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Journeys to Sacred Sites

Initiation Journeys to Sacred Sites Around the World

Mother Earth is a living being, supporting each one of our individual and collective journeys. Much like each one of us, she also has her own power centers, chakras, and energy meridians.

For thousands of years, people of all faiths and tribes have identified these 'energy centers' and built sacred sites, at which they conducted rituals and initiations. Stonehenge in Northern England, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and Machu Picchu in Peru are just a few examples.

Children of Light, under the guidance of Gabriel, Ron Baker, and Robert Baker, has been organizing journeys to these sacred sites since 1997 to coordinate with powerful energetic events. So far we have gone on 15 journeys - and have organized 13 worldwide meditations!

What most don't realize is these events are initiations of energy that are attempting to inspire us through initiations into the next level of our personal and collective potential - the potential of the soul. Throughout the ages, master teachers from all faiths and backgrounds have been initiated in similar manners, at these sacred sites.

There are seven initiations. The life of the master teacher, Jesus, modeled these seven initiations... the Birth, the Baptism, the Transfiguration on the Mount, The Renunciation, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Ascension. There are direct parallels in other philosophies, schools, and religions as well.

From 1997 until the year 2012, the planet will move through the downloading of seven levels of these initiations, preparing us to begin assimilating the higher energies and potentials, in order to come together and create a new world!

Most Recent Sacred Journey: Resurrection Initiation of the Soul - Peru, 2012!

We are now in a process of preparing the body for soul integration.

The most recent journey to Peru, the heart chakra of the planet, was a completion in many ways... acting as the "bookend" to the first journey we took in 1997. This event, which was talked about in a myriad of cultures, marks the completion of a 26,000 year planetary cycle - which many people have heard referred to as the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Gabriel says that this will indeed be the "end of the world as we have experienced it so far," through a process that is already underway. The energetic accelerations that have taken place in these 15 years have begun to shake up our habitual world in profound ways, as they are beginning to literally raise the energy of our consciousness.

The goal of these events is to bring mass consciousness into a much higher potential and personal power, attempting to prepare us for a direct connection to the SOUL for the first time in our planet's history!


Based on the profound guidance that has come through since 1990, Ron and Robert have been guiding groups to sacred sites and organizing worldwide meditations for each of the planetary initiations. They have now led 15 life-changing journeys to sites all over the world. They have organized worldwide meditations that have had an audience of MILLIONS of people coming together. Very exciting!

We hope you might consider looking at some of the details from past journeys... which will eventually be shared in a book.


List of Past Journeys

(with some links to photos)


1997: First of Seven Levels Begins for All Initiations (Birth)

The Birth -Journey to Egypt and Israel

The Baptism, energies prepared in Machu Picchu, Peru for the opening of the Ark of the Covenant

The Transfiguration on the Mount, MACHU PICCHU, PERU


The Renunciation/Crucifixion, Journey to Egypt and Jordan

The Cocooning (three days in the tomb), STONEHENGE, ENGLAND


The Resurrection, TIBET, INDIA, NEPAL (ending the 1st round of all 7 initiations)

2000: Time of Preparing the Lower Self

Journey of Integration (joining the first three chakras to prepare the lower self for Ascension) - BALI

Journey of Preparation (preparing to bridge the lower self into the heart) - MAYAN TEMPLES OF MEXICO

2001: Level Two (Baptism) of the Initiation Process

Initial Levels of the Ascension (levels one and two) - EGYPT

2002: Level Three of the Initiation Process (Transfiguration)

Journey of Transfiguration - PERU, the heart chakra of the planet

VIDEO: Peru 2002 - Journey of the Heart. (Video begins with brief channeling of Gabriel on black screen, then photos and music from the journey... gives you a better feeling for these life-changing events. Blessings and thanks to Josh Sitron for creating this video for us.)


2003: Transition to Level Four

BURMA, the opening of the subconscious as the soul begins to rise

2004: Level Four of the Initiation Process

Midpoint in the entire Initiation Process Journey to Egypt, accessing the Divine Soul Plan

2005: Preparation for Level Five (Renunciation)

Opening the Heart to World Service - BALI, the energetic navel of the world

2006: Level Five (Crucifixion) of the Initiation Process

Surrender of Physical Matter to Spirit (Photon Belt) Journey to Egypt, the heart of the womb space

2008: Level Six of the Initiation Process

Opening the Sirian Gateway to Multi-dimensional Awareness - Preparation for Soul Integration Journey to Egypt, the womb space of the soul

2012: Level Seven (moving out of Crucifixion into the Resurrection of the Initiation Process into Soul COnsicousness)

Journey to Peru - the heart chakra (the place in the body that we begin to experience the rising soul consciousness


COMMENTS FROM GABRIEL on the Planetary Initiations:


"We first want to share a few thoughts on Ascension, what it is and how it is connected to us as individuals across the world.

You have now entered a time when the planet is not only going into a new millennium, but also the next stage of her evolutionary process. This shift involves an acceleration of energies, which will affect everything on the planet, including each one of you. In recent years there have been increasing vibrations or levels of light pouring into the planet - causing many shifts.

You are ultimately moving out of the Age of Pisces into the Aquarian Age on your planet. That will have direct effects on everything.

The Age of Pisces has been a time ruled by patriarchy, duality and various forms of idealism, such as religious ideals. This new age will be a time where you have the potential to move into balance, oneness and unity.

The Aquarian Age will be marked primarily by two things: the rise of the Soul consciousness on our planet for the first time in our history and a move into a time of INITIATION!

Ultimately you are opening to move out of the limitation of only perceiving our world as a third-dimensional experience. You are finally opening to experience the higher aspects of yourselves and moving into your true personal power as individuals who come together for the good of All. That will be experienced through a conscious connection to your soul and spirit.

This is being made possible unlike ever before, as your planet is being initiated by these accelerations of energy. In short, you are now opening to experience that was modeled beautifully 2000 years ago - a personal Ascension and the embodiment of your God/Christ Consciousness in the physical.

How you each experience that is up to you as individuals. However, one thing is for sure. It will continue to be an unprecedented time of accelerated change.

It is important to realize that this is a planetary event, so the energies will affect you ALL, whether you choose to become conscious or not.

The choice of power at this time is to gain some clear, grounded information - so that you may each learn how to integrate these powerful, higher energies and move into the shifts of a new age consciously and gracefully.

The information that we offer and the worldwide events that you organize allow all of you to work together to play a vital part in the rising of our world's consciousness."




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