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We are so happy to have a tool such as the internet to share our journeys with you. The journeys are very powerful, but we are only able to take small numbers of people with us. So the internet is providing us with a wonderful opportunity to share the journey with many more people...

There were several primary objectives for taking this trip. They all revolved around integrating the energies of the vortex that was open at this time, based on the recent planetary configurations that have been setting up this stage of our initiation into the planetary soul. (more information is available on the Monthly Weather Report)

The main objective was to create a bridge from the solar plexus (third chakra of the lower self) into the heart (the doorway to the soul and the energies of the higher self). This bridge was forming for the planetary grids and is now being encouraged and activated by each one of us, depending upon our individual choices. We did several rituals to set this intention into motion. For instance, one of the rituals was to join the lower and higher selves in the heart. Another of the rituals was to open the seven gateways of the heart.

The deeper we go into this time of Ascension, the more important the heart chakra will become. It will become the center of our lives as we move into the higher potentials of our lives - experienced through a deeper balance of giving and receiving, as well as through meeting our individual needs by nurturing and supporting one another.

For the journey we were asked to make two objects, which would become a point of focus for the intentions that were just mentioned.

The first object that we were asked to create was a rod to be worn around our necks.

This rod mainly represents the flow of energy that moves up and down our spines. We all have an energy system, though most of us are just learning about this aspect of our lives. In the center of the spine is a core of energy. Around that two spirals move up and down the spine. For those of you who want more detail - there is a male aspect called the pingalla and a female aspect called the ida. For these we placed a gold wire (male) and a silver wire (female) that cross seven times for the seven primary chakras/energy centers of the body.

On our rods we placed three stones. At the top we were to place a violet stone, representing the energy of Spirit. At the bottom we were to place a gold stone, which is our connection to our core star of energy (core essence of each one of us). That is our connection to the sexual energy of creation that runs through us. In the center we were to place a blue stone, which represents the soul connection that is opening at this time in the heart. That blue stone was to be placed on a star cross configuration, which represents many things. The most important for our explanation here is that it represents the radiatory force of the soul as it is being claimed and released in our bodies.

The second object that we were asked to create was a spiral with two stones.

In the center of the spiral we were to place a sun stone. At the periphery of the spiral we were to place a moon stone. The reason that we used these two stones is that at this time we are opening to connect the three minds that are present in all of us: the superconscious, the subconscious and the conscious minds.

The superconscious is our connection to the source of God or Spirit. In the universal energies, this energy is accessed through the core of the Sun. It is like an energetic doorway for these energies to pour into our universe. The subconscious is our connection to the energy of our Souls, represented here by the moon. All of those energies of Soul and Spirit are connecting to the conscious mind at this time, though in layers and through a process of integration that will take some time.

In order to open to these energies and their higher potentials for our lives, we must prepare our physical bodies and conscious minds - by clearing the survival programming and imprints of fear and shame that we have long held in our bodies. (This is done through many paths of inner healing and is the basis of all of the work that we do at Children of Light.)

Now on to the journey...

For this sharing, we will take you through the major places we visited, as well as sharing with you the four rituals or ceremonies that we enacted while we were there.

On Saturday, October 14 most of us gathered at LaGuardia Airport in New York for our journey to the Yucatan. We arrived in the early afternoon to the city of Cancun, where we all enjoyed a day of getting used to the new energies. Many of us spent the time swimming in the Caribbean...

Some of our happy travelers

That first night we had our initial meeting with one another, for there were individuals coming from several parts of the world for this time together. The main focus of this meeting was to join our energies into a single group resonance - for this makes each one of us more powerful as individuals. The support of group resonance is going to become more of a primary focus as we move into this Age of Aquarius.

On Sunday, October 15 we met our Mayan guides for this journey. We worked with a Mayan Elder named Hunbatz Men, as well as a loving gentleman who was our tour guide, Eric Solis. We are very grateful to them both for making our time in Mexico seem like a second home.

Eric Solis and Hunbatz Men

Later that afternoon, we visited our first temple at Tulum. It is a beautiful temple located on the Caribbean Sea. It was at Tulum that we performed our first ritual of healing. This ritual was focused on joining the lower and higher selves. As our guides also joined in with all the ceremonies, there was no one to take pictures of the actual rituals themselves. However, we are including pictures of each of the sites...

Tulum, on the Caribbean

After completing our time in Tulum, we traveled to Chetumal, a mid-way point on our journey to the temple of Kohunlich.

Monday, October 16 was spent at the temple of Kohunlich. At this site we moved first into the temple of the moon (feminine) and then moved to the temple of the sun (masculine). This was giving us time to begin integrating the aspects of self that we set into motion in the ritual the day before. It was a very moving time for all...

The group approaching the temple of the moon and the temple of the sun

One of the primary focuses on the journey was a move into the heart, which becomes experiential through giving and receiving, as well as nurturing. We set the seeds of this in our preparation meetings prior to the trip, doing simple exercises where we all had permission to practice giving and receiving. This played a vital role throughout our journey, as each individual began to identify their needs moment to moment. We then each took responsibility for communicating those needs, as well as supporting one another to meet them. This made for a very smooth, graceful journey.

After spending time in the integrative, nurturing energies of Kohunlich we continued our bus ride to another state within Mexico - arriving after dark to Palenque.

