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Seventh Planetary Initiation -

The Ascension!

For those of you who have been following our journeys for the last four and a half years, you will not find it surprising that we had another lifechanging journey to Egypt. As always, the temples and the ceremonies were powerful. However, it is just as important to note that as our resonance deepens and we heal more fully as individuals, the intimacy shared by the groups continues to astound us. It grows with each and every journey.

Most of the pictures we took were of pairs and groups of people hugging and supporting one another. This is actually perfect, as the focus of this journey was to join together the higher and lower selves through a connection of the seven gateways of the heart.

These gateways are a rather new concept to us. We have not read about this information anywhere else - except through the channelings of Gabriel. However, we want to share this information with you all, so it will be a topic covered in great detail in the second book of Ron's three-part series Revelations for a Healing World (due out next year).

We have all worked long and hard to prepare ourselves around the world for this time of initiation. Even since 1997 when these initiations began, it has been a time of rapid acceleration and integration. However, Gabriel tells us that this seventh initiation is truly the one that will set into motion the energies that have been initiated since January, 1997. So hang onto your hats.....it is bound to be an intense decade of integration!

These are energetic shifts that are unprecedented on our planet. They are attempting to move us out of the limited system of survival in a third-dimensional world into a multi-dimension experience of ourselves as soul/spirit beings - powerful, creative individuals who have the potential to create a Heaven on Earth!

So come with us as we share briefly our journey to Egypt...

We will not take this two-week journey day by day. Instead we will offer an overview of the spiritual objective of the journey, with some pictures to highlight each step.

There were seven rituals or sacred ceremonies shared by the group of 36 people who went on this journey. Each ritual was to connect us to the power of one of the seven gateways of the heart. In each ritual we were instructed to go through certain movements and to prepare certain individual intentions. In this way we were acting as proxies of various issues that make up a world of diverse individuals.

Those rituals took place in various temples along the Nile. The Nile, as shared from past journeys, represents the spine of each one of us in the macrocosm. The temples represent the chakras along those spines.

Before beginning our journey of travel, we spent a day in Cairo adjusting to the new location, allowing our energies to assimilate. We then spent a day at the museum and then took a very moving visit to the Church of the Virgin Mary. Not only does the Virgin Mary correspond beautifully to Isis in the Egyptian mythology, it was a perfect place to begin the Ascension initiation. After all, this initiation is to give birth fully to the energy of the soul and Mary represents the womb of that soul.

This picture is the one of Mary that overlooks the congregations of the church from the dome above the sanctuary.

We began at Abu Simbel and a connection to the first chakra and first heart gateway, where we performed our first ritual.

A front view of Abu Simbel - a massive structure of tremendous power

From here we flew to Aswan, where we began our seven day cruise up the Nile River to Luxor.

A sideview of our ship, a beautiful paddle boat which took us gracefully along the Nile.

Before leaving Aswan we spent sunrise at the Temple of Isis, connecting us to the second chakra and the second gateway - where we performed our second ritual.

A Nile view of the temple of Isis

The group standing within the temple courtyard, following the ritual.

Once we left Aswan we first moved to the Temple of KomOmbo, which is the temple focused on balancing light and dark. Then we were off to the Temple of Horus. For those who are not familiar, the symbol of Horus the Hawk is symbolic of the Son of God (specifically the son of Isis and Osiris). This is likened to the symbol of Jesus for Christians - the messenger son of God.

Ron, standing next to one of the statues of Horus at the entrance

From here we continued our journey to Luxor, where we did our third ritual in the Temple of Man.

The front of the Temple of Man

The group prior to the ritual

Part of our visit in Luxor included a journey to the East Bank of the river, where we visited the Valley of the Kings and their tombs. This is a group of women from our journey in front of one of the Luxor signs.

The next visit was to the Temple of Karnak, the largest manmade temple in the world. It was here that we performed our fourth ritual, very closely connected to the temple of Sekmet within Karnak.

Part of the challenge of this time is to balance the energies that were distorted during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. This is the group surrounding a massive quartz rock from Lemuria.

From here we took a bus ride at dawn to a magical temple in Abydos. This is connected to one of the oldest temples in all of Egypt, the Osirion. Within the Osirion is the famous flower of life, the sacred geometric that depicts our energetic core as individual human beings, as well as all of the energy of creation. It also contains the famous hieroglyphs of the tank, the helicopter and the flying saucer (all marked in stone thousands of years ago).

It was within the heart chakra of Abydos that we performed our fifth ritual, connecting to the fifth gateway of the heart.

The front of the Temple of Abydos.

We also visited the beautiful Temple of Hathor, the wife of Horus. This has always been a powerful temple of nurturing for us. From there we were prepared to fly to Cairo for our final leg of the journey.

In Cairo we stayed in the beautiful Mena House, just across from the Giza Plateau.

A view of the Great Pyramid from the front of the hotel.

On May 2, the day for the WorldWide Meditation, we began our day with a sunrise journey to the Giza Plateau. We performed our sixth ritual between the paws of the Sphinx.

A view of the pyramid and the Sphinx

This picture gives a bit of perspective of the size of the Great Pyramid. This is part of one wall. When you consider that each stone is massive by itself, you begin to get the picture. Apparently if you lined up the stones just from this one miraculous structure side by side it would take you three-quarters of the way around the entire planet, or would be enough to build a four-lane highway across the United States.

We then prepared for our final ritual and the WorldWide Meditation from the Great Pyramid. This is quite significant for a number of reasons. First, this day allowed us to join the energies of the Sphinx with the Great Pyramid - which represents joining the highest spiritual connection (the Great Pyramid) into the physical (the Sphinx). It is also significant that the final initiation of the planet - the Ascension initiation, took place in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The reason is that not only has it long been an initiation chamber, it is where many masters have received their final initiations - including Christ (according to Gabriel).

One other aspect of the journey that has basically gone unshared is vital to begin to introduce. During the journeys, Robert has been generous enough to allow us to gain great benefit of his remarkable gift of channeling. At various points during the journeys other energies need to make a connection with our groups, passing on vital information about the temples themselves or aspects of our planetary healing that will become known to the general public in time.

For instance, on this last day on the Giza Plateau the energy of Thoth came through and shared with us some information about the release of the energies and codes of energy held in the Hall of Records. It is vital that we begin to know our true history as a planet, as we prepare to enter the next phase of our evolution - becoming the true SPIRITUAL MAN (one who is in conscious connection to the soul).

Other star beings have connected with us since the third initiation. We will begin to release this information in the upcoming books of Revelations for a Healing World as well.

Before we leave this segment of our journey, we need to say a special thank you to Mohamed Shata, our most amazing Egyptologist. He creates a sacred space and a personal connection to each of these wonderful sites and we are eternally grateful. This is Mohamed with his infectious smile.

For the last days of our journey we flew to Sharm El Sheik, a beautiful seaside resort, where we allowed ourselves to ground the energies that we had accessed in the temples of Egypt. Here we went on camel rides in the desert and boat rides in the amazing blue sea waters. We are also enclosing a few pictures of people sharing and experiencing this powerfully healing time together...

Ron and Robert

Thanks so much for sharing in our journey. We hope that it in some way has touched your heart....


Copyright 2005 Children of Light