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Follow-up on our
Journey to Sacred BALI!

Opening the Heart to World Service

October, 2005

(photo by Sharon Maia Nichols)

Greetings to you all!  We are so happy to share about our life-changing journey to Bali - which involved most, if not all of you.

Please know that when you join us for the WorldWide Meditation - you have a direct impact on the consciousness of the planet! Gabriel has informed us that we increased the number of people that participated in this thirteenth worldwide meditation by a million people!

On October 8, you were part of an event that included well over 17 million people! Together we have served the planet well.

For those who might be new to this process, having just found out about this series of planetary initiations and energy accelerations.... this is an unprecedented phonemenon that has been taking place since 1997. 

This series of healing events are literally raising the energy of our planet, which in turn are awakening our consciousness to new levels of our personal and planetary potential. This is preparing us with the potential to merge with the consciousness of our very souls for the first time in recorded history. This is indeed an exciting time to be alive!

There is much more information on the initiations elsewhere on the website. I will not repeat much of that here....but will get on with sharing the amazing journey that 24 of us took to the sacred island of Bali.

First a few words of putting this journey into context...

The planet has now reached the mid-point of the initiation process and we are just beginning to integrate the energy of the soul in the heart space for the first time ever. 

For this to happen, we must prepare the womb space of the soul in our bodies. This womb space is indeed located in the lower torso and is the area of the subconscious mind. What we have stored in that subconscious for our entire known history is the accumulated memory of our primitive learning.

As we reach this mid-point of our process, we need to realize that we have only integrated and experienced the more primitive parts of our true potential. Only now are we being encouraged and supported energetically to release that accumulated history and open to more of our potential. We must, however, work with these rising energies and take responsibility for all of the distorted energies we have stored inside.

This is a time when all that we have held in the Shadow is coming up to be healed. That involves our fear, shame, judgment and the unresolved relationship with our emotional bodies. In short, we must nurture and resolve our wounded emotional bodies. The emotional body is the aspect of ourselves that will become the access point to the soul - for we can only know the soul as a realm of EXPERIENCING life and our divinity on a much deeper level.

If we choose to remain in the wounded myths held in the emotional body, we will remain locked in the prison of our own fear - separate from our souls and our true divine nature.

Everything that we do at Children of Light involves teaching people how to prepare and work through these layers, moving into a sense of freedom and empowerment that they have never known. We literally watch 100 per cent of our clients make remarkable expansions within this nurturing, empowering approach.

After fifteen years of establishing our healing center in New York, we are now committed to making more of our work available to all of you through the internet. That is the reason we are expanding our web site. This shift is a response to what we feel is a VITAL need. So we are creating ways to get this unique information and approach out to more people around the world.

Why did we return to BALI for this next initiation?

The planet is a macrocosmic reflection of each one of us as individuals. Just as we are preparing the womb space of our subconscious at this time, so is the planet. And it just so happens that Bali holds the energetic configurations of the planetary womb space.

Mt Batur and Mt Agung (the two most sacred volcanoes of Bali)

We were scheduled to leave on October 1, the very day that Bali experienced a bombing at the southern most tip. It was all over the news the day of our departure. And every one of our 24 travelers decided to continue with the commitment to go on this journey of healing.

What we may not realize is that these events play a part in the worldwide initiation for all of us.

If we look back to our past journeys and initiations, it is interesting to note that a similar tragedy occured within days of FIVE of our twelve journeys! For instance, there was a bombing in Egypt just days before we left for last year's initiation. A few years before that, a group of tourists was shot and killed just days prior. And in 1997, there was a huge fire that burned up three moutains surrounding Machu Picchu just days before we left to go to that site for an initiation.

We have come to realize that when the vortexes of the initiatory energies open in these various places, it creates a major shake-up. However, it is also important to realize that within the terrible tragedies, there is also perfection.

First - These shake-ups bring the world's attention to the very places where we need to focus for the initiations.

Second - We need to begin to understand that we are affected in similar ways by these initiatory energies and that our bodies are experiencing similar shake-ups.

We can begin to understand this when we realize that the energies in our bodies (and in our world) begin to accelerate from the download of energy in these initiations. In our bodies, the energy is attempting to break up our old, defensive structures and chaotic symptoms are created when we resist.

It is vital that we begin to look at all of the events that are taking place in the world as clues and reflections that not only affect us, but more importantly mirror what is taking place inside each one of us. We hold all of the archetypes that are in the world in our bodies and in our consciousness.

We have heard a lot about terrorists in recent years. We have focused on "those other people" who are angry and acting out. However, we might consider that the "terrorists" reflect the part of all of us that acts out and tries to control or destroy all that we do not know how to love or accept - within ourselves and in the world around us.

The process goes something like this - what I cannot love, I will control. What I cannot control, I will destroy. This is the path of the ego defense in fear and survival. It will never work. And it will never work as long as we think of it as something that is happening outside of us, and that we are not truly connected or affected.

