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(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read Gabriel's OVERVIEW of 2014 first. We have included a great deal of information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We will not repeat that information below.

Here is a link to the LAST Monthly Weather Report for 2014 as well.)

Note from Ron:

The gist of this current Weather Report is about developing the next layers of a relationship with Self, focused this time by developing a VISION for your life (based on WHO you choose to be and the qualities of Self that are important for YOU to practice)... as you move into life more fully, based on what is most authentic and a real priority to you, a sacred individual.


Monthly Weather Report (May - Aug, 2014)

Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and as always we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.

We come to speak to you today about the NEXT four months of 2014.

It will be a time of much change, and to the wounded self it may seem like upheaval. It will be a time when you must apply the tools that you have learned in the first four months, processing your feeling or emotional energy.

This will be a time of helping you evaluate where you are emotionally and where you need to deepen your process of nurturing and resolution, as well as where you stand in your relationships, starting with Self. It is a time when you cannot afford to remain in the habitual.

This is a time when much will begin to change on your planet. And you likely know at this stage that the ego defense does not like change nor does it embrace change typically.

Change is a vital energy or force that allows you to grow and evolve and improve and enhance your lives. However, it is also a challenge to the subconscious, which is frozen in a habitual “comfort zone,” which is much like a tape loop, as the channel likes to call it.

It will be a time for those habitual loops to be challenged. The goal is to become so neutral and flexible that you allow accelerated change and work with the energy of change to actually CREATE in your lives.

How can you be a creator without the ability to inspire change... We suggest that moving towards the things you want to create or manifest automatically implies change!

This is a time when you will need to have a specific VISION that you continue to enforce and move towards. Having a VISION will help you remain in choices that are proactive, so that you can adjust the choices that are merely habitual, but no longer working or flowing on your planet.

Creating a VISION will inspire you to more easily become a proactive part of the Divine Plan’s “dance of life,” as it lets go of one stage of its experience and prepares to move into another depth of life unfolding. This is the opportunity of this time.


May will be a time when you will need to show up and practice what you have been learning in the first four months.

Did you discover what is aligned with your sense of truth? Did you discover what inspires you with a depth of meaning and value, revealed through your individual feelings and experience? And just as important, did you discover what feelings tend to shut you down or put you “out of sorts?”
These first four months were a time of preparation for change. And we hope that you have taken advantage of that time. We come to give you clues for further preparing yourselves or setting yourselves up for lives of true meaning and value.

In those months we encouraged you into choices that would deepen INSPIRATION, REVELATION, EXPRESSION and EXPERIENCE as you faced and processed more wounded feelings... so they are not perceived as threatening to you as emotionally empowered adults.

If you do not do your inner preparation work, you will not be able to move as deeply into the unfoldment of this time of ascension or soul rising. You see, the soul can only come into awareness and integration through the healed emotional body. It will not happen through magical thinking or without your PROACTIVE PARTICIPATION.

If you do nothing and simply hope for “rescue” from the wounded set ups of your lives, you will be sorely disappointed. You will merely find yourself continually stuck in the old patterns of the subconscious... a survival approach of opposition and friction with the unfolding energies of life, stuck in the limitations of gratification and separation that you have known for so long.

This will no longer serve in what is transpiring in the Divine Plan.
And so we hope you have begun to practice the tools we have passed on in recent lectures. If not, you need to go back and do your homework and begin to proactively respond.

MAY is a time for you to become proactive in your developing vision and priorities. It is actually a time to practice the choices required to move into the EXPERIENCE of your visions.

You see, the inner motivation of your vision and priorities is a part of the INSPIRATION and REVELATION of your deeper truth of Self, which is attempting to guide you into particular expressions and experiences of life that are pleasing and natural to you.

For instance, if you are interested in race car driving, this is because the arena of race car driving will inspire or at least encourage a particular kind of experience. It is not the race cars that matter. it is the expression and deepening of Self and what you will negotiate and integrate in life that really matters, as you learn to be true to your particular interests.

It simply requires that you get to know yourselves authentically and then focus on and invest in your specific goals, interests and visions. This is what inspires you most authentically to show up fully and invest IN life, based on the truth of your individuality.

