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Monthly Weather Report




Weather Report Number Fifty-Five
Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms
for January - April, 2014



(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly
encourage you to read Gabriel's OVERVIEW of 2013 first. We have included a great deal of
information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We
will not repeat that information below.)

"Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and as always, we are most joyous to be in your divine presence.

The subject on the table is the first four months of 2014. We have come to give you more detail about what you can expect as you work with the unfolding bridge of the soul into the lower self.

The particular bridge that is building at this moment is joining the 6th chakra in the third eye region to the 2nd chakra in the naval region.

This is a particularly important bridge, as it is joining the higher will of the soul with the experiential center of your lives, the emotional body. This has been a most misunderstood center, as we revealed in the Overview of 2014.

In order for you to take advantage of the energetic movements at this time, we will give you a few clues about what is possible. We start by sharing that the 2nd chakra is not only the center of your emotional body, it is also the center of your relationships, starting with the foundation of a true sense of Self.

Another way to say the same thing is that it is by connecting to all your feelings in your early life that you begin to develop a relationship with your inner Self. Developing that connection in the 2nd chakra is how you were intended to birth your first sense of value as an INDIVIDUAL, with an individual experience of life.

But without being taught HOW to CONNECT to your feelings, you have not been able to embrace the power of INDIVIDUALITY on your planet or a true sense of self-value. You have lived on a planet where most people have remained like children in a frozen emotional state in many ways.

Without a solid CONNECTION to Self, you have remained focused on "herd consciousness," seeking validation and approval from outside yourself instead. This has left you in the most primitive experience of life in the 1st chakra of the body.

This has served you for a particular stage of learning, but the time to shift into more of what is possible is now.

To successfully build this new bridge, it is vital for you to be begin to awaken and respond to your wounded emotional body, not only for your own growth and fulfillment, but also for healing all that is out of balance on your planet.

Without being taught HOW to connect to these gifts of your emotional body (trust of self-value, individual experience and personal connections), you remain disconnected from Self, stuck in an experience of fear and disconnection in many ways.

And keep in mind that all of life will reflect the relationship you are having with your Self.

However, before you are prepared to embrace this new bridge of the soul's will to the emotional body, you need to understand the distortions you have known more fully.

In addition to what we have already shared, it is important to know that if you do not know HOW to embrace or feel your feelings, you cannot truly identify or experience many of your authentic NEEDS. And if you do not connect to life through the TRUTH of your NEEDS, you remain separate and unfulfilled.

Without a sense that there is a real solution, you have looked outside yourselves for replacements for your needs... seeking gratification and attachments... all to distract from the pain of what is missing.

And when you are stuck in a stage where you are seeking approval from the "herd," you typically adjust who you are authentically, attempting to control the environment, making wounded decisions about who you think you HAVE to be.

All of these distortions... simply because you did not learn to love and accept your feelings in the early stages of your lives. To the wounded child, "if MY FEELINGS are not acceptable and safe, then I AM not acceptable or safe." And that is the long and short of your core wounding.

And so we are suggesting this is the most important place you all need to look as you move towards building this bridge in 2014.

As we look to these first four months, you need to understand that the soul's will in the 6th chakra is inspiring a much needed movement and awakening of your emotional body.

This involves learning to move beyond the myths of the wounded child inside... learning to reclaim the emotional body from the perspectives of an educated, empowered adult who has access to deeper truths... such as the first clues about how important your feelings and emotional body actually are in creating a life of meaning, value and purpose.

The simple truth is that you have been a planet stuck in certain stages of learning. One generation of children who were not taught HOW to connect to their feelings then passes on their myths, fears and limits to the next.

For generation after generation, you have misunderstood the gifts of the emotional body, long associating your feelings with pain... pain that ultimately came from resisting, judging and shaming your OWN misunderstood feelings. And so you have remained disconnected from your own value, trust, sense of self and authentic individuality... looking to other wounded people in the wounded "herd" to somehow accept and approve.

Do you begin to see why you have not known how to connect and value one another as a planet? It is because you all have initial wounded feelings, to one degree or another and have not known how to model for the newer souls of the next generation, the babies on the planet, HOW to feel and be safe with their authentic experience.

You cannot teach what you do not know.

And what is important to convey here is that without knowing how to feel your feelings, you also cannot know the experience of your souls. And so it becomes clearer and clearer how important it is to seek the education and tools needed to play catch up.

The greatest news is that you are completely safe to feel all of your feelings! There is not a single feeling that is harmful or scary in any way in its pure essence. They are all sacred messengers, intended to reveal all of life to you.

