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Journey to the Ancient Land of



This journey took place in connection with the Harmonic Concordance of November, 2003.


This journey was equally as powerful as all of the other unprecedented planetary accelerations of energy we have experienced since 1997.  Some astrologers even say this particular initiation was coordinated with the most powerful planetary configuration of our lifetimes.


On November 8, 2003 there was a perfect six-pointed star created in the heavens (from the alignment of five planets and a full moon in lunar eclipse).  This six pointed star represents a three dimensional form known as the merkabah.  This is another name for the energy body or light body that holds each one of us in place in the physical.

This six-pointed star is made up of two triangles (which are actually two three sided pyramids when not looked at from a two dimensional perspective).  One of these triangles represents the energy of Spirit.  The other represents the energy of physical matter.  The intersecting of these two triangles represents the energy of Spirit and matter coming together in consciousness.  This is exactly what is happening at this time as we move into an unprecedented awakening of the soul within each one of us.

We live in a most exciting time.  This is the first time in the history of our planet that we have been able to begin activating a direct awareness of our true divinity as a mass consciousness on the planet.  There have been a few individuals in our history who have come to plant seeds, to show us what is possible.  However, at this time we are each one open to the possibility of awakening the potential of the soul in our daily lives.  In doing so, we will be in direct communion and communication with God - taking our place in the Divine Plan of healing, balance, oneness and unity on our planet.

This is the miraculous potential of this time!

This journey to Burma was connected with the mid-point of this process of personal healing.  Since 1997 we have been experiencing energetic accelerations or initiations on our planet.  When these doorways or vortexes of energy open, the planet is downloaded with higher energy.  We then go through a process of integrating those energies to wake ourselves up from a dense, survival relationship to life.  In doing so, we can evolve our personalities beyond the ego defense systems and limited relationships that have been ruled by patriarchy, fear and shame in many ways.  We can evolve those personalities into a direct merging with our deepest authenticity available - the awakening of our souls from within.

In doing so, we will be able to stop looking outside ourselves for a sense of self through validation, achievement and accumulation of material things.  We will transform a belief that we will be fulfilled from something outside ourselves.  We will do that because we will be waking the true fulfillment from WITHIN ourselves, as we get in touch with the experiential energies of the soul.

Some of the group


For this journey, we gathered 20 people from several parts of the world.  We then went to the untouched land of Burma.  This was for several important purposes.  Burma is a connection point of balance on the planet.  It is a connection point of the East and the West.  It is also unique in that it has not been tampered with in many ways.therefore, a connection of ancient and modern world.

This was perfect for the purpose of this initiation - to move the subconscious energies of the lower self into the heart space.  The energies of the soul actually begin to rise from the subconscious part of ourselves.  And it is the subconscious that holds all of our personal and planetary memories - from this lifetime and from a history of lifetimes.  In order to create balance and healing, we must each open and respond to the energies of our personal histories.  We must face and balance what has been out of balance - held in fear and shame of self.  Some refer to this unbalanced energy as karma.

We have lived in a world that has been ruled by the cycles of karma.  We have now reached a time in our evolution when it is time to move out of those cycles, transcending those limited approaches to a more fulfilling approach to life.  In order to do this and open to an awareness of our divinity, we need to each take responsibility for the issues that remain unbalanced.

On our journey to Burma, we didseven sacred ceremonies or rituals that were intended to model this healing process.  We will share a little about this process as we now share more about the journey itself.  It is our hope that by taking the time to share our time in Burma with pictures that it will make the reality live more fully for all of you around the world who have either participated in these events where you live (or are just now becoming aware of this process consciously).

We began our journey on a very long 33 hour series of flights to the other side of the world.


We immediately found Burma to be as innocent and open as any place we have ever visited.  The openness of the people touched us very deeply, as you will see in some of the pictures.  Before going we heard many things about the "corrupt government" there and about Bush's policies banning imports from this country.  We had also heard how the people's leader has been held in prison or house arrest for years now, held by the military government that now runs the country.

Well, it has never been more apparent that the games of governments have little or nothing to do with the essence of the people.  It seems this was yet another example how the patriarchal structures on our planet continue to play their games of control, domination and greed at the expense of those truly affected.   We saw no signs of this in the people of Burma, except perhaps in the poverty level that is perpetuated by the choices of controlling governments. However, even within the poverty we saw that all children were loved and cared for by open and present parents.  This is just one example of the heart of Burma that planted many healing seeds in each one of us.

We mention these things not in an attempt to make a political statement..but to recognize that this entire initiation is about healing the lower will.  The lower will is that part in each one of us that has opted for controlling the environment, holding the innocent parts of ourselves hostage - all based on our own fear.  This was demonstrated beautifully in what we discovered in the innocent people of Burma and was a great lesson to us that innocence and heart connection is indeed possible in a world that has forgotten the profundity of being simple, open and authentic.

So before we begin to introduce the journey itself, we introduce you to some of the faces of Burma.

With that clear introduction into what we saw constantly on our two weeks in Burma, we begin the journey.

We arrived in the capital city of Yangon (Rangoon).  Our beautiful hotel of teak wood provided a wonderful place to rest and get our feet wet in the new energies of this part of the world.

This was the first place we all met to gather our energies for the journey ahead.

Once we had joined our hearts and intentions, we spent the first two days getting acquainted with this wondrous place.

One of the most powerful places of our entire journey was visiting the Schwedagon Temple.  This is the heart of Buddhism for many people.  We found the energies to be complex and amazing.  When we asked Gabriel, he shared that just like Peru is the heart chakra of the planet, this configuration is like the "cerebral cortex" of the planet.a place where the hierarchy sends out messages to all parts of the planet.  We have never felt energy configurations like this.a very moving experience to begin activating our bodies for the initiation ahead.

