The lower will of the 3rd chakra has been running the show, trying to figure out what is necessary in order to avoid pain, shame and conflict. How to avoid the feelings you fear. How to get something from outside yourself to take away the pain, shame and fear...

This will never allow you to find peace and fulfillment.

The lower will has done the best it has known how, within a limited education... much like a wounded child, not trusting that there are real solutions, it has done the best it can through attachments and compensations.

However, as you make the conscious choices to nurture yourselves, to show up with compassion, understanding and forgiveness of Self for your learning curves, you will create deeper connections to your Self and your feelings, your truths, your priorities... you will begin to develop clearer visions for your lives.

Then you will feel safer. And from this nurtured sense of the adult taking charge of the wounded lower self, you can inspire a much deeper PASSION and WILL for Life itself. This is what becomes possible in the year 2015.

Of course you will continue build the other two bridges... the 7th chakra down to the 1st, to INSPIRE deeper balance in the forms and structures of your lives. The 6th chakra and the higher will of the Soul attempting to prepare the wounded emotional body with the deeper truths that all feelings are there to serve you, in order to REVEAL the needs that will set you up well.

The 3rd chakra is then able to free the will to move into the choices and perspectives that set you up to move into life with a PASSION that has been missing... a passion to invest in Life, to use the opportunity of Life as a chance to grow, learn, deepen.

All of this is the intimacy of Life that will come as you open into the heart space more fully, becoming the Adult who is empowered and responsive, compassionate and clearer.

This is the overview of the opportunity of 2015. You will likely experience a great deal of energy moving in these areas... for light must burn through the armoring of your defenses. You see, you have created energetic armoring to protect you within the limitations of your education up to this point.

You have built up more and more armoring, energetic armoring to shield you from more pain, shame and conflict. Little did you know that you were actually separating yourselves from your own heart space and higher potentials.

And you have not avoided anything... but have been learning some very powerful lessons.


There have been gifts within it all, of course, along the way. We are merely pointing out the wounded portions of the journey. There have been lovely depths of exploration and learning for each of you, at your own levels and capacities.

And yet, we want to paint a clear picture of the pathway into the heart space that is opening to you in unprecedented ways at this time. In order for that pathway to become clear and open, you must be able to endure the burning of the light of the higher centers into the conditioned density of the lower centers.

This will create pressure and as you trigger the habitual defense and survival programming of the lower self, you will experience various levels of resistance. Pain is a symptom of resistance energetically.

Over the years we have handed plenty of tools for handling all of these things. The channel is now responsible for disseminating these tools and information and approaches to Life that will allow you to resolve the lower self more and more fully.

We have stated that the Soul is the destination and guide of this journey. The access of the Soul begins to emerge into the heart space through the bridge of the 3rd to the 4th chakra.

This will begin to take place for some of you more fully than others in 2015, depending on how ready and prepared you each are at this stage of your growth.

The Soul will begin to seep through, as the light of your healed lower self allows... We encourage you at this time of unprecedented opportunity to show up more and more fully for your Self, recognizing the revelation of your needs for clear guidance, for nurturing help. Look to the areas where there are tools and levels of consciousness that can work with you...

You are anything but alone on this journey. But in the lower, separated self you have most often misperceived that you are alone and unsupported. This is a time that will awaken many new opportunities. As always, what will transpire is completely dependent upon your choices and willingness.

We have given you the clues and inspired you with some of the unprecedented opportunities. And now we hand you back to your Selves. Respond as you will. Nurture yourself physically, emotionally and mentally and look to the heart space. Breathe with the heart space as you feel the pressure of energies attempting to awaken here.

This is what is possible as a foundation of understanding what will be taking place in 2015.

Those of you who have been doing the inner work, nurturing and resolving the layers that we have outlined, will find this a most miraculous time... able to become intimate, nurturing and compassionate in your lives... starting with Self... in ways that you have never known.

These are some layers of what you can expect in 2015. We have traditionally divided the year into three four-month segments. We have given you three gateways that will need your time, energy and attention.

And we suggest that these three gateways, bridging into the lower self, equals the division that you are used to receiving to heal the 3rd chakra and your relationship to your Self.

If you will allow the Adult self in the heart to guide the lower self through the three gateways, you will be well-served.

Evaluate the CONSCIOUS CHOICES you need to make, that set you up well in the first four months. Move into a nurturing CONNECTION to your Self and your feelings in the second four months. If you do, you will awaken a PASSION and WILL for Life by the last four months in ways that have not been possible prior to this time...

These are elements required for healing duality, as you bridge the lower self into the heart space. As we take your most joyous leave, we ask as always that you remember to love one another."

- Gabriel


One of the things I am most excited about as we move into 2015 is creating MORE ways to provide NURTURING, which Gabriel just encouraged many times in this Overview.

When you consider how powerfully the programming is from our early years when we developed our initial defenses, what was most impactful in determining how safe or unsafe we FELT... came through the experience of our five physical senses.

These senses literally stimulate and determine what we FEEL at the most primitive levels...

What we needed MOST was to FEEL nurtured physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Therefore, as we go back to heal and re-parent that survival paradigm, we can effectively use the SAME senses to ENHANCE and NURTURE the wounded parts of ourselves!!!

In order to facilitate that nurturing and healing, Children of Light is now teaming with the people at a wonderful company called doTerra.

DoTerra provides essential oils that can be used to nurture and stimulate the five physical senses... smelling the healing aromas, to the nurturing touch of our skin, faces, hands and bodies, and even stimulating your healing through taste.

I encourage you to enhance your healing process by exploring further. Simply CLICK HERE to find out more.







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