For instance, one gift of feelings is their ability to affirm what is working or in balance in your life, reflected in feelings such as peace and calm and acceptance.

At the same time, feelings are also stirred to reveal what is not working or in balance. When something is out of balance, you will naturally feel something that empowers you to respond and resolve the issue... by meeting the need.

As an example, it is when the feeling of "lonely" is actually felt that you become aware of a missing need, and are therefore inspired to respond and create connections. Likewise, it is by feeling the sensation of pain that you are informed to respond and take care of the hurt.

All feelings are there to serve you!

This is the foundation you need to understand as you prepare for the new movements that will be taking place in 2014, starting with the specific focus of these first four months.

INSPIRATION and REVELATION of deeper truths about the emotional body will take place in the first two months of 2014, inspiring the fact that you have much to look forward to in learning how to feel your feelings.

Only then can you move into the second set of soul energies that are seeking to awaken... EXPRESSION and EXPERIENCE.

As this new bridge begins to connect within your body, it will awaken 12 soul archetypes or soul characteristics. The first four include Inspiration, Revelation, Expression and Experience.

Therefore, this is how we will divide these first four months:

January - Inspiration
February - Revelation
March - Expression
April - Experience

Let us explain more fully how this will teach you a healthier flow of the emotional body.

First let us say that these four months will only create an introduction to the soul energies, a time for you to begin negotiating with these powerful movements of energy.

However, as you move through the necessary process revealed in these four months, you will learn how to to dance with these energies much more effectively than what you have known.


Let us begin with January, when you begin the energetic movement of INSPIRATION. This is the time when the inspiration of the soul’s will begins to move through the body, moving down through the heart to the 2nd chakra of the body.

What is being inspired is a movement into deeper experience. You see, the soul is a realm of EXPERIENCE.

Unless you are willing to experience, you cannot know the soul. We would even go so far as to suggest once again that unless you are willing and capable of feeling all your feelings, you cannot truly know the soul energy in the physical.

This is a big statement. But nonetheless, it is true. You cannot know the power of the soul, which is the power to experience the love force, without the ability to allow an authentic connection to all things.

This is why it is important to create a connection and relationship with your inner Self. Only then can you move into life as a reflection of these inner connections and experiences.

Why do you not allow this at this point in your process? Because you have been too afraid of certain feeling experiences that are stuck in the misunderstood perspectives of a wounded child. And so you have remained separate from much of life.

If you are afraid to feel, you will not allow yourselves to connect fully. The soul wants to experience all of life, infinite and miraculous.

However, the survival lower self, separate from the deeper truths of the Higher Self and soul have continually attempted to avoid certain feelings... which merely keeps you in the same patterns, attracting the same manifestations and limitations over and over.

The universe is a mirror that is there to support you in every moment. And it does. The first level of support, that you have received at every stage of your life, equals revealing to you exactly what YOU are choosing.

Yes, you are that important in the creative movement of life.

The universe so values its creation that it includes and values you in the very process of HOW it creates. Whatever YOU choose is what you are ready to reveal or manifest in the hologram of the physical.

What does this mean?.. if you choose to fight a feeling, the universe must manifest ways for you to fight that feeling.

You wonder why you have war and other devastations on the planet? Look no further. Your own fear of feelings and therefore, resistance of feelings, requires the manifestation of these things. You are merely opposing that which you have learned to fear. And in doing so, you hold the whole thing in place.

You say, "Why would God allow this to take place?"
God has given you complete free will to choose and to create, learning through many stages of growth. The universe then merely supports YOUR choices.

There is no blame here. There is no shame here. It is merely up to you. And if you choose to learn the lessons through opposition, based on the perspectives of a frozen, wounded child, so be it. That is what you will continue to manifest.

It has all been created for you and your learning. End of story.
You are all pieces and parts of God. And you impact the wholeness of "God expressed" in the physical by how YOU choose to experience.

Do you begin to see how important the emotional body is to all of this?

You are an important part of the world's resonance. YOU. And yes, it is only as individuals are willing to allow the INSPIRATION of deeper truths at this time that you can be inspired into more fulfilling choices and experiences. Again we share, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

The INSPIRATION of the soul's will and energy will be impacting the lower self in January, attempting to inspire an awakening... so that you may be inspired beyond the habitual disconnection, avoidance, resistance and separation you have known.

