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Special Note From Gabriel:
"We hope that you are becoming aware that what is required to resolve all of the situations you have presented in all of these Q&A sessions is developing a technique and willingness to process and resolve all of your wounded feelings. This is the piece that is missing most fully on your planet, and vital for you to consider in being prepared to integrate the soul consciousness that is attempting to rise. The healed emotional body will become the vehicle for the soul."

Please send us your questions...

Final Note: Because so many of the questions reveal that people do not know how to work through and resolve their wounded emotional body - we have created a site to teach you how to do that very thing - EmpoweredAtLast.com

Please visit Empowered At Last and pass the word to others in your life who need to resolve their inner energies, BEFORE they manifest a physical or situational crisis to deal with.
The energies that are moving at this point are powerful... and need our individual help to work through the habitual blockages that we have held for so long.

Q: I quit my fulltime job, one that energetically drained me, in May of 2008. My intent was to actively pursue my own Reiki healing practice. Initially, things went well, but over time I lost interest and now have very little desire to do any type of healing work, and clients no longer call. I know I am gifted, as that is confirmed by others, but the joy seems to be missing. I am at a loss as to what type of work would truly bring me joy as well as offering service to mankind. I know I am a healer, but I'm just not sure how that translates into the workaday world.

A: The problem is that no matter what you do in your preset commitment, you will not find fulfillment. That is because on some level you are looking for something outside yourself to provide you with a sense of self. It can never work from the outside in.

If you use a symbol to provide this false identity, you will not find joy. You will be disappointed and lose interest. So look at your motivation until you come to a point that what you approach is to give, love as well as discover WHO you are from the inside out by what you experience in the giving. Give because you value YOU, who is giving. Value your gifts. Begin exploring in this way or you will always fall short.

What exactly are we doing in our dream state? I feel like I'm working on the lower astral plane much of the time, I don't always know what I'm doing and why, but sometimes I'm so busy, I feel exhausted when I wake up. I know that on this plane things can get very chaotic. Am I working on myself, or am I helping other souls that are on that plane? Sometimes I feel like I'm lecturing and teaching. Other times it's just too chaotic to figure out.

The first challenge is that you are not reaching a deep enough state of relaxation to move into deep RIM...so that your astral body can lift out of the phyiscal body to collect enough neuric energy to rejuvenate the body. Gathering that energy is the first purpose of sleep.

Dreams are indeed taking place in the lower astral, because most of your energy is seeking to resolve problems/unresolved issues held in the subconscious. These are issues you have not been able to resolve in the waking, physical state.

You are not teaching in these dreams, as much as you are trying to learn for yourself. Because you are not yet able to let the astral body lift out of the physical, you wake up feeling exhausted. So when you are falling asleep, as your higher self to take you into a deep state of peace (RIM), to support this astral release. Then you will access higher levels of the astral.

Take time to ask yourself when you are awake what the issues are that you are perhaps afraid to deal with or not even aware of. Ask that they be revealed to you in gentle, clear ways. Then you will train your energy to be willing to let go at night and you will not have to work so hard in your sleep state.

My niece and her husband earn their income from distributing puppies that originate from puppy mills. I try to stay in a place of non-judgment when it comes to the decisions of others, but my heart feels heavy when I think of them financially benefiting from the exploitation of animals. I send them love and light in my prayers. Is there anything more I should do?

We will simply encourage you to let go of your judgment. Allow that each thing that happens in your world serves to teach you all, for reasons that are perfect for each person's journey. Continue to grow in your ability to love in this way.

My question is how do I protect myself from others trying to interfere with my process or do me harm? How can I help myself so I can step fully into my soul purpose. And have I been successful in retrieving all that has been taken from me? It has had a huge impact on me, and these are, so they tell me ' light workers ' Why am I experiencing this?

We encourage you with the truth that nothing can be taken from you that you do not allow. You simply feel that this is taking place because you are not contained in your own energy field. As long as you are trying to AVOID vicitimization, you will attract it and see what is taking place through those filters.

What we see is that you are not contained, so you give away or leak your energy very easily. Know that no one has the power to take anything from you. You are not a victim. Interrupt that thinking. Instead, become aware of your needs. Express them. Nurture your true feelings around your needs. And by all means, set clear boundaries.

The one rule of all living things is freedom of will. Use it to say no when you need to. Use it to say yes when it serves your highest good. Learn to discern what that is. This will help you heal the victim consciousness that was learned as a child.

Practice making clear choices and you will build a sense of personal power. Learn to become conscious of what you are doing...because the only relationship you are ever having is the one you are having with yourself. Everything outside yourself is merely a reflection of that relationship to self. And, by the way, you teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself. Make yourself of equal value...and stop trying to please, in order ot be seen as "good" or deserving.

These are great places to start in healing this issue.




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