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(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read Gabriel's OVERVIEW of 2015 first. We have included a great deal of information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We will not repeat that information below.

Note from Ron:


The gist of this current Weather Report is focused on
NURTURING your relationship to SELF!


Monthly Weather Report #59 (January - April, 2015)

Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel, and as always we are most joyous to be in your Divine presence. We come at this time to talk to you about the first four months of 2015.

It will be a time when you will go through much evaluation and much "Soul" searching, as it were. You will move through these first four months looking at the CHOICES that serve you, and which ones do NOT.

It will be a time when you are preparing for the first gateway of the heart to open, as we discussed in the Overview of 2015.


As you enter this first month of January, it will be a time when you will do your yearly re-evaluation that is typical of New Year's Resolutions. However, this particular deepening will be a look that is supported by energies of "newness," attempting to reveal themselves and become a deeper part of your reality.

You see, there are many energies that are moving now which are impacting your awareness, but mostly on a subconscious level. This is where the Soul is attempting to create a pathway to emerge. It is preparing your subconscious chakras or energy centers for a rather complete overhaul.

This has already begun. It is nothing new, except that the energies will continue to tweak you in new and different ways. The energies of this time come from the FIRST GATEWAY of the heart merging down into the lower self.

The 3rd chakra in the solar plexus is the primary target, which involves your relationship to your Self. So you will now be encouraged to look at the choices you are making for yourself. Many of you have not known how to look to Self or commit to Self or make choices that are investing in Self.

This will be a time for you to shift that imbalance, if you so choose.

As always you have free will. The energies are merely attempting to inspire this evaluation of your life and relationship to Self.

YOU need to be the priority in your own life. After all, you are here for your own sacred Soul journey. And it is time that you understand the ONLY way you can integrate Soul consciousness is to make yourself the priority of that journey.

We are by no means encouraging you to ignore the balance of Life that considers others' needs as well. You see, this first gateway of the heart is also the center of conscience. Conscience involves a sensitivity to the choices that you make and how they may impact Life around you, including others in your life.

So it will be a time of discovering HOW to become the priority in your own life, while developing a sensitivity to Life around you. Who do you want to be? Who do you choose to be? These are all the choices that you need to consider.

You have a free will and can choose to be anyone you decide to BE.

However, what has taken place most fully for those of you on the planet, is merely a "redescription" of who you THOUGHT you HAD to be, decided at the early ages of 5, 6 and 7.

At that time, you were developing the 3rd chakra for the first time. And based on missing needs, coming from the family structures, you made wounded, fearful, shaming, defensive choices that were based on how to survive, fitting into the wounded "herd consciousness."

This is by no means a statement of judgment or shaming. It is merely the reality you have lived, in a world that has not known HOW to hold a space of balance and mutual value. It has not been modeled. It has not been taught. It has not been understood.

And, therefore, we describe the identity you have had with yourselves, which has been very influenced by fear, shame and judgment. It has been very influenced by the lower will of a young child, deciding who you thought you HAD to be in order to please Mommy and Daddy, or to "fit in" to the family structures. Or in some ways, in order to avoid the pain, shame and conflict of missing needs.

This is the world you have known and this identity has ruled the planet for the most part.

What you need to understand at this point is you are being given extra energetic support to make the choices that will set you up well, that serve you beautifully.

You need to be the main player of your own Soul journey. This requires that you learn to nurture and to value yourself.

We have spoken about this in much more detail in the Overview of 2015. The channel is seeking to find many new and different ways to help you enhance the nurturing you give yourself.

We suggest coming up with all of the ways you already value and nurture yourself, day to day to day, would be a wise EXERCISE for you at this time. It will help in your re-evaluation about which choices serve you and which ones do not... a
s the fourth chakra heart space is opening down into the 3rd chakra, where you hold the identity of self.

This way you can help guide the wounded child in the subconscious mind, as the authority in your own life, who is informed and willing to set yourself up well. This has not been practiced by most on your planet and it is high time that you consider doing so.

So in the first month of January, you will be in a time of much evaluation. If you do the exercise, as we have stated, where you already know how to nurture and value yourself, you will have a much clearer starting place.

This is what we suggest for this month.