If the world is going to heal, we must each learn to take responsibility for healing these aspects of our own lives. We must learn that we can affect the whole picture, the collective consciousness, when we shift our own personal resonance. We are just beginning to understand this reality.

And by the way, things could not have felt safer while we were in Bali.
If you have been thinking about visiting this most amazing place - do not hesitate! The people are amazing...though confused about who created this isolated incident or why.

These pictures give you some idea of the innocent face of Bali...

As we deal with so many challenging events in the world today, people are often confused about what they can do. So often we feel powerless to change the bigger structures in the world, with all of the corruption and control.

The simple answer is that we ARE very powerful, but we will not know it by trying to control or get rid of what we don't like by fighting and resisting. We will only heal the world when we begin to shift ourselves from the inside...and then begin to act from the deeper truth that our inner healing reveals. In this way we will not be able to be ruled by the fear and shame that has kept us a part of the old system.

This healing process is what is encouraged in the opening of the subconscious and in the womb space of Bali at this time. This particular vortex of energy began to open with a download from the Sirian star, which is the essence of the Goddess energy - July 7, 2005 (7/7/7).

Seven is the number of the spiritual, inner connection (the soul). This opening was most powerful in the month of October, but remained open until the closing gateway on November 11, 2005 (11:11:11 - if you do the numerology of the whole year's date you come up with the final 11). And eleven is the number of higher spiritual connection.

Now on to the journey...

Twenty-four people gathered from many different places to go on our twenty-four hour flight to Bali. Not only did we take off knowing that two bombs had just gone off within minutes of the airport in Bali, but we heard that a category four typhoon was just 12 hours ahead of our arrival in the connecting city of Taipei on our way....

With all of that, we were off on what would be a remarkable and healing time in a magical place.

In preparation for the journey, Gabriel asked us to create a rod of intiation. This rod was to be the focus of transformation that prepares for the resurrection of the soul. The specific configuration of the rod mirrors the path of the soul's integration in our bodies through what is known as the haric line.

Rod - of the haric line/soul connection in our bodies

[One side comment before we get too far. There may be a number of terms that are not so familiar to you in this follow-up. We are happy that we will be able to offer more direct guidance and education about all of these terms and how they apply to you as we create our new Educational Forum on the web site in January, 2006. We hope you will prepare your questions for this more interactive web experience!]

Soon after our arrival, we were met by our tour director, Linda County and Balinese guide, Budi. His warmth and love of his country were inspiring. It did not take long before we are all one family...


After a day to adjust to our new time zones and the energy of Bali, we were ready to begin our adventure. We based ourselves in Ubud for the first five days, the city which most consider to be the artist center of Bali.

Our days were full and rich with experience. There is so much I could tell. For instance, we immersed ourselves in the culture, music, mask making, dance and spirituality of Bali. However, to honor time and space, I will primarily share the spiritual throughline of the initiation that we were in Bali to lead.

Our first group meeting was in a intimate, but open space that looked out over beautiful rice patties...

The focus of our journey was enhanced by the fact that we were there during Bali's most sacred holiday, known as Galungan. This is the ten-day period when the people pray, asking all higher energies to connect and bless them. They also focus on connecting to their ancestors (very directly connected to the history held in our subconscious).

Each day in Bali was spent going to various temples for our rituals. The first day actually took us to the most sacred temple - Besakih.

The group in front of Besakih, wearing traditional sarongs

The first ritual was focused on bringing the lower self up and the higher self down to meet in the heart - the sacred marriage of our humanity and our divinity. In this ritual we began to identify our life lesson, soul lesson and intention of life purpose. These are the three energies through which we will manifest and experience the soul.

This first ritual was to set our personal intentions into motion, bringing all of our focus to the heart space.

The second ritual took place at Gunung Kawi.

The group going down the steps to Gunung Kawi,
greeted as always by Balinese children

The focus of this second ritual was to purify the heart space in a ceremony of forgiveness and compassion. Moving through a configuration of a yin/yang circle, we prepared the heart for the neutral energy of the soul, also balancing light and dark.

Preparing for the yin/yang ritual of forgiveness

It was interesting that we got many signs and synchronicities from nature that we were being supported in our intentions. In this case, as we were balancing light and dark a hen walked right into the space of our ritual with two solid black chicks and two solid white chicks (which I have never seen). This is a picture of them, though their coloring being similar to the environment makes it a little challenging to see...

Along the way we took the time to stop at many of the beautiful places that Bali has to offer, such as this gorgeous lake...

We spent the next day with a visit to a wonderful, Balinese healer. Though many of the people on our journey are trained healers, we were all most anxious to experience the loving energies of someone trained in the Balinese approach. This particular healer had many of his herbs growing all around his home - and he even walked a few feet to gather bark from a tree for one of our group.

Linda County with the Balinese healer

We also spent some time doing ceremony with the people of Bali. Because of the bombings, there were hardly any toursists. Though this was hard on them, we felt that we were able to see an untouched experience of Bali in many ways.

