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Monthly Weather Report # 57





(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read Gabriel's OVERVIEW of 2014 first. We have included a great deal of information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We will not repeat that information below.

Note from Ron:

The gist of this current Weather Report is about developing the next layers of a relationship with Self, focused this time by developing a VISION for your life (based on WHO you choose to be and the qualities of Self that are important for YOU to practice)... as you move into life more fully, based on what is most authentic and a real priority to you, a sacred individual.


MONTHLY WEATHER REPORT # 57 - September - December 2014

"Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and as always we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.

We come to speak to you today about the FINAL four months of 2014.

This will continue to be a time of much change. Change is the name of the game these days. And you can each play an important role within all of the change, as you take 'proactive responsibility,' by proactively moving TOWARDS the visions that reflect your deepest truth!

This is an important thing to realize, as it is in moving forward and 'toward' that which is inspired from your inner Self, that you create a forward momentum for the HEALING change in the world.

INSPIRATION is not only something that comes TO you. INSPIRATION as a force is also something that YOU can play a role in accelerating. However, this requires that you make conscious choices and act in ways that honor and value life around you.

As you do this, you will inspire others to act on their most inspired inner truth as well. You need one another to make this a reality in your world.

We have spent some time this year conveying that it is in being most true to yourselves, investing in things that you value or that bring you pleasure, that you find your clearest path to the Divine Plan for the planet... where all things are in balance, working WITH one another to create a sacred experience of life at all levels.


You all exist in the illusion of levels, much like grades in a school. And if each person is encouraged to be true to their own deepest truth, honoring and valuing Self, it will build and encourage the next step... the need to honor and value OTHERS who are doing the same.

This is the foundational concept that will help you to move your planet from a level of wounded narcissism to the 'WE consciousness' that we have encouraged for years through these vehicles.

You are moving into a realm of mutual value, which is the foundation of Unity consciousness or WE consciousness.

'We are all in this together. We only create a resonance powerful enough to heal the planet into the next levels of its potential when WE come together as individuals who all do more of our part to proactively impact the whole.

This is what we have been preparing you for now for decades through the channels here.

You are all sacred Children of God, or Children of Light. This is your deepest truth. However, you are all in various stages of awakening to those deeper truths. These last four months of 2014 will be a time of the revelation of much deeper truths.

Not only of truths concerning what you HAVE been choosing in habitual survival consciousness, accumulating throughout your lifetimes and history (revealed in the consequences of those choices, seen in the world all around you)...

but it will be a time that also reveals TRUTHS about the potential that always lies just beneath the surface. No matter how deep you go, there will always be the next depths of the REVELATION of God/Goddess/All That Is.

This is an infinite potential. And the privilege of your lives in free will is the opportunity to inspire movement into the revelations of every level of your Being. Your Sacred Self.

This final four month period will be a time of accelerated change and healing. More people are becoming aware of the imbalances, based on the acceleration of planetary events, conflicts and the like.

There are accelerated signs of these conflicts in the most recent four months, a time when we suggested you would reveal what stands in the way of the new world you begin to create by becoming true to your own authentic visions.

People are starting to respond, seek proactive ways to respond. This is wise. You must learn how to wake up, respond and choose something different.

This will always start with the relationship you have with your own life. For instance, How do you treat yourself? How do you treat those around you?

These are important questions to answer. You must all learn how to NURTURE yourselves in more profound ways. So far, there is little true nurturing of the emotional body, specifically the emotional wounding that has been held in the subconscious for as long as you can remember.

This year is a vital stage of revealing more of the wounded emotional body. As you know from the Overview of 2014, this is a year when the movement of the Higher Will of the Soul held in the 6th chakra (in the third eye of the forehead) begins to reveal itself in the 2nd chakra or energy center of the body in the lower belly.

This is the emotional body, the realm of EXPERIENCE.

The soul is attempting to become assimilated into your lives at this time for the first time in history for mass consciousness. And in order for it to become the 'experiential consciousness' of meaning, value and purpose in your lives, you must first clear what has accumulated there, charged with fear, judgment and shame.

These are all myths that you have made real. And these wounded feelings keep you in a child's level of reacting, controlling and defending. And there are ways for you to KNOW that these are just a child's misunderstandings and that they hold NO THREAT in your adult lives... if you are willing to look and respond.

The channel likes to call this 'showing up as the Adults to re-parent the inner child held in the wounded subconscious,' which is typically frozen in perceptions of the wounded child that you once were.