As the energies begin to move, you are likely to feel pressures in the solar plexus region. You see, this solar plexus and the diaphragm in this location has been used primarily as a defense. It has been used as a shield of separation.

It has been used in an attempt to keep you separate from the perceived "threat" of what is outside yourself. And of course, this has been a child's myth. All you have to do is look back at your life to see that you have NOT avoided pain, shame and conflict in any way.

The child was doing the best you knew how at that time. However, you have literally only served to separate your lower, wounded subconscious self from the heart space (that is now opening).

If you use this lower diaphragm to separate your lower self, you will continue to only reference the survival choices you have already known.

The heart space is the CENTER of Self, the capital "S" Self. It is the destination you seek and it is opening unlike ever before on your planet at this time. If you will allow yourself to bridge into this heart space, allow the opening, landing in the heart as the Adult that you are becoming, the authority that you are becoming, the compassionate one that you are being encouraged to become...

then you will be able to guide and reparent this wounded child into the choices that set you up much more wisely.

This is what we suggest at this time. So, as we were beginning to say already, you will likely begin to feel pressure in this part of the body as this opening attempts to take place.

You see, it is an actual movement of light and energy that is starting to penetrate down from the heart into the 3rd chakra. The 3rd chakra has quite a bit of practice resisting, avoiding and denying access.

It has misperceived that there will be "threat" if anyone gets in. You see, there are lots of memories of pain, shame and conflict held here. And until you learn HOW to bring your more educated, compassionate Adult self to the table in consistent ways that show up and nurture the Self, the wounded child, hidden behind the doorway of the solar plexus will not trust you... will not allow you entrance.

However, as you do practice and show up more consistently for yourself, you will discover that you build a trust that you are empowered to make powerful transformations in the lower self. The child needs you to become the parent, the conscious Adult that Mommy and Daddy did not know how to be.

This does not make them bad and wrong. It merely makes them ill-prepared to have done so. No one modeled it for them and therefore, they have not known how to do it for you. You could actually say the same thing about yourself, in many ways, now couldn't you?

If you look honestly, you have not known how to nurture and prioritize and value yourself either. And so we are encouraging a new wave of choices on the planet at this point. And the energies are beautifully supporting this transition.

This is what you will discover in the first month of the year.

The world will, of course, react to these energies, because it equals the heart attempting to penetrate the survival system, the defense structure of what is most familiar!

As this takes place, the lower self will react. Those who have been preparing already will do much more effective response. Those who have NOT prepared and are not aware of the transformations that are taking place will likely feel more threatened by these movements.

And may fight harder.

There will be a spectrum of reactions and responses on the planet, as you move through these four months. However, those of you who are becoming conscious are much needed on the planet.

You so often wonder HOW you can be of service and we say to you now that as you make the choices to show up and nurture and become a new resonance that models how to value and nurture Self, you literally impact the grid of Life around you, as well as those people who are in closest contact to you.

It is individuals deciding to wake up, who are more conscious, who will create a ripple effect into the rest of the population, who are "on the fence" at the moment... wanting to, but not knowing how.

You see, we have said many times that you will only heal the planet by raising consciousness from the top, from those of you who are most willing, most educated, and most determined to make a healing transformation.

You will not solve the issues of the planet by focusing on the outer issues of the planet as the top priority. The symptoms, you might say. You will only heal the symptoms as you raise consciousness and model value and nurturing to one another.

This is the opportunity of 2015, as the heart space penetrates into the lower self.


The month of February will be a continuation of these things, and yet it will also add some new elements.

It will be a time when the chakras will begin to re-align to the choices you have started making in the first month. It will be a time when the inner child truly begins to pay attention.

The energies will then seek to penetrate deeper into the 2nd chakra more fully at this time. This means you will begin an emotional negotiation. You will begin to face the DUALITY that has been held in these lower chakras.

Duality is not something that is much understood on the planet by very many on the planet at this point. It basically boils down to learning in your early years that certain feelings were lovable and certain feelings were not. Certain feelings were acceptable and certain feelings were not. Certain feelings were safe and certain feelings were not.

