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Empowerment Products


In order to facilitate greater nurturing and healing, Children of Light is now joining with the team at a wonderful, innovative company called doTerra.

DoTerra provides ESSENTIAL OILS that can be used to nurture and stimulate the five physical senses... soothing through smelling the healing aromas, nurturing your skin, face, hands and body, and stimulating healing through taste.

These are some of the most direct ways to create nurturing in your life. People have used the power of nature to create healing in their lives throughout history. Even our medicines imitate nature. How much healthier to go directly to the organic source!

There are MANY uses of these essential oils and spa-like products to enhance the quality of your life. From dietary supplements, medicinal value, soothing and nurturing, you can also use these products in your laundry or on your pillow to help you sleep!

I encourage you explore further.
Simply CLICK HERE to find out more or go directly to their website.





Revelations for a Healing World:
A Personal Process
for Resurrecting the Soul

This first book by Ron Baker, based on the channelings of Gabriel, shares clear and empowering information about this unprecedented time of acceleration and change that we live in.

Little do most people know, the same energies that are allowing breakthroughs in science and technology are also attempting to create similar advancements in each one of us... opening us to much more personal potential and fulfillment!

Book Cover: Ruben Garcia


We are glad to finally have a way to reach many more people with information that has ALREADY HELPED THOUSANDS in various parts of the world. The first printing of this timely book sold out in only two months!

This book was published in 1997. And is now out of print.

Ron is now in the process of working on his next book,
A Map to Greatness. We will keep you posted on when to expect it in print!!!


A Loving Journey of Transition

An inspiring story about crossing the veil


Ron shared two heartfelt weeks with his mother, Carolyn, before her unexpected death in May of 2005. Their time together both touched him deeply and opened him to a much clearer trust of the continued Soul journey beyond the physical.

In this book, Ron shares their compassionate story, which can help others take the fear out of death. You can also be inspired by Carolyn sharing each time she was awake exactly what was beginning to take place on the other side.

In the midst of facing loss, which can be so challenging, Ron found that his mother was able to offer him a rare and precious gift. He was able to experience the bridge to the other side WITH her, even connecting him directly to the energy of his Soul.


There are a limited number of this book still in print in 2015...

Please email if you are interested in having a copy.





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