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(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read Gabriel's OVERVIEW of 2015 first. We have included a great deal of information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We will not repeat that information below.

Note from Ron:


The gist of this current Weather Report is focused on
NURTURING your relationship to SELF!


Monthly Weather Report #60 (May - August, 2015)

Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel, and as always we are most joyous to be in your Divine presence. We come at this time to talk to you about the first four months of 2015.

It will be a time when you are preparing for the opening of the second gateway of the heart, the center of CONNECTION as we discussed in the Overview of 2015.


We speak to you in a new way and we come to bring you more information about this time. We speak to you in this year of joining the fourth chakra (heart) to the third chakra (the solar plexus) in the lower self more fully.

This particular configuration is about awakening the 2nd gateway of CONNECTION.

Connection is not something that has been very well understood on your planet, because it has been such a long time of being attached to the outer world for a replacement of self.

You have been seeking compensations for what has been missing in your lives. This is true, attaching to things that you hope would fulfill you in some way.

However, the only thing that is truly fulfilling is CONNECTION.

Connection to yourself. Connection to one another. And connection to Life. These are the three things that need to be established in the first three chakras.

The starting place, in the 3rd chakra, is connection to Self. You will be opening this gateway to connect to the 3rd chakra in May.

Connection to yourself is quite a process. And yet it is time to show up with compassion and willingness. In the first four months of the year you have been encouraged to look at your choices, to see which choices serve you and which ones do not.

A great deal of this time was encouraging you to nurture yourselves and to make the choices that would allow you to set yourselves up well.

Now we suggest that you take the information that you gleaned in this time and that you connect authentically to yourself.

Create a relationship with yourself, based on the qualities that you choose to practice (i.e. compassion, willingness, perseverance, commitment, gentleness, strength, curiosity). In truth you are all things. But in this particular lifetime there will be specific interests, inclinations, gifts, talent and abilities.

We suggest that you connect to yourself as authentically as you can, continuing to make the choices that are authentic and that set you up well. Now you can begin to deepen your relationship to yourself within these choices by practicing the qualities that are most authentically interesting to you.

This is more about an experiential connection in these four months, creating an intimacy with yourself. Bringing the consciousness of your heart space down into the lower self, starting with the 3rd chakra. Willing to show up as the conscious adult and embrace experientially all that you are, all that you have become, all that you are aware is important to you.


When you begin connection and intimacy with yourself, you are prepared for the next layers and levels... which will be connection with one another in the 2nd chakra in June.

This will be particularly encouraged and supported in this next month. You will be focused on relationships. The energies will encourage you to evaluate which relationships are based on attachments and compensations and co-dependence, versus which relationships are connecting as two authentic individuals sharing, giving, receiving, supporting, exploring, listening and connecting.

As you connect more authentically in this time, it will be interesting to see which relationships are more willing and available for connections and which ones only know how to fill time, attached to the agendas and compensations of the lower, wounded self.

We encourage you to take more proactive role in inspiring your relationships into more authentic connections. People have been afraid, and yet, this is one of the most important things that people desire in their lives. True connection.

If you begin the month of May beginning a connection with yourself, being true to yourself, then you will be more prepared to continue that practice and simply share yourself with others, inspiring and encouraging them to do the same.

There is great meaning and value to be found in exploring deeper connection with those you love.


This will lead you then in July to connections with group consciousness, soul grid consciousness. This will take place in many different ways, connecting with communities, organizations, soul grids of people, families.

There will be a great deal of revelation about the structures, the bigger structures, whether they are soul grids or in physical structures... such as religious organizations, business organizations and social organizations.

This will be a time when you are encouraged to seek out what will align to serve the good of the whole.

You will have already build a trust in your next levels of connection to self and in the support structure of your one-on-one relationships. And now in this month of July it will be time to investigate ways to serve the good of the whole, joined together in a common vision.

Support individuals, but looking beyond to what serves the good of the whole. This will inspire you into greater connection-- coming together, exploring together, investing together, working together.

These connections will become more meaningful to you in these ways.


You need to continue making conscious choices that consider the good of the whole as well. Then as you move through May, June and July you will prepare to have a clearer evaluation of your lives, and your willingness to have connections by the time you reach August.

This time of focusing on connection will make the contrast to connection that much more obvious. Where there is opposition, separation and resistance.

These things provide powerful clues. What have been your fears, keeping you from connecting prior to this time?

Connection requires authenticity, willingness, commitment. Connection to Life is done through these three arenas. Self, one-on-one relationships and group consciousness.

As you connect in these ways, you will be connecting more to Life itself in various ways, whether it be through a focus on your physical, emotional, mental, sexual or spiritual selves.

All arenas need deeper connection. This creates the meaning in your life.

These are the things we have to say about the next four months. This is a briefer weather report than we have typically given. And yet we say, it is plenty. Keep it simple.

Connect to yourself. This is the foundation for all the rest. Without this first connection, you cannot effectively create the others. You are all here on sacred soul journeys, and it is time for you all to reap the benefits of being profound sacred beings.

The challenges and gifts of connections versus attachments with agendas will be apparent in the world around you as well.

And as we take you most joyous leave, we ask as always that you remember to love one another."

- Gabriel



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