Of course, this is nothing more than the passed on "comfort zones" and wounded limitations of the generations that came before you. However, the child did not understand the alternative, as it was so rarely modeled. And so you learned to associate fear, shame and conflict with specific feelings.

therefore, these wiser choices that you begin making to nurture and value yourselves in January will begin to impact the emotional body in greater ways in February.

This will either enhance your healing, your connection, your peace and your intimacy, IF you have the tools to process your feelings. Or it will create a bigger reaction and defense. You will see both activated on your planet as you move more fully into this time and the impact of these energies.

You see, most people do not remotely understand how to process their wounded emotional body. This is what we have spent more than two decades helping the channel to understand. And the clients with whom he has worked have all begun to practice these tools, nurturing and resolving the wounded emotional body in greater ways.

This is the BIGGEST missing piece on your planet for creating health, well-being, balance and ultimately, mutual value.

You see, the emotional body in the 2nd chakra is also the center of one-on-one relationships. Our particular area of expertise. Gabriel is the realm of "relationship," the relationship of all things.

And therefore, we help you understand your relationship to yourself and now we address your relationships to one another. The main issues in your relationships with one another have come out of not knowing how to negotiate and communicate your feelings.

You cannot simply make a decision to no longer feel something or to simply "let go" of that old wounded feeling. You must learn how to nurture and process these feelings. They must have a voice. They must have a nurturing presence. They must be heard. And they must be guided into a healthy, new experience in order to know the peace and healing of duality.

Duality says that one side of the feeling is threatening, and therefore, I attach to the other side of the feeling. We could use any number of feelings to illustrate this point. However, in the Overview of 2015 we used the example of "powerful" and "powerless," two sides of one feeling experience.

Powerless is not a threat to you. It is a feeling that is attempting to get your attention, in order to reveal a NEED.

If you "decide" that powerless is a threat in some way and decide to avoid it at all costs. This means you are putting the energy of the fight out into the world, as the channel likes to say.

And you will only attract opportunities that support your FIGHT of the feeling. The loving Universe will say to you, "Here is a way to fight powerless. Here is another way to fight powerless."

You see, it can go on endlessly from lifetime to lifetime, if you hold onto the wounded perception. However, at this time on your planet there are tools available to learn HOW to nurture and resolve the fear, shame and judgment associated with the wounded emotional body.

The activation of the emotional body will accelerate in the month of February. Therefore, the pressure that you feel in the heart and solar plexus will also begin to impact the lower torso as well.

You may find, if you are not responding or do not have the tools to resolve what is being triggered, you will experience pains and pressures. You may experience contractions and interruptions in your digestive system. You may even feel depressed.

Why depressed? Depression comes out of a choice in the 3rd chakra's lower will to depress the feelings that are attempting to come up and move into the heart space... where they are felt, nurtured, eventually expressed and released.

When you instead contract in the solar plexus, you merely depress your feelings in an attempt to get rid of them, and end up creating a state of "depression." This is merely depressed feelings. It is something you will see accelerating on your planet for those who choose to resist in the old ways.

As is always the case, you will see a whole spectrum reflected on the planet, from every movement of energies or every set of choices that takes place.

No matter what happens, Life is only creating opportunities to reveal YOU to your Self. Nothing is good or bad. So when these new energies are moving, they merely reveal what you are committed to.

They reveal where you are still in fear, shame and judgment. And they reveal where you are willing, responsive, open and able to nurture yourself in an Adult, empowered way.

So Life is constantly revealing YOU to your Self. So often you want to look OUTWARD to the symptoms of Life, using those to fight. "If I could just get rid of these symptoms or circumstances, I would not have to feel these feelings." This is what you have known for thousands and thousands of years.

This will never serve you. Again, we encourage you to do an evaluation this month as well.

Look back at your life, no matter how much you have tried to control the situations of your life from the 3rd chakra's lower will, have you actually AVOIDED any feeling successfully? Have you somehow magically avoided feeling powerless in your life?

We are here to help you understand HOW to turn this around. You cannot get rid of a feeling by controlling a situation. The deeper truth is that the situation is not threatening to you emotionally. The situation is not even the "source" of what you feel.

You are so fond of saying, "You made me feel this or that. The situation made me feel this or that." And we are here to make quite clear that this is NOT so.