Do you see how perfectly it is all set up? The Divine Plan of Life gives each one of you, each sacred individuals, the INSPIRATION to move towards the development of your truth, your individuality, the development of your talents and interests. This is how each one of you can align with the unfolding Divine Plan in perfect ways.

Through most of the earlier stages, you have instead been stuck in wounded feelings of unworthiness, based on the set up of your life challenges for a particular lifetime. Those challenges were a part of the perfect support of the Divine, but have kept most people in the myth of “victim” consciousness, not knowing HOW to trust that the Divine actually wants you to be fulfilled in what is most true for you. It has been about a wounded child trying to please the limitations of other wounded beings and systems instead.

What you will discover as you begin to consider this new perspective is that by aligning with your own visions, you will also be led into CONNECTIONS with other individuals who have chosen to learn WITH you, face lessons WITH you and resolve old issues WITH you. Similar souls in similar lessons and opportunities.

This is all a grand part of the healing of the 2nd chakra and the emotional body that you are focused on in 2014.

As more and more individuals allow this process, you keep each other in INSPIRATION, to continue forward as the old systems of the world that have been ruled by fear and wounded narcissism begin to reveal the wounded gaps that can no longer sustain them.

Most of your old world systems have been created out of some fear and control of the lower self. Many of them have been created to keep you in a form of hierarchal limitation, where the survival of the fittest mentality perpetuates “have’s and have not’s of your world.

What you may not understand is that in a world that only understands this level of survival consciousness, both the seeming “have’s and have not’s” have ultimately been ruled in fear, with no real sense of Self. This is because the primary focus has been OUTSIDE yourselves, to some one or some thing to somehow be the source of your fulfillment, with little focus and encouragement to know the true Value of Self... that can only be known from a relationship with your INNER Self.

The deeper truth is that your early years were a vital time of setting up the gifts and challenges/lessons of a particular lifetime, no matter what level you have reached as a soul. This is an important element of Divine support, giving you the chance to face and work with your challenges... learning to respond and resolve anything that has kept you in limited truths and experience. This can only be created by learning from and embracing each experience.

It has all been set up with a sense of Divine support and encouragement, whether you have been conscious of that fact or not. Just like the information we have been passing on in recent months is support and encouragement... and requires that you shift your focus and take the time to apply the information EXPERIENTIALLY.

We have purposefully thrown out the four key words that will serve in this time of unfolding... Inspiration, Revelation, Expression and Experience. These are the first four archetypes or realms of experience that will guide you into soul consciousness.

So spend time in May continuing to work on the feelings you have begun to nurture, resolve and re-educate. And add to this your need for a clear VISION about what is truly important to YOU, to inspire and reveal for you some of what is most important to you as an individual.

Then come together with other individuals, to mutually inspire and encourage one another into the manifestation, expression and experience of your collective visions and dreams. This is a wonderful part of the unfolding Divine Plan, as you also learn to create intimacy and support, connection and trust with one another, beyond separation and fear.

It is in coming together that you truly build the resonance and keep one another inspired to move into a new approach to life. You actually need one another. The deeper truth is that you are interdependent for very clear reasons, encouraging you towards unity and that which serves the good of the WHOLE.

You simply need to show up and do your individual part. Become more self-aware and encourage others to do the same, with compassion and perseverance.

This will be a month when you will also continue to negotiate new movements of energy in the body. For instance in the last month or so, many people have developed lower back issues, as the energies of the 6th chakra (higher will) have begun to burn through the blockages of stress, resistance, protection and defense that have built up around your emotional bodies.

You need to understand that there is NO WAY to escape these energetic movements. That is also the perfection of the Divine Plan. Those of you who have already begun to apply the tools for moving and breaking up emotional blockages KNOW you can use the revelation of pain to express and move these old energies up and out, so that you can move into a neutral EXPERIENCE of flow and ease and health and abundant living!


June will be a time when you begin to respond to the challenges that you discover are in the way of your visions in clearer ways.

This will be a time to negotiate with your wounded childish imprints by learning to respond as educated Adults. As you become more conscious, willing and educated about how life works emotionally you will literally be able to “re-parent” your wounded impressions and myths.