The inspiration of the soul energies prepares you for the REVELATION of this tremendous truth = the emotional body actually determines MOST of your manifestations.

Did you know that you make most of your choices to either INSPIRE an experience or to AVOID an experience. Which do you do more often?

This important question leads us to FEBRUARY...


As you begin to negotiate the inspiration that is introduced in January, you are naturally moved to into the REVELATION of deeper truths... one of which is the answer to the question we have just asked.

Do you more often act from the INSPIRATION to experience meaningful connections in your life or to AVOID the feelings you think are threatening to you in some way? Either way, the truths will become more apparent at this time.

Let’s get specific.
Let choose a feeling. Let’s choose the feeling of "disappointment."
You can then go back through the process we are revealing with any other wounded feelings that you decide to explore. We suggest you look and allow the revelation of the ones you fear the most.

As a young person, when people did not know how to nurture all of your needs, beyond the physical survival needs (i.e. being fed, changed, clothed), you first experienced the feeling of "disappointment."

This eventually became exacerbated by the evolution of your needs. You first needed to be nurtured emotionally. When people did not know how to hold a space of acceptance for your feelings when they came up for you... you experienced “disappointment,” among other things.

Again, when you needed mental guidance and encouragement that was beyond what they knew how to offer... "disappointment.
When you needed encouragement to make choices, to express your individual truths and opinions with acceptance and nurturing guidance... again, "disappointment."

As this continued to take place, you learned to resist and avoid the feeling of "disappointment," because your fear and shame around the feeling also grew. The more you resisted, the more your resistance created pain and friction energetically. And so you learned to associate PAIN, fear and shame with the feeling of "disappointment."

And so you became clever. You came up with all kinds of ways to avoid this feeling.

You could see that it was by having needs that were not met that you most often experienced the feeling. And so one way to avoid the “trauma” was by pretending that you don’t need anything.

"I don’t need to feel. I don’t need validation or acceptance. I don’t need guidance. I don’t need support." Many myths came out of the clever ways you learned to avoid.

But keep in mind you have already learned a deeper truth. If you oppose something, the universe will love you enough to manifest ways for you to oppose and avoid. And so you constantly manifested ways... which only caused you to fight harder.

And within all of that avoidance, you became more separate and defended, as well as disconnected from your authentic needs. All from the wounded perspectives of a child.

And you all wonder WHY you are not more fulfilled. You wonder WHY you don’t have meaningful connections... WHY people don’t seem to really care. You wonder why the world is out of balance...and why GOD would allow any of it to happen.

Now let’s look at some deeper truths.

You are safe to feel. There is no trauma in a feeling. For instance, the feeling of disappointment was there all along to inspire an awareness that you had a need that was NOT being met. It was simply that the wounded "adult children" who were supposed to be teaching you didn't know that either.

And so you have also been supported with another layer of empowering truth. You can never get rid of a feeling. You will always NEED to be able to experience the feeling... or the inspiration and revelation of that feeling would disappear.

You NEED to be able to feel "disappointment," because when you are ready in the cycle of your lifetimes to grow into deeper adult truths, you can turn the whole thing around... and more into the adult responses that allow you to finally be free!

The same is true with EVERY feeling. They are there to inform you, to reveal important truths... so that you are inspired to eventually RESPOND, heal and grow.

This is what is becoming possible at this time more than at any other as the energy of the soul begins to move. Inspiration to move and awaken into the Revelation of deeper truths, starting with what feelings you have habitually avoided.

Until you then nurture and educate them in the next two phases, they literally run the show and determine the limitations of your individual lives and of your world.

Once you become aware through these REVELATIONS about feelings, you are ready to move into the movements of MARCH.


This is the month when you begin to negotiate the archetype of EXPRESSION.

Another deeper truth is that you have been made in perfection, with all of the healthy inclinations you have needed to evolve and awaken. But in the stages you have been in so far, you have diverted and distorted these natural tendencies.

In order to heal the past stage of learning, you must learn to nurture and move with the energies of your emotional body. You must learn to show up for yourselves as the evolving adults that you needed Mom and Dad to be.

There is no need to blame Mom and Dad. They were merely doing the same thing you have been doing, seemingly stuck in the fearful choices of separation and opposition.

However, you are now being energetically supported to MOVE into wiser impact of the soul's higher will, providing unprecedented inspiration.

Why now? As you look back to the Overview of 2014, remember that this is the stage when the planet has reached midlife and the potential to awaken into deeper spiritual truths... the perfect time to move into an unprecedented stage of planetary evolution.

