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August, 1998

In this time of planetary Ascension, we are truly awakening healing and magic on our planet. In doing so, we are opening to many archetypes. Merlin, for instance. Gabriel tells us that the legends of Merlin and Arthur are not only archetypes and legends. They were members of one of the ancient mystery schools of self-mastery. Now that we are ascending into a new level of self-mastery as a planet, it is only natural that we awaken to those memories of old.

According to Gabriel, Merlin was a Druid priest, the head of one of the mystery schools. He trained many in a path of self-mastery, represented by Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. Whether you choose to see this as fact or fiction is not important. One way or another, we can see what they represent for each one of us. They represent a set of values and a connection to our individual power. That is exactly what is being asked of us at this time on our planet - to learn to value and empower the self in love and light.

There were other archetypes of energy encountered on this journey as well. Primary were the Goddess or Mary, Michael and Merlin. Before we venture into the journey itself, let us look briefly at why these archetypes are so important to what we are going through as a planet.

The first of the archetypes is potentially the most important for this particular journey - the Goddess. This was, after all, the planetary initiation focused on activating the soul of the planet. That soul space in each one of us is represented by the female aspect or womb space, located in the second and third chakras (the belly, for those who are not familiar with the chakra system). In other words, this initiation deals with clearing the issues of the lower self which are held in those lower chakras. In doing so, we prepare to awaken the soul consciousness held there. In the Holy Trinity, Gabriel tells us that the Holy Spirit represents the female energy of the womb, the void from which the Son/Daughter arises.

The main archetype of the Goddess for many people is Mary. After all, it was from her womb through which the potential Christed energy was brought into physical form. How that applies to us directly is that we are now preparing to give birth to that Christ pattern or soul consciousness within each one of us. That is the process of Ascension, the process that we are now beginning to move through on our planet. So the purpose of this initiation is to bring any blocked energies held in our individual soul space to the surface of our lives to be dealt with consciously. Thus we have the rising of the Goddess energy on our planet and within each one of us.

The second archetype is that of Michael, an archetype of male energy. Michael is the protector and warrior energy of the archangelic realm.

For those of you who have not experienced the energies of England, there are two primary energy lines that run through that country. They include the energy lines of Mary and Michael. One female and one male. There are sacred sites that run along these ley lines of energy, as well as many churches, stone circles and holy spots. Many of the places that we visited were along the vortex points of these two energy lines - representing the coming together and balance of those male and female energies on our planet.

All of these things are very relevant to the rituals or ceremonies that we were asked to perform while on this sacred journey.

The final archetype of energy is that of Merlin. Merlin represents the magic of the laws of nature that can happen when the male and female energies of nature are in balance. We visited many places of magic, including Merlin's crystal cave in Tintagel.

With all of that said, come with us now on a journey of mystery, challenge and discovery...

Week One:

Our journey was divided into two parts. For the first part, our group joined a larger group for a Crop Circle Convention. There were many leading authorities on the crop circles involved. For those of you who do not know of this phenomenon, crop circles and geometric formations have been appearing in the fields of farmers in this area of the world for the last ten years or so.

As we have moved more deeply into this time of Ascension, the shapes have become more complex and more frequent. We were lucky enough to experience the formation of one of the crop circles while we were in England. Two of the women in the group watched a great deal of the process take place, by camping out overnight. Gabriel tells us that these shapes are soul grid patterns that are being activated to awaken those patterns for our planet and each one of us as individuals.

Here are three examples of these phenomena taken from a helicopter. To give some indication of size, there is approximately 50 feet between each of the tractor lines that can be seen running parallel through each of the shots. You can even see people standing in the picture on the lower left.

These circles appear overnight in various fields in the area. There are many theories as to how they form. Gabriel has offered one perspective. However, what is consistent in all of the information is that these formations are here to awaken and heal. Their energy is very powerful, from having stood within four of them on this trip. The energy is also unique to each one.

ere is the group at the site of the Crop Circle Convention.