As you continue this emotional negotiation in your individual lives, you will see this reflected in the world around you more fully. For instance, you will see control battles of the old systems that are also needing to face deeper truths. One example is that your financial structure has been based upon the manipulation of “supposed” currency well beyond the reality that can be sustained.

For instance, people have figured out how to manipulate money as a “concept” or ideal of energy, but not as real monies... motivated again from the wounded desire to gain more from the greed of wounded narcissism.

Be careful NOT to judge or shame the financial institutions, as you learn to stand in deeper truths and encourage change, for YOU have all played a vital role in setting this up. Stuck in wounded narcissism and self-interest of the lower self, based on fear and trying to GET something from outside yourself to fill in the lack of trust of your own value, you have given your power away to those in the financial institutions in many ways. They have merely been playing out the same fears, from a lack of their own self-value and trust of life.

You have all been in a similar level of unconsciousness and it will not serve you to now move into blame and shame... another major sign of childish wounding. It is a time when you will need to show up for one another instead.

If you understand that you have all been trapped in fear, control and manipulation in your individual lives, it is only natural that this has been the case for the collective energies of systems created by men and woman stuck in the same... no one knowing how to trust life at deeper levels, that has been simply supporting you at this level of your collective learning.

Life can only reflect you back to yourself... your inner choices and beliefs... your inner resonance. And you have been stuck in the passed on wounding of family systems, where mom and dad did not know how to value you fully, because no one valued them fully and no one before them. There you have remained stuck for this important stage.

However, it is only as someone now responds to these new movements of energy and takes responsibility for looking deeper on the inside that you can move into the greater opportunities of life.

“God, how could you let this happen?” This is the ultimate wounded victim consciousness that many have been stuck within. It simply means you do not understand how life works, nor how it is already supporting you. “But I don’t want this lesson! Nor do I want to look at how my OWN choices have held it all in place!” And life will always reflect what is held on the INSIDE. This is an important clue.

If you LEARNED limiting myths from the wounded choices of Mommy and Daddy in the years of your soul set ups, such as the MYTH that you are not of true value, then you will need to face that challenge, eventually seeking deeper truths that are also held deep inside.

Or if Mom and Dad didn’t teach you HOW to show up proactively and go after the truth of your individual visions and truths... then you cannot be supported in that truth or resonance until you realize that the option to wake up, interrupt and to teach yourselves the deeper truths that are ALSO being revealed when sought... has always been an option!

But this cannot happen if you continue to look outside yourself to some thing or person or job or place as the source that is supposed to fulfill you... and that you then blame when it cannot fulfill you or take away your wounded myths.

Father/Mother God is merely supporting its children in every stage of learning and growth... and this is the result and privilege of having a free will.

Free will is the greatest gift that you could be given, to act from a growing responsibility that eventually reveals that you are the “creators” in your own lives. This begins with the revelation that you have the free will to learn from your choices. If you do not, you remain in the dupe of a wounded child.

The deeper truth is that you MUST show up, learn from your choices and adjust as you grow tired of the tape loops and the same approaches. You must adjust and seek deeper solutions, such as nurturing yourselves. Claiming your own perspectives about yourselves... as you learn to choose to BE who you choose to be... and then learn to value yourselves. This then inspires you to retire the limited “learned behavior” and to more proactively seek the depths of new truths.

The truth shall set you free. The truth that you have free wills and that it is all up to you. You have been gifted with an entire planet and an unlimited amount of resources. but so many of you have remained stuck in the wounded narcissism of the early stages of your lives and this does not serve you.

It has only served to show you the results of the choice. if you do not like the results, then take responsibility for being the inspiration of change. Adjust and choose to pay attention to what choices set you up well. What choices leave you feeling peaceful and connected and trusting and supported. It is all there to inspire you to learn to support yourself and then one another in the exploration. Make this approach to life a part of your new visions, if you will.

You can truly make any choices you decide to make. And you do have all that you need to heal your world. You have simply need to seek education and tools for responding and resolving. And this requires that you take responsibility for yourself and then for one another in the passing on of the more inspired education...

Your systems have not been based upon truly valuing. but if you are going to heal your world, you will need to grow and look to these options.

You have much to learn in how to value. And one of the greatest inspirations for that growth so far has come in the guise of tragedy or challenge.