One thing will not change. What you manifest will continue to DEPEND ON YOU... You must respond to the inspiration that is taking place. You must look and allow the revelation of the feelings YOU have avoided most fully.

You must then respond, by nurturing those feelings, finally learning to give them an EXPRESSION. Yes... it is only as you allow the natural instinct and remarkable need to EXPRESS all that you are, starting with your feelings, that you are able to move WITH the energy of the soul into a deeper flow of life.

And at this time, we suggest that you seek the teachers, healing and therapists who can show you the tools you need to express your feelings in a healthy way. As your feelings are inspired and revealed in these months in a deeper way, they will be coming up, whether you learn a healthy way to express and release them or not.

Without healthy options, you may find yourself acting them out through blame and shame. This will not solve anything. You will merely continue to scare one another.

This is what you have known. "This group" blaming "that group." This country blaming that country. This economic class blaming the other one (going in both directions). This race blaming and judging the other ones.

The deeper truth is that blame and judgment are merely the toxic symptoms of your OWN fear and lack of understanding HOW to take responsibility for more of life, starting with building a sense of self-value.

And therefore, we are brought to the same truth once again, that this all continues to boil down to the fear of each individual to FEEL THEIR OWN FEELINGS. Without that ability, no one has felt safe. No one has known a true sense of self-value. And no one has trusted that their needs can be met. And so you have opposed.

Without a connection to Self and an ability to feel your feelings, you cannot meet your needs. And this will always leave you as a world stuck in the narcissism of "ME consciousness." Without a connection to you and your needs, looking out to the herd for the solution, you want everyone else to be the source of that fulfillment and it is simply not possible.

Even when others want to support, you have not learned to trust or to RECEIVE. You have not learned to EXPERIENCE the support... and so you can never create a solution from the outside in.

This is the same reason that all of your gratification has not solved anything either. If you cannot receive or experience, none of it is meaningful to you. And so you are only left with numbing out and distracting in the old approach to life.

All because you have not learned to feel safe to have your own feeling EXPERIENCE. We hope that you are beginning to understand just how important the emotional body is in the creation of your lives.

And so you need to you learn to EXPRESS your wounded feelings, to release the build up of tension and stress, the build up of pressure that comes from avoiding feelings and opposing life.

Again we encourage you to seek the teachers and guides who have learned how to support you through the experience of expressing feelings... taking responsibility for educating your fears and the myths of your shame.

There is NO SHAME in a feeling. Shame is nothing more than a passed on myth from someone who carries the same myth.

This is how you have kept the world in conflict, war and other devastating imbalances. FEAR, SHAME and then inevitable BLAME, based on nothing more than misunderstood feelings.

And the world needs YOU to express and release the toxic energy of wounded feelings, opening a space for the deeper experience of nurturing and support, valuing self and one another. This is how you will do it.

In order to make it clearer, let’s return to the feeling of "disappointment." If you allow yourself to see all the ways you have experienced disappointment in your life, it will merely show you the needs that you have not learned to identify and respond to.

"I have been disappointed that no one is there to hear my truth, to support my individual talents and inspirations... and so on."

This may have been true in your early life, with other wounded beings who had not yet learned HOW... but now you are able to move into the adult capacity of your life.

If you now begin to show up and support yourself... expressing your truth, your feelings, your talents and inspirations... learning to hold a space of acceptance and encouragement for yourself... you will be able to come together with other individuals who are starting to do the same.

And that will create even more movement of INSPIRATION, as you help one another feel safe to REVEAL, EXPRESS and heal more parts of self...

As you begin these movements that have always wanted to take place, you will move out of the limitations of the survival consciousness you have known and begin to create a new EXPERIENCE of April.


This is the month when you will be introduced to the archetype of EXPERIENCE in a deeper way...

IF you respond to the introduction of all that has come in the first three months... the Inspiration of the soul moving your emotional energy up for the Revelation of deeper emotional truths... and begin to Express those feelings (the truths of your authentic Individual self).

When you feel and express from your COMPASSIONATE truth, you begin to inspire the movement of life through you. You begin to inspire life around you... And as you bring adult truths into your ability to express and inspire one another, you begin to dance with the energies of the soul... as a force of love.

This is how you will move beyond the cycle of blame and shame and judgment that has kept your world scared to death, literally.

You will experience CONNECTION in a way you never have. You will connect to your own heart, the center of the conscious adult, through the practice of compassion. And you will move more fully INTO life... rather than avoiding it.