It was on the second day of the convention that we went to Stonehenge for the World Wide Meditation. As always, it is of great wonder to walk into a sacred spot that has been the focal point for sacred ceremony for hundreds of years. The energies of Stonehenge were healing and powerful.

One of the preparations that Gabriel gave for the group was to prepare a sacred chalice, our representation of the Holy Grail. We were also to prepare a talisman to be worn around our necks. This consisted of the Celtic Cross, with four equal sides, the seven soul rays and the merkabah in the center, representing the energy of creation. You will see these around our necks in many of the pictures.

The sacred site of the our planet's third chakra.

Our chalices at the World Wide Meditation, which were placed at the center of our configuration.

We had an unexpected surprise right before we left for England. A friend, Caroline Wyndham, invited us to return to Stonehenge for a second evening. This evening was to be the full moon. Her group has been working for four years, every full moon in that site. And they were asking us to join them for a sacred night of coming together. It was just that - a sacred coming together. I think we all experienced a night of love and intimacy that few will forget. Thanks to Caroline!

Here is the entire group joined together!

Then it was off to the Crop Circles and their healing energies...

Our second ritual was to summon the energies of the Goddess. She is known by many names. Mary. Gaia is another, the Goddess energies of planet Earth. As stated already, the energies from the Sirius star system were actively pouring their energies in at this time as well - also the frequency of the Goddess energy.

Here is the group during this ritual, with one of the group acting as a proxy for the Goddess in the center of the circle.

We finished the first week, having heard from wonderful speakers and visited four crop circles. The last of the crop circles formed just before this week ended. The energies of that particular circle represent the end of something and the beginning of something else. The center of the crop circle felt dead, like the end. The outer edges of the crop circle were filled with little nests, representing the birth of something new.

This is one of the nests on the edge of the crop circle. These formations are amazing. Not only is the wheat laid down in the main sections in perfect patterns, without breaking any of the wheat stalks. But in these nests, the crops were laid down in spirals, perfectly placed. In the center, the wheat was actually wrapped to form one of the spirals of creation, as in this picture. There were other nests with the two spirals of creation, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise.

This formation of endings and beginnings is very profound for this time. For 1998 marks the end of this segment of evolution - the seven year cycle of awakening that we have been in since 1992. It is now time for us to move into a time of integrating these new energies that have been initiated. It will indeed be a time of great change and potential healing.

Robert channeling in a crop circle...

Our third ritual of the week involved connecting to the Soul of the Earth. It was here that we all read aloud our intentions for ourselves and for the planet, as we integrate these shifts.

Week Two:

For week two, we were joined by George Wingfield, one of the leaders in the field of Crop Circles. He is also, as we found out, a compassionate and sensitive guide into the sites and countryside of England. Thanks to him...

Our first journey during week two was to Avebury. This is a beautiful little village that is formed by a huge stone circle. It is also surrounded by a moat. This is one of the primary places that the Michael and Mary lines come together, a very powerful vortex. We spent the entire day moving to the various stones, feeling their healing energy and receiving a number of channeled messages.

Here are a number of rocks that held particular significance for us...

Robert and Ron

Some others in the group

These rocks are of particular significance. They are placed in an area where the two ley lines come together, the one on the left representing Mary and the one on the right representing Michael.

From this area the group went to Silbury Hill, the largest man-made formation (like a pyramid) in this part of the world. It is formed out of chalk. What is important for us is that it represents the pregnant womb of the Goddess and lies on the Mary line. The energies are very powerful.

Silbury Hill

The entire group on top of Silbury Hill

A view from the top of Silbury Hill. It is particularly significant. In the center of the picture is a crop circle that has already been harvested. However, you can still see the vague, but distinct shape. This is the first of the season - a 33 petaled crop circle. The reason that it is significant is that it represents the Christ pattern or grid of energy that is now being awakened in this process of Ascension. The number 33 is the master number, representing mastery of self.