Healing the wounded emotional body is the vital missing piece, we have often said, in the learning and growth of the planet... that has the power to open you to much greater depths and potentials.

We will continue to repeat this message. It is starting to seep into the consciousness of the healing community. And it is so important that it continue to become a part of mainstream consciousness, so that you can all truly become a proactive part of healing potential and change.

If you look to the wars and conflicts that have risen, they each come out of the wounded emotional consciousness that has been prevalent for thousands of years on your planet. This is a long time to bash your heads against the tree of 'me versus you.'

This concept of separation and opposition will never work. There is no way to win that approach to life. It is primitive, much like the limited consciousness of a child who feels threatened and deprived.

You need to look closely at the history you have created... endlessly repeating the same wounded perceptions and choices.

The reason that you so often see life this way is that you have not learned to trust that others can truly VALUE you. This all started with your first wounded experiences in childhood.

Without parents who knew how to VALUE THEMSELVES, they could not then value YOU in the ways that you all inherently deserve. When they did not understand their own needs physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, they did not know HOW to model and nurture many of your needs.

This is the cycle of survival consciousness that you have known for thousands of years. Stuck in the more primitive levels of consciousness and what is truly possible for you each to experience in your daily lives. You have remained much like a child feeling they have to "fight" for their needs.

And this is what you have known for so very long.

The deeper truth is that you are all in this together, stuck in inner and outer conflict... ultimately fighting over things that truly don't matter to the well-being of your souls.

However, with the new movements of energy in your bodies and for the planet as a whole, you are being supported into the opportunity to wake up into deeper potential.

In order for that to become your reality, you must become willing to proactively choose. You must learn HOW to more fully value yourselves and then one another.

This is not some unattainable ideal. It can be very practical, based on what you choose to practice. It is truly the privilege of your lifetime!

Some are getting it and finding that it is allowing the energy of life itself to move much more fully through them, opening their minds, hearts and bodies in a much more fulfilling way.


These last four months of 2014 need to become a primary focus of learning to value yourselves by being true to how you FEEL. As you learn to do this, you will then be able to inspire the world around you... by holding a space of valuing how others feel.

So much of your relating has come out of wounded misunderstandings held in the emotional body. You have not known HOW to effectively communicate. You have mostly known how to avoid, distract, numb out and control one another when feelings that you have learned are a threat to you begin to rise.

This is not true on any level. These are merely the perceptions of wounded children, that deserve your compassion and exploration into much deeper truths. These are merely the lessons that you must learn to nurture in more advanced ways, in order to transcend a planet being habitually run from the fear and shame of feelings.

And so we encourage you to use this time to honor your own authentic feelings as a starting place. This will build the courage to move into your visions and inner truth in much more powerful and effective ways.


You have been encouraged to create visions in prior Monthly Reports this year. The reason for those visions is to encourage you into the experiences that are most important to you.

The tools and the symbols in your visions just give you a way to INSPIRE and shift your focus to what is the core of your lives, your own authentic truth.

As you become aware of that inner truth, you can then begin relating and working with one another to create those visions. Working with one another, you will INSPIRE, REVEAL, EXPRESS and EXPERIENCE the things that are most important to each one of you!

And you NEED one another to make that your reality.

Individuals inspiring other individuals, learning to come together in 'WE consciousness.' That is the brilliance of what is possible. Loving one another into more fulfillment.

This is the simplest truth of it all.

However, so often you have misused the symbols of your visions, thinking that the job, things, relationships and situations that you get just for yourSELF will somehow help you to compensate for the wounded, deprived child inside.

'If I only had that thing or that person or that opportunity, then I would NOT be deprived... and I would be able to prove that I am worthy.'

Nothing in the outer world would allow you to erase the lessons of the wounded, unworthiness. There are already millions of people with things, money and opportunity who have no idea HOW to be fulfilled. This is because they do not know how to NURTURE themselves in the opportunities. They do not know how to VALUE themselves within the abundance. They do now know HOW to transcend the separation, defense and fear.

Doing it this way is not possible. You have simply been trying to prove your worth to other wounded children, starting with the wounded children held inside Mommy and Daddy... other wounded beings who are hoping much like you to 'get validation from a symbol, relationship or achievement.'

There have been lots of achievements in your lives already, both large and small. However, these achievements do NOT resolve the wounded misunderstandings of your wounded selves.

This can only come in learning to value and nurture yourselves, willing to grow within the perfection of having a learning curve with necessary trials, errors, mistakes and failures.