Once we were familiar with the energy of Burma, we were ready to connect to the energetic configuration of the Harmonic Concordance and the six pointed star energies gathering in the heavens.  The first destination was to the rather famous city of Mandalay. 

It just so happens that Burma's biggest holiday took place on November 8 as well.  For this event, we performed one of the sacred rites typical of Burma (releasing birds - which represents setting the soul free - the exact purpose of the whole initiation journey).

Ron with a baby owl, as well as the rest of the group releasing birds.


On this special day we also visited one of the powerful temples in Mandalay to celebrate with the people.

People gathered for this amazing event

The energy coming off of this Buddha felt like sitting too close to a hot oven

For our purposes, Mandalay represents connecting with the upper part of the six-pointed star configuration, as it is mirrored in the energies of Burma.  It was here that we prepared to reach up and connect to the planets that came together with a full moon lunar eclipse on Saturday, November 8.

This is the actual full moon that shone in the heavens for this rare and unprecedented event.

For those of us in Burma, the six-pointed star came together at sunrise of November 9 (as we were 12 hours ahead of Eastern Time). 

For this first ritual of connecting to the energies, we went to the highest place in Mandalay - a temple at the top of the main hill.  We found a very powerful microcosm or model of the two spirals there in the temple and prepared for the setting of the moon and rising of the sun (solar - soul) energy.  Also interesting that at this time for the soul energy to rise that we have also been having the largest solar flares in recorded history.  The Sun is the heart chakra of our universe according to Gabriel - the access point of the soul in the macrocosm and microcosm.

This was immediately following the WorldWide Meditation.  The full moon was setting behind us, as the eclipse began.  The sun had begun to rise on the other side of the hill  and the sky turned violet (hard to capture photographically).

The worldwide meditation was very heartfelt for us, as over 16 million people were gathering around the planet!

So on this amazing day, we all shared with one another around the world - with each one of you playing a vital role in grounding these energies.  Together we surrounded the planet in a blanket of healing intention.  The violet sky was yet one more confirmation of the perfection of things, as the color of Spirit that was downloading into the planet for this initiation is the violet ray. 

This was our view as the sun rose on the opposite side of the hill.

And how is this for synchronicities..the people's leader of Burma was released from prison on the day of the World Wide Meditation! An outer reflection of the worldwide step towards peace and resolution.

Once we had connected to the energies of the planetary configuration, we were ready to move down the Irrawady River.  This river symbolizes the spine and the move of the downloading Spirit along the spine.  While on this journey of movement we did the second ritual - which was about setting our personal intentions of opening to Spirit and releasing the control of the lower will in our personal lives.

A view from the boat (the Pandaw) of a local village as we journeyed down the river

Some of the guys on the journey on the boat

Along the way, we stopped at one of the more modern, but still traditional villages.  The people were once again very open, as you can see from some of the faces.  The children sang for our group and touched our hearts.  We were able to give back some with a donation for a new floor for their school.

Returning from the village with local children in hand

The villagers saying goodbye to our boat

This journey brought us to Bagan, the ancient city of Burma.  This was symbolic of moving into the ancient history of our subconscious energy.  We had now reached the bottom part of the six-pointed star.


One of thousands of temples in this area

Here we shared the third ritual - intended to release the karmic patterns and purify the subconscious (lower self and the physical triangle in the configuration) for the rising soul.

Bagan is home of the "Plain of 10,000 Temples," which now numbers about 2000.  Everywhere you look there is another temple.  The configurations of this area represent connecting to the energetic soul grid plans that are now attempting to rise as we clear the pathway in each of our lives.  We found it very powerful as well.  This ritual was performed at sunset, representing the end of the karmic cycle.

Those are people sitting along the top edge of this temple, across from where we performed this sunset karmic ritual

Once the lower self was symbolically cleared of the karmic history, we were ready to move that energy up from the lower self into the heart. 

For this heart ritual of giving and receiving, we ascended to the sacred mountain/volcano known as Mt. Popa. 

A temple on top of the ancient Mt. Popa, where we did the ritual

This was the centerpiece in many ways of the journey.  People experienced a true opening of their hearts in surprising and meaningful ways.

Even the hotel staff played a part in our heart ritual, placing fresh flower petals on our beds each day while we were there.

Once we were complete in Bagan, we flew to another part of the country for our final days on Inle Lake.  This place represents connecting the conscious mind of the heart with the higher energy of the mountains and the deep energies of the lake (joining the higher and lower triangles into the heart space).

Arriving at the hotel - all travel by long boats

The hotel on stilts, surrounded by beautiful mountains

Our final two intentions involved creating our personal vision for the new soul experience in our lives, and then setting the intention to open to the highest soul potential we have as individuals - known in this particular initiation as the power of the White Magician.  This is simply a name for the magic of the soul experience that begins to be experienced as we connect more consciously to the higher self.

Robert channeling for the final ritual, sitting in a powerful spot in one of the temples on Inle Lake

As we were preparing for the final ritual we did as a group, we noticed a post that was located exactly beside where we had chosen - with a message for us all that happened to be written in English.

Turned on its side to make reading easier.

This completes our sacred journey to Burma.  Each person experienced a definite transformation while we were in this innocent, loving place.  We hope you will experience powerful shifts as well, as we move into the months ahead  - a time for assimilating the healing energies that downloaded into our planet in November, 2003!

We leave you with many smiling faces and open hearts.




Many thanks to Zaw, our Burmese guide (Old Burma Tours http://www.oldburma.com/)



and many blessings to all of you from Ron, Robert and the rest of the family at Children of Light!



Copyright 2005 Children of Light