Our third ritual took place on the edge of one of the two volcanoes - Mt. Batur. The focus of this ritual was to bring in the energies of the Goddess for the first time, preparing us to connect to a multi-dimensional experience. This simply means we focused on bridging the third dimension with the higher dimensions of the soul and Oversoul energy.

In this ritual, we again used the aspects of the haric line called the Upper Soul Seat (fifth dimensional awareness) and the Core Star (sixth dimensional energy of our Oversoul) to bring in the energies. It was a very powerful ritual for all of us.

After these moving days in Ubud, we eventually moved to a remarkable hotel deep in the rain forest of Bali.

The hotel was amazing in that it did not interrupt nature. This was the Olympic size pool that blended in so well with nature and simply overflowed at the far end.

The other facilities were built right into nature, such as our meeting space...

You can see the jungle through the windows at the far side,
as it comes right up next to the building on every side.

This secluded paradise provided a place halfway between the mountains and the ocean for us to perform the worldwide meditation. This was important, as we wanted to be in the center heart space (halfway between the high self and the lower self).

We awoke at 4:30am Bali time and were all in place to join with all of you for sunrise...the rising of the soul/solar energy. Imagine knowing that millions of people were gathering to join with us! It was powerful and humbling.

Sunrise in Bali

For this ritual we focused on joining all of the intentions of the soul experience into the human experience for each and every individual in the world. This gave a focus to the millions of other people gathering around the planet with the same intention. We imagined and intended a world of oneness and unity, knowing that it can only be created as we work to manifest the oneness and unity within ourselves.

Reaching out to the world with our intention

Later that day we all forced ourselves to leave this remarkable place...only to find more of the beauty of Bali waiting for us. The next three days were spent at an oceanfront resort.

We spent time resting, integrating all that we had set in motion so far, snorkeling, going out to be with the dolphins and enjoying our time in this paradise!

If you read carefully, there was always humor to be found!

The Balinese live very much in the integrated oneness of different perspectives. They welcome world travelers with open arms. We created great friendships with everyone - even our drivers.

Ron with Katut

The fifth ritual was performed at Tirta Ganga, a water temple. This is where we accessed the feminine energy of the Goddess and prepared to enter the void or womb space - accessed in the center of the heart space.

Moving through a spiral configuration, we set our intention of joining the innermost heart with the outer world and vice versa.

There were many depictions celebrating the feminine connection in Bali

For the sixth ritual, we sat for a number of hours as Robert channeled Merlin. For those who are not familiar, Merlin is a being that has had many powerful incarnations. The most familiar to most is Merlin, the magician. In that lifetime he was actually the head of a mystery school in present day UK.

Merlin is now in charge of bringing intiates into the highest levels of initiation on the planet. For this ritual, Merlin came through to give each of us an individual initiation and message. It was a transforming experience, as we were each touched and encouraged to take the next steps of our journey.

This was a ritual to set in motion some of the soul archetype that is ready to awaken in each one of us, in the womb space that we had just prepared in the last ritual.

We then moved to Jimaran for our last day and a half - the very location of the bombings days earlier. Here we held our final ritual - to bring an intention in the powerful initiation energies of this vortex for a soul-connected world!

For this ritual we went to a gorgeous temple on a seaside cliff.

That little speck of light on the top of this cliff is actually a building,
to give you an idea of the tremendous height

Moving through a model of the rod of initiation to activate the entire haric line, each person accounced with deep commitment their personal vision and intention to the world. We also opened a space for the visions of people around the world to be connected to these energies.

At the end of this ritual, which ended well after dark, we gathered in a final circle. We first acknowledged one another and the amazing journey of rituals and intentions we were completing. We then looked up into the overcast night to give thanks to the beings of light who had been working with us.

It was a moment of divine timing. As we looking into the cloudy sky, one space opened up just large enough to reveal the moon. Believe it or not, each person was able to see that the opening was remarkably shaped like a heart!

Once we were complete, we spent our final night in celebration on the beach, laughing, dancing, eating and celebrating one another.

There is so much intimacy that takes place on these journeys. There is so much time spent sharing and inspiring one another. There is no way to take the time to relate much of that here. This page is already very long, even with the bare bones of the journey.

I am including some pictures to do the best I can to share some of this loving energy with all of you!

We thank you for continuing to take these journeys with us. We thank you for your participation in the world events of healing and transformation. Please know that you are playing a vital role in creating a new world of the soul connected human beings.

And finally - feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do for you as we continue forward on this journey together. We so look forward to being able to share more fully with all of you in the new version of the web site due out by January, 2006.

Blessings from the home family at Children of Light and from Bali!

Ron and Robert


Final Note:
For those who are interested in making a journey to Bali, please know that it is one of the safest and most loving places we have been. And if you are looking for a tour company to set up your journey, we recommend "Journeys Off the Tourist Track" with Linda County.

Linda took care of every detail with wonderful, loving care... We are grateful.

Copyright 2005 Children of Light