These are the teachers that show you what works well and what does not. What sets you up well and what does not.


You see, it all comes down to the same things... the experience of your life is determined by YOU. Your choices, your perceptions, your priorities, your truths... and what YOU PRACTICE.

Only YOU can learn to make peace with the experiences along the way, experiences that have not been there to threaten you, but truly there to reveal the consequences of all choices. When you choose out of fear and resistance, you create more fear and resistance.

When you choose out of love and value, you create that EXPERIENCE. This is the power and the truth of your emotional body. It is there to give you immediate feedback... that your OWN CHOICES inspire and sustain your EXPERIENCE!

You need the ability to feel all of your feelings in order to get this sacred message along the way.

But all too often you have used one another to fight, to blame, to force the hand of your wounding and control. Continuing to make these same choices will never create a new result.

And so you move into a time when you must learn, one way or another, what the results of your own choices create.


The foundation for soul consciousness has begun, all built upon the bridges of the higher self (higher energy centers) moving down into the habitual nature of the lower self (lower physical, emotional and mental bodies)... seeking to join and guide you into more fulfilling choices.

The marriage of the higher will into the lower is what we encourage at this time.

More important than dividing the year into specific segments or months, we are choosing to give an overview of these last four months of the year for the first time.

The energies will continue to be focused on Inspiration, Revelation, Expression and Experience, as we have already pointed out.You have been given many clues in recent years, so that you could be ready to integrate these foundational realms of energy and consciousness.


Those of you who have been doing the inner work, nurturing and reaching new levels of freedom and peace within your individual lives, will have an acceleration at this time unlike anything you have known.

It will be a time of much deepening, much more direct support from the higher energies that are working with the planet Earth as she goes through this awakening.

You will find that you are able to manifest with the energies of your visions much more readily, so that you can get on with becoming a proactive part of the INSPIRATION so needed on your planet.

Your personal INSPIRATION is teaching you how to love more than anything else. As you open the doors to the manifestations and opportunities that are most important to you, remembering to love and value in all ways that you can is what will sustain the forward momentum that has begun.

This is the "whole" point. Your whole nature seeks to love. Love is all-inclusive, all-encompassing, all-pervasive. This is what will be most fulfilling.

And so move into the supportive energies that are flowing more fully than ever on your planet... so that you can EXPRESS and EXPERIENCE the love that is awakening within your heart space... literally.

The heart is awakening as the bridges of the higher and lower join together. There are seven gateways of the heart that are awakening as this takes place.


The visions that come out of your deepest truth reveal the first clues about your perfect place in the Divine Plan and the unfolding of this time.

This is the energy held within the Higher Will of the Soul...
the REVELATION of your place in the Divine Plan.

So please pay attention to what serves you the most fully... what interests you the most fully... what moves you the most fully... what touches you most fully.

Proactively choose to invest in these visions with love and value and respect for yourselves and one another.

We repeat these simple instructions over and over, hoping to encourage and INSPIRE you into the greater depths of fulfillment that are seeking to engage you at this time.


Those of you who are NOT doing the work to connect and resolve the wounded patterns that are held within your wounded subconscious selves will find that you come up against the 'REVELATIONS' of your own choices and the impact of those choices.

You see, you are all being supported as these higher energies move, no matter what you decide. You have been given free will.

The higher energies are inspiring a revelation of all that is held within you... both the gifts and the resistances.

If you RESIST the flow of life, you will feel push back. If you refuse to respond and respect, you will feel the ATTRACTION of exactly what you are choosing. You are indeed THAT powerful, whether you choose to take responsibility for that fact or not.

Life is seeking to INSPIRE you to awaken, using whatever level of life you choose to engage. If you choose a survival level, that is what you will have.

If you choose to fight, that is what you will have. If you choose to resist, that is what you will have. If you choose to love and respond and value, that is what you will have or EXPERIENCE.

It is all up to you. This will become more apparent than ever at this time. You have been gifted with all that life has to offer. But you must choose to build the resonance that allows the greater depths of life to be revealed.Your choices make all the difference.

And as you learn to INSPIRE one another into these deeper truths, you will build the resonance of a new world, a new truth, a new potential that will bless you in every way!

This is what we have to share about the last four months of the year 2014... putting you ever more in charge of creating the world that you choose to create.

Blessings to you all. We encourage you, as always to remember to love one another as you love yourselves.
Blessed be.” - Gabriel



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