You see, when you go through collective challenges, you have a chance to see that you are all in the journey together. Collective challenge is one of the most powerful ways of waking you up to the fact that you need one another. And you need to now shift and adjust, creating systems that do truly value one another. That is what is coming, IF you wake up and respond.

You are powerful. You make a difference with every thought, action and word. You can inspire. You can make a difference, just by healing yourself and then being willing to stand in the truth that it is possible.

Stand in your growing truth. Do not criticize or blame. But instead look to the gaps that exist in the way you have approached life. And then help others see these perspectives, merely as stages of learning.

It is time to grow. The planet is alive and growing into new phases of possibility and potential. You have the chance to grow with her or to oppose more fully the change that is indeed accelerating at this time.

As you shake up the emotional body, you shake up your RELATIONSHIPS with one another. And your systems are one of the primary ways that you relate to one another. They are structures of connection and interdependence. There is such potential for you as you learn to see them this way.

Do not remain a wounded child, looking to the “big people” who run the systems to somehow figure it out and save you. You cannot remain like children AND become fulfilled adults. You must show up one step at a time and see that the systems are made up of individuals, who have also been frozen at similar levels. They are merely following their interests to have become involved in these arenas.

They are no different than you. This is a deeper truth.

So this will be a time attempting to encourage you to show up and inspire one another, looking at what choices set you up well. And which choices inspire fear and separation, which has typically left you feeling like a wounded child, alone and powerless.

We assure you you are not alone in the awakening of fear, shame, judgment, balance, and victim consciousness. Do not let the shame and fear rule you. Have the courage to look and see how you can value and inspire and encourage one another as you shift your focus to nurturing solutions.

You must resolve this on the INSIDE as individuals and then come together more fully to resolve it in the adjusted choices in the systems of your outer world. It must be a two part solution. This is the ONLY way to create the clarity that you need to REVEAL the soul-utions.

This is what you will begin to face in deeper ways in June.


The month of July will be a time of much re-integration, IF you respond the stages leading to this time. New energies will flood the planet from sources that are not yet clear to most of you. It will be a time of downloading energies from Sirius and the Pleiades. Both will work to bring the next layers of energy into focus on your planet.

This will be a time when things are not likely to change in the extreme ways that people are predicting in the financial world. This is because it does not serve at this time to have the financial system that sustains the other systems to fall apart so radically.

It will be a time when many systems will be challenged by the increase of downloading higher energies. But it will not be a wise time to allow the crash of systems that they have prepared for.

This is a time of much support on your planet. This will be a time when you will use these energies to further accelerate the movements of your visions. It will be a time when you must take more responsibility. That has not been easy for most, who have wanted to remain in the glamours and attachments to the things that have brought hits of personal gratification.

This will not serve in the new world that you are building. This will be a world that is much touched by the higher cause to love and support of one another. These will be your greater motivators.

Many people are awakening at this time. And it has been quite a shock to the nervous system for the higher will to be penetrating into the heart of the lower self, the emotional body.

The energies of your wounded emotional bodies have run the show in many ways. And as it becomes clearer that the emotional body is a force that must be reckoned with, there will be a growing willingness on the planet to deal with these sacred energies.

The emotional body is the sacred body of experience on your planet. And whether you have known it or not, it has been what has saved you from the annihilation that many have sought.

The world is seeking the peace of the emotional body. It is now being penetrated by higher energies, which remind you of what you are made up of from the inside out.
This memory is inherent in all of you.

It is what will save you from the destructive path of the lower swill, which has looked OUT instead of to itself as a sacred force. This will be a time when the memory of the inner self will accelerate. Many will seek deeper truths as this begins to unfold and be assimilated.

You will see it in some of the smaller systems of your world as well... the ones that are less dependent upon control mechanisms and greed.

People will begin to come together and to seek alternatives. You will even begin to see some shifts of the deeper motivations of these larger systems, which will be required to put their money where their mouths are. This all depends upon individuals waking up and coming together. So make sure that you are one of those individuals, to be a proactive part of the resonance of healing and soul potential.

We have spoken about upheavals in this time on your planet. It will be an upheaval that is seeking to inspire an awakening. So awaken and inspire. Show up for yourselves in ways that set you up well. Show up to support one another in ways that you have not.