You already have made many, many decisions about feelings... which ones are safe, which ones are not. Which ones are lovable and which ones are not. This again, is the foundation of duality in your individual life.

So when a situation occurs, it only has the power to reveal YOU to your Self, showing you what is already held inside. It will trigger the feelings you are capable of accepting. And it will trigger the feelings that you avoid at all costs habitually.

And so we are here to encourage a deeper education, response and nurturing of the feelings. You need emotional education in order for this to take place. You need tools and understanding.

Only when there is a combination of nurturing and understanding CAN you feel safe enough to make new, conscious choices inspired by the FIRST GATEWAY opening.

The old choices are well-practiced. And so in this month of February, we suggest you do a 2nd evaluation. Look and see what feelings typically get triggered from situations. Look and see what feelings get triggered from the NEW choices you are considering or have begun making from the evaluation in January.

To nurture yourself, to prioritize yourself, to show up with compassion for yourself may be quite new. You see, even love and compassion are threats to the familiar old choices of the wounded, defense structure.

"Oh no. I do not deserve to be loved and nurtured. I have not fixed myself yet. I am not perfect yet. I am still a wounded, shameful being. Mommy and Daddy have not given me permission to RECEIVE at this level."

You see, these are all misperceptions sub-consciously held in the mental body of the 3rd chakra for many of you. And you can make all of the adjustments that you want to have "positive" thoughts and control to only allow "positive" feelings.

But if you do not learn how to nurture, going inside to resolve the wounded feelings that are already stored and accumulated in the cells of your being, you will NOT transcend and transform the EXPERIENCE of your life.

And so please do this evaluation. As you begin to prioritize yourself, see what feelings come up. Are you at peace with these new choices for the most part? Are are you triggered, fearful, insecure, unsure, out of control and scared?

These are some of the feelings that may come up when you begin to challenge the old paradigm or approach to Life with new choices. And yet, this is exactly what you need to do. With clarity, understanding and a nurturing approach, resolving all of these things are possible.


As you move into the month of March, you will be well underway, IF you choose to take this approach in the first two months. Evaluate what choices serve you, where you are nurturing and valuing yourself and then in the second month, where you are triggered or more at peace emotionally by the new choices.

In this 3rd month, you continue to penetrate into the first chakra at the base of the spine, into the "form and structure" of your life.

Therefore the inner that you have been evaluating and practicing will begin to become more behaviorally ingrained into the form and structure of your life. Or not.

If you are discovering that you are fearful and resistant, afraid of making new choices, afraid of prioritizing yourself, afraid to nurture your wounded emotional body, you will find the first chakra is also threatened.

The first chakra is the center of safety, security and survival. And the energy that is attempting to open in the heart and penetrate into the lower self will create that much more pressure if you don't respond and nurture.

It is all a child's perception of threat. Of course, the energies of the heart space are no threat to you whatsoever. However, you need to consciously recognize this as the Adult, as the wiser part of your Self.

Of course compassion is not going to threaten you. It merely asks you to open to allow nurturing of the part of you that has remained defended and separate.

However, if you consciously choose from the FIRST GATEWAY of the heart to show up and nurture your Self in unprecedented ways, then you can respond and resolve the things you discover in your inner journey.

You see, very few on the planet have even known HOW to have an inner journey, a real PROCESS of Life moment to moment to moment. Day after day, year after year, Life can be SO thrilling and enhancing and exciting and constantly new... IF you allow yourself to use it to develop intimacy with your Self. And then with one another.

So we hope you will be paying attention in this year of 2015, now focusing on whether you feel safe and relaxed as these shifts take place... as you integrate new, nurturing choices that prioritize your Self.

We suggest doing deep breathing, in the nose and out of the mouth, stretching the air into the lower part of the body. This will be extremely helpful at this time.

Isn't it amazing that you have always considered the heart the center of love in your lives, and yet, it is what you have avoided more fully than anything else.

Why do you suppose that is so? For most of you, it is because you have not witnessed the modeling of love in your life. Yes, you have been in situations where people are as "loving" as they know how to be.

However, we refer back to your family structures once again. If Mommy and Daddy were not loved in unconditional, supportive ways growing up, in ways that embraced ALL of their feelings, then they made the same choices to defend, judge, shame and separate from parts of themselves, just as you learned to do.