The potential for deeper connection and meaningful experience of life, as you awaken into soul potential, is literally infinite. It is an infinite depth and breadth that you have not known. You have barely imagined such a thing.

The truth is that YOU were given free will. It has been UP TO YOU through the stages you have already experienced in your cycle of lifetimes... and this movement into the opportunity of the soul is still up to you.

This cannot and will not happen as a rescue from the lessons of learning HOW to take responsibility for yourselves and for one another.

This process that we have briefly outlined reveals how you will learn to truly love. "Love one another AS you love yourself" is what we have always suggested. Now you begin to gather more clues as to HOW this will take place.

These years after 2012 and the new pendulum swing that life is now moving is preparing you for a connection to your souls. It is a powerful movement, but that is what is required in order inspire you to challenge what has been so well practiced.

You are now being supported to grow and learn and inspire yourselves into a whole new potential of living... through the experience of Meaning, Value and Purpose.


These overall experience of these first four months of 2014 is to introduce the CHALLENGE of these new movements of energy. We encourage you to respond, to allow the movement, to rise to the challenge, and you will be profoundly enhanced.

Within that, we also want to make you aware of some of the symptoms you can watch for as these shifts take place.

You have all accumulated various blocks in the body, based on the avoidance of feelings you have known. And so these new movements begin with the need to inspire those blocked energies to the surface.

The higher energies will also begin to burn through the blockages... but need your help. Through your own physical movements, using the nurturing of breath and sound and stretching, you can make this transition more graceful and peaceful.

Many will experience activations in the head as the energies of the 6th chakra are awakening more fully. You may experience pain or pressures in the head, which you can assist with massage and deep breathing. Stomping can also help move these accumulating energies down into the body.

You will likely experience various movements in the body, as you have begun to trust from prior stages of these healing shifts over the years.

For now, let’s focus on the lower body. You will experience definite movements in the lower torso. Your willingness to allow your feelings to be nurtured directly can make this a more graceful transition as well.

Some of the challenges may include lower back pain, as well as challenges through the lower limbs, particularly in the knees and ankles, which reflect your willingness to support yourselves and allow movement in your life.

How it works is that when you resist, the body gives you clues in the specific parts of the body that become energetically challenged. In this case, it has to do with the parts of the body that deal with movement and support, such as the knees and ankles.

Many will also experience an acceleration of messages in your dreams. Not only are you opening to higher dimensions of energy at this time, but dreams are typically archetypal messages of feelings held in the subconscious that are attempting to express themselves.

And so if you pay attention at this time, you will find out clues as to which feelings you need to nurture. There will also be more fulfilling dreams, as your positive feelings are also being inspired at this time.

All feelings need to move and be allowed expression, not just the wounded, negative ones. And so you may experience great expansions in some of your dreams as the energies are simply seeking movement, revelation and expression...

Finally pay attention to the movement of feelings themselves. You may experience surges of the feelings that have built up and are more easily triggered at this time of inner movement, as well as outer ones. Remind yourself that the adult truth is that they are all there to show you where you need to nurture yourself and respond to needs.

These are just some of the things that you can expect as you move forward.

As always you will see an acceleration of things in the world around you. You will see more people seeking to come together, to allow connections, transcending their separation that has been justified through differences and opposition...

as you begin to understand you are ALL going through the same experience of evolution together. The deeper truth is that you are all the same, simply expressed through individuality, so that the experience of creation is served in an infinite number of ways.

Just as you will see people coming together, you will also see an acceleration of fear and resistance as the edges of the familiar comfort zone are challenged.

This is particularly true when the feelings are triggered. Keep in mind, this has been the most misunderstood energy on your planet, and therefore, what you have feared the most. And so you will see people going deeper into the familiar choices of opposition. You are in a world that deeply needs a nurturing response.

You have already seen this acceleration acted out in many ways, through various choices to control or dominate. This is nothing more than an attempt of the wounded child to go after the compensations of fearful feelings... acted out of self-interest... because the child inside does not trust that it is possible to come together and be supported, so that the needs of ALL can be met.

And this is simply not true. You can come together. You can know support. You can be fulfilled. But it is, as always UP TO YOU. You will trust it more fully as you begin to PRACTICE it. Become a part of the resonance of those who are taking responsibility, healing the myths of a wounded child... and moving into the potential of the soul.

We will be with you in all stages. So call on us, as you also show up for yourselves in new ways.

And so, as we take your most joyous leave, we remind you, as you are able, to remember to love one another.

- Gabriel



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