Do not depend only on the crises and annihilations to inspire you to show up through grief and despair. This would be a variation of the same thing you have known... victim consciousness.

You need to learn to allow the emotional body to awaken you into the joy and inspiration and revelation of the depths of that joy... That is what is possible as these higher energies are ready to be downloaded more fully into your emotional bodies.

This will be a time of much healing. But it will also be a time when people will react as they feel the interruption of their survival systems.

This will not be fun. To go into deeper resistance with higher energies will only allow the impact of your friction with the movement of life to have a greater impact.

All that is taking place actually serves you, as it shows you what sets you up well and what does not.

The planet is moving into more of her healed nature, with those who are willing to move with her. And this will be a time of the dividing of the sheep from the goats... the willing from the unwilling... the inspired from the resistant.

This will be a time of confusing energies in the body, as the old and new come face to face.
This will create quite a stir in the heart chakra as well, as the new system is attempting to plug into the nervous system.

The seven gateways of the heart must open. And this requires the inspiration of higher energies.

As you begin to clear the area... through the work that we have suggested, you prepare for these higher energies to inspire greater meaning, value and purpose.
Or those who resist will have more and more conflict, pain and disease to process.

This has always been the case. It has simply been at simpler levels of energy, which you had gotten used to as “the way things are.”

So show up and allow the movement of these beautiful energies in July.


August will be a time of more assimilation. As you apply the visions that you have evaluated, followed by the choices that support those visions with the new energies downloading... you will now move into the assimilation phase of the process for these four months.

We realize this is a little different than what you had gotten used to in previous channeling. However, it is time for this to become quite practical.

You need ways to apply the information of higher realms.
Applying it through love and intimacy and honesty and integrity and clear communication are the most practical.

These are not practiced energies on the planet for the most part. You have been stuck in ideals and idealism for the last 2000 year cycle. This is what brought you into the preparation of this time... to explore what you MIGHT do to improve the planetary experience...
but it is time for you to move out of conceptual idealism and to apply the EXPERIENCE.

You have been a divided sense of self. The lower would buy into the idealism, but was too stuck in wounded narcissism of the lower self to actually adjust and choose to interrupt the hits of gratification and attachment that “seemed” to please. But this has not been an experience of an empowered adult who values Self (or others).

It is time for you to show up and apply the terminology that is so easily thrown about with authentic, core compassion of the heart space.This is what will allow you to heal.

This is the space that will inspire the qualities that have been long talked about, but rarely understood or practiced.

The assimilation of the higher energies must transform your lower imprints of fear, shame and separation. And then you will awaken further and further into the heart space.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God (within) and all these things shall be added unto you.
This is the pathway of the soul or the Christed energy.

You must learn HOW to apply these ideals in consistent, practical ways, guided by the energies that are awakening in this time of upheaval of the old.

There is much to consider.

You must learn how to allow the INSPIRATION of higher energies, so that you can awaken into the REVELATION of deeper truths in the heart... and then continue to EXPRESS those deeper truths (not ideals) and as you create a new assimilated EXPERIENCE.

This is the path of the soul. This is the path of awakening and upheaval. It does not have to be tragic or scary to the adult sense of Self.

All change will frighten the comfort zone of the lower self. And yet, it is exactly what will allow you to move into the meaning, value and purpose of the soul self that is seeking to emerge from within.

This can be the most tremendous time of celebration of life on your planet that you have ever known.

So do your best not to get caught up on the mass fear of change that will likely be happening around you as well, but instead show up with your hearts and inspire one another with what is POSSIBLE when YOU truly practice the qualities of the heart.

This is the whole purpose. It has all been configured to support you into this time of awakening. The journey through the lower paths of self have served a Divine Purpose, but they are no longer the primary focus of your lives. They are only the foundation of getting you to this stage, through a deepening awareness of what sets you up well and what does not.

“Love with all your hearts” will always be the deepest truth and encouragement that we could offer. Expand into your hearts in every way that you can. This is what will lead you to the third phase of this year with a greater sense of direction and purpose... your daily choices!... that have the power to inspire you into the potential of a true Heaven experience on Earth.

We encourage you, as always to remember to love one another as you love yourselves. Blessed be.



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