Therefore, they have not known how to love fully... themselves, or one another. And so for the most part on your planet, you have not trusted that love is even possible!

This means that if you open to "expect" love, you risk (says the CHILD), being hurt, disappointed, rejected, shamed and threatened in some way. This is what has kept you separate, frozen in the wounded perceptions of a child, who looks OUTSIDE themselves for someone else to be the source or reassurance of love.

This is the history, which is perfect at a certain stage of evolution on your planet. And yet, we are telling you that it is more possible now, with the tools and information, to learn to open to your OWN loving heart!

But you cannot transcend the limits of your ability to love your SELF to love others in your life. If you have not opened your own heart space to love all that you are, including the wound, then you cannot magically transcend what is already held in the nervous system.

The imprints of fear, shame and judgment have been powerful. And by acting in fear, shame and judgment, you have kept one another scared to consider opening to love.

Occasionally you have opened to a romanticized ideal, hoping that that someone else will finally be the answer and complete you, says all of the movies and songs. And this is not possible.

We are here to tell you that YOU determine EVERYTHING in your own life, once you reach adulthood. You determine what is important to you. You determine what choices you make, what visions you invest in.

You also determine how fearful, wounded and separate you will remain. Your free will allows you to make new choices at any time!

And this new energy of the FIRST GATEWAY of the heart is encouraging you to make conscious choices to respond, nurture and love your Self in deeper ways than you have ever considered. These choices will determine all things in your own life.

You need to let go of looking outside yourself to Mommy/Daddy or Mommy and Daddy replacements to be the "source" of determining your value or your well-being. You were always intended to move up into the heart space and to be at the center of your own life.

But the planet has not been ready for that in its evolution... until THIS time. And so it is a very exciting time to be alive, IF you are responding.

In this 3rd month, the evaluation we suggest involves asking, "How willing am I to allow the choices of intimate nurturing and connection with my Self to be practiced in the daily routines of my life? Where am I willing to love myself and to stand the truth of that love? And where am I not?"

This is the evaluation that will serve you in this 3rd month.

You will see, once again, a spectrum of reactions and responses in the world around you. You will see this at every level of the human condition.

You will see it individually, and then collectively in communities... and in each of the larger groups. Social structures. Religious structures. Financial structures. All of the structures that you have known.

You will see it in relationships of countries. What determines the greatest set of choices in a particular group is the accumulated resonance of individuals. If there are more individuals in primitive fear and defense, then the wave of energy will feed upon itself, create a resonance that perpetuates that kind of reaction.

And this is why we again say, YOU are much needed in the healing on the planet. If you allow your Self to make these new choices to nurture and value YOU, you will encourage others. You will plant seeds. You will find that others seek your help and encouragement.

This is the wave that is now taking place on the planet more than ever before. They are seeking, but they are afraid. They will feel safe ONLY when they have clear education about some of that which is taking place, as well as the tools which are needed to resolve the habitual wounds, defense and separation.


As you move into the final month of the four, it will be a perfect time to re-evaluate your whole Self and all of the choices that you have been negotiating in the prior months.

Your relationship to Self. Your conscious choices.

We need not go further into the impacts. It will be a time for recap and re-evaluation. The planet will continue to be impacted by the new waves of energy that are taking place, such as in the opening of the heart in this year of 2015.

The energies of the 7th Ray, which we have spoken of many times, is the energy of transformation that only knows balance. Therefore, it stirs up anything that is out of balance... quite on purpose.

This energy is penetrating and will not relax in its commitment to inspire balance. By shaking up the fear, shame and judgment it creates a chance for you to become more consciously aware to respond and evaluate, supported by these higher and wiser energies that are moving.

The wisest thing you can possible do is to work WITH these energies, gathering all of the information and education you can. Then PRACTICE the nurturing tools on your Self, so that you truly prepare for the emerging SOUL for the first time in the history of the planet. it is a profound opportunity.

These are the things that you can expect in the first four months of 2015, a year of Healing Duality, as you allow the penetration of the Heart space into the lower self. Blessed be.

And as we take you most joyous leave, we ask as always that you remember to love one another."

- Gabriel



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