A picture of the crop circle before it was harvested

From our long stay in Salisbury, we moved to Penzance. Here we stayed right on the coast of Cornwall, looking out at the sea. We did our next ritual here, at another sacred site where the Michael and Mary lines come together. We had a surprise visit from a wonderful man named Hamish Miller, who is responsible for having dowsed a great deal of these ley lines. He has a number of books out on the subject.

The ritual was focused on balancing the light and dark aspects of ourselves. It was done on St. Michael's Mount, an island in the middle of the sea. At low tide, there is a causeway that appears and the island becomes accessible.

An aerial view

A view from the shore

The group once again, immediately following the ritual

While in the area of Penzance we visited a number of powerful sites - stone circles. The first is called the Merry Maidens. The second stone in the following pictures is called the Blind Fiddler, but is truly connected to the energy of Merlin.

The Merry Maiden circle

Tim, standing in the Merry Maiden circle

The Blind Fiddler

From here, we headed for the magic of Tintagel - the home of Merlin's Crystal Cave. The coast line is quite beautiful, high and craggy - as seen in the following picture.

The island that towers in the sea, upon which are the ruins of Tintagel castle. Deep below, in an area filled with sea at high tide, is Merlin's Cave.

The entrance to Merlin's Cave is the one on the left. It goes clear through the mountain or island, opening to the sea on the other side as well.

We performed our fifth ritual in Merlin's Cave. The focus of this ritual was to connect consciously to our soul ray. We got up at the crack of dawn and made our way down the steep cliffs, greeted by the sun...

The group preparing to enter the cave

A view from within the cave, which forms a womb space

As a quick review, we had now performed five rituals. The first was to connect the world to the third chakra, the access point to the soul space. The second was to invoke the feminine or Goddess energies of that soul space. The third was to connect with the planetary soul space or the Goddess called Gaia. The fourth was to balance the light and dark aspects of self, healing the shadow self. That shadow self includes the aspects of self that have been shamed and are held in the womb space, waiting to be reclaimed. The fifth ritual was to connect to the individual's soul ray, which activates the soul space.

We were now ready to move on to the final destination, Glastonbury. So we left the cliffs of Tintagel, with Merlin watching over the cave...

The face of Merlin is clearly defined in the rocks, as seen here in shadow. It is directly above the entrance to the cave.

Once we reached Glastonbury, we prepared to perform our final two rituals. The first was to purify the soul space at the Chalice Well. For those of you who are not familiar with this site, it is said that Joseph of Arimathea brought the cup used in the Last Supper and buried it here. The water from the well, therefore, comes out red.

This is the source of the well, at the top of the beautiful and sacred site.

The water comes out of the ground in three places, with its final destination in this particular enclosure. Notice that the pool is shaped in the two circles, or two spirals of creation...

The group, immediately following the purification ritual. For this ritual we wore the priest's robes or galabiyas from Egypt.

Once we had finished this ritual, we ended the day and our journey with a final ritual - the ritual to reclaim the lost parts of the soul. We executed this ritual late at night at the top of the sacred hill or Tor.

The Sacred Tor

Having completed our seven rituals and faced our individual issues, challenges and introduction to the magic of England, we were ready to journey home.

We want to say a special thank you to Ruth and Harry Hover, our tour guides...


and to George Wingfield, for helping bring the sites to life for us.

George and Harry, standing in the Abbey ruins in Glastonbury

So for us the sun sets on Stonehenge and the magic of England..

We now begin to integrate as a planet the energies of this powerful initiation.

Thanks for joining us for this mini-journey. We hope that it has helped to connect you to the energies of the sites and to awaken a bit of what is going on in this time of magic, miracles and change on our planet. We look forward to joining with you again for future adventures and healing.

Until then...blessings!

Copyright 2005 Children of Light