Tuesday, October 17 - Palenque was completely covered by the jungle until the 1950's. You can see from the pictures how the site is surrounded by dense jungle. Even our hotel was situated in dense foilage, which provided a beautiful place for further balancing. Nature exists in balance, so it is very healing to place your own focus on nature, connecting your own energy there. That way you allow nature to have a healing, balancing effect on you.

The energy at Palenque was very powerful. Many people felt as if they were rocking back and forth shortly after arriving. This was the body beginning to assimilate this new energy configuration. The energies here also have the effect of bringing up out of the subconscious mind that which is out of balance. This actually begins to carve out a space in the womb of the soul, which is located in the belly of each one of us. We must all empty the energies that have been hidden and defended in this part of the body if we are going to open to assimilate the energies of the soul self.

We had special permission to actually go inside of the main pyramid of Palenque. This is very similar to the birthing chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, consistent with the energies of the birth of the subconscious.

The passageway leading to the chamber below

This set of doorways represents the light of the higher self and the darkness of the lower self/subconscious

Wednesday, October 18 was spent mostly driving a great distance to reach Uxmal in time for the WorldWide Meditation: Grounding the Light of the World Soul. We made one short stop at a seaside restaurant and arrived less that one hour before we were to begin our worldwide ritual.

The grounds surrounding Uxmal were quite beautiful. It was here that we performed our second ritual, connecting with millions of you around the world. For this ritual we were joining the three minds: the superconscious, the subconscious and the conscious minds. We did this by moving through the spiral that we were instructed to create prior to the journey.

Once we began the motion of the two spirals, by moving in and out of the maze we created, we read our personal and world intentions for this time of healing and integration. Once we had all done this, it was time to join in the reading of the two invocations that we shared with all of you. The ritual was beautiful and powerful for all of us.

The two spirals formed in the grass by our ritual

When we woke up the next morning there were ten hotel employees running through the spiral with great joy on their faces...


Thursday, October 19 we returned to Uxmal for a day with Hunbatz Men, as well as our third ritual of purification. When we arrived to the temple, we invoked the energies of the space as we had done in each of the temples. Hunbatz informed us that this was the space of honoring the feminine energy. It just so happened that as we had lined up for this invocation, there were 12 ladies all standing on the front line (all occurring by chance and perfect synchronicity).

The group working with Hunbatz Men to connect with the energies of this sacred space

This is the beautiful pyramid of Uxmal

It also happened that as we approached this temple it was mid-morning, but the moon was straight overhead in the center of the temple.Hunbatz Men said that in all the time of visiting there, he had never seen this happen.

After doing our ritual, the women used the opportunity to do a celebration of their feminine/goddess nature.

We also want to mention that for each of our rituals that we had hawks or eagles flying overhead. This has been a consistent sign of support from the universe on each of our journeys. The hawk is the messenger of Spirit and the eagle represents the highest perspective of Spirit in animal medicine.


Later in the day we left for Chichen Itza.

Friday, October 20 was our first day in Chichen Itza. There were a handful of us that got up for a morning horse ride. We visited a couple of remote ruins and got to see the sun come up as well...

The primary pyramid of this space is a precise measure of the Mayan calendars. There are several calendars that work together in this complex, accurate way to measure time. There are big steps in the corners of each pyramid, which represent the number of months in their calendar. There are also 91 steps on each of the four spaces for the number of days.

Hunbatz Men at the base of the pyramid at Chichen Itza

Just as in the picture above, there are two serpents coming down the main side of this pyramid, representing the two spirals of energy that move up the spine. It is also a sound phenomenon that when you clap your hand in the courtyard in front of this pyramid that it echoes off the pyramid in the sound of the eagle.

This is quite significant, for this represents the energetic place where the snake and the eagle come together. This is the perspective of the highest and lowest coming together (the higher and lower selves). This is a temple of the heart.

Our fourth and final ritual was performed here. The focus was the opening of the seven gateways of the heart, perfect for the energetic configuration of the location.

There was a great deal of loving heart energy being shared throughout the journey.

Saturday, October 21 we left Chichen Itza and went to our final temple in Ek Balam. This is a newer temple that has been excavated. It is therefore less traveled by the public at this point.

The energies in this place were very powerful. We did a final ceremony with Hunbatz Men to send out our intentions from the journey individually. We also invoked the wind and talked about angels. This was quite significant, for in this site they discovered the Mayan glyphs and characters with angel wings! This is the only location that they have discovered with such a phenomenon.

Two figures with angel wings

This is significant to this stage in our Ascension process, for this is the stage when we open to our higher potential, as we truly enter the heart space.

The energies activated this part of our light bodies and many people experienced movements and even pressure in this part of the body as we finished our visit in this beautiful spot.

Ek Balam

A very powerful spot of integration

We then left this spot and headed to a restaurant for lunch. The restaurant just happened to have lots of angels everywhere as well.

We ended the day by returning to Cancun. We had a closing meeting on the beach of the Caribbean, with each person expressing how much this trip had indeed opened their hearts.

We were truly blessed to have had this opportunity to touch one another's hearts. This is, after all, the whole point of life.....to learn to love one another. And we discovered that it is indeed a choice and a possibility if we but choose it!


Thanks for coming with us on this sharing of the journey. We hope that it will touch you in some ways, as it has touched each one of us.

Blessings to you all!


Copyright 2005 Children of Light