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What follows is a brief account of our recent journey to the South Pacific,
the sacred island of Bali.

The rising sun - one of our first mornings on Bali

A few months prior to the turn of the millennium, several of us got an intuitive impression that we wanted to spend the time in Bali. We did not quite understand why...but followed our hearts and created this journey. It was only later that Gabriel began to reveal how this journey was one more step in the series that we began in early 1997.

As you have discovered from the rest of this web site, we have been in a series of energetic initiations on our planet. These initiations are preparing us for a quantum shift of consciousness, with the potential of birthing our souls and the Christ Consciousness within. This process is known as Ascension.

It is time for our Earth to move into the next phase of our soul learning and experience. Therefore she is going through a series of energetic accelerations to open her to this higher plane of energy and experience. We are all being affected by these shifts, whether we choose to become conscious of the specifics or not. These initiations were patterned for us by the one Jesus just about 2000 years ago, at the beginning of the Age of Pisces. We are now entering the next age, the Age of Aquarius. It is, therefore, time for us to integrate the potential that was modeled for us so long ago.

The initiations of the Christed energy began in 1997 and include the Birth, the Baptism, the Transfiguration on the Mount, the Renunciation/Crucifixion, the Cocooning and the Resurrection initiation. Now that these energies have been activated into the planetary energy grids, we have now reached the time to integrate them into the physical. This year is being called the Year of Soul Initiation. That is because the energies of these initiations are now awakening within our individual lives.

In the first three months of 2000 we are moving into the physical integration of the first three initiations. Again it is important to remember that "initiation" means "beginning." Therefore, this will be a process that will take quite some time. However, the process is having direct effects on each of at this time. The first three initiations include the Birth (January), the Baptism (February) and the Transfiguration on the Mount (March). There is more information available about this in the Monthly Weather Report for these months elsewhere on the web site.

The reason that Bali is so significant for this particular journey at this particular time is multi-leveled. However, the most significant interest involves its energetic place in the macrocosm. In other words, Bali serves as a distinct energy for the planet as a whole. Just as Lhasa, Tibet is the first chakra, the Great Pyramid of Egypt is the second chakra and Stonehenge is the third chakra...Bali represents the energetic naval of the planet. It is the place that joins the energies of the lower three chakras for our planet.

This is significant because these first three initiations take place in the clearing of the lower three chakras in each one of us. Therefore, it was very significant to go to these energies as a preparation for these initiations. Once again Gabriel gave us three rituals to perform while we were there. In each of these we acted as proxies to release and clear the issues of these lower chakras in ourselves and in the world.

This is the foundation for the powerful journey that we recently took to the South Pacific...

So come with us, see some pictures and connect to the energies of the powerful Earth configuration.

For this journey we were instructed to prepare our intentions for clearing our personal lives (in the first three chakras). We were also told to bring a sacred offering to leave in this place, as well as any crystals that held any particular significance for us as individuals.

People gathering for sunset at Tanah Lot, a temple on the edge of the sea

Robert, Peter and Donna in the light of the setting sun at Tanah Lot

We spent the first complete day in Kuta Beach, allowing ourselves to adjust to an entirely new energy. We had traveled for more than 20 hours to the other side of the world and to the southern hemisphere. Soon after we moved to the east coast of the island, to a place called Candidasa.

Our hotel in Candidasa - from above and from beachside

We began to journey to temples and sacred sites from this location.

We performed our first ritual at a temple known as the Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah). It was important for this first initiation to be in the location of a cave. The birth initiation has always taken place in a cave. Even for the one Jesus, this initiation took place in a cave. We are told in the Bible that Jesus was born in a stable. However, what we have not necessarily realized is that caves most often provided the enclosures for stables.

Part of the temple from above

The group doing a purification in the sacred pool before entering the cave - wearing traditional, sacred sarongs

Ron standing at the mouth of the cave

This ritual initiation was quite powerful for us all, connected with the preparation of our first chakras. Within the cave we discovered the two spirals of creation as standing columnar waves, just as we had in sacred sites in Tibet and Egypt. We each read our intentions of clearing and a huge downpouring of rain came during this time. There was also a powerful moment when we had all said, "So be it" when a huge, isolated clap of thunder rang out in perfect timing. We felt it as an affirmation, for it was the only thunder that we heard...

We spent our final morning in Candidasa snorkeling and looking at the beautiful reefs and fishes. Then we were off to our third destination - Hotel Tsampuan in Ubud. The hotel was quite beautiful, built by a prince of Bali at the turn of the century. It was originally intended to be lodging for his family and friends. It sits on the side of a mountain/hill and is surrounded by jungle and pools. Our rooms were directly across from the sacred temple.

Ron and Donna standing outside one of the rooms at Hotel Tsampuan

A view from the lobby - all open to the tropical air; and one of the pools as well

While here we visited a number of sacred sites. The first day with our new guide, Darta Rhoda, we went to the oldest and most sacred temple on the island.

The entrance to the most sacred temple - much less traveled by tourists than the Mother Temple

On our second day in Ubud, we performed our second ritual by a sacred body of water. This was important, for the second ritual involves the purification of baptism and the clearing of the second chakra, the emotional body. We found one of the temples that has a spring of holy water and did our ritual in a very secluded sacred spot.

More ritual purification

Another of the powerful sites that we visited that day - the Rock Temple

We just happened to visit Bali during one of their two most sacred holidays. Therefore, our generous host invited us to be come to the family compound/home for this day. This way we got to experience some of the traditional food, as well as the sacredness of the homes. The people prepare for many days for this holiday. You may have noticed some of the decorations in other pictures that were already in place.

One of the streets lined with decorations made from palm leaves and bamboo

Other decorations and one of the family temples

A celebration created by some of the children

We spent the next day on a journey to the volcanic mountain, known as Mt. Batur. It was very memorable and powerful energetically. We could even see smoke coming from the volcano.

Here are some pictures from various locations...

Part of the temple on Mt. Batur

Another sacred pool

Animal medicine seemed to play a large role throughout this trip as well, from mating frogs and butterflies to a swarm of dragonflies, to these...

Within minutes, Ron had the opportunity to connect to both the eagle and the snake (the highest and lowest perspectives)
The third and final ritual was to be performed on the sacred mountain, known as Mt. Agung. Here we were to not only read our intentions for the clearing of the third chakra (Transfiguration on the Mount), but we were to also bury a sacred object. This was our offering to the Earth and to the sacred site. For this we went to the Mother Temple.

Part of the Mother Temple

People coming to make offerings at the temple

Peter, shortly after completing his part of the ritual

After completing our time in Ubud, we returned for a final night on Kuta Beach.

Then it was sunset on Bali... Time to return home and prepare for the physical integration of these energies. So that is a shortcut through our journey to sacred Bali, the naval of the world. We hope that this has helped to connect you on some level to these powerful energies...for they are now downloading and being integrated by each and every one of us in unique ways.

Good-bye from all of us for now...

Donna, Robert and Peter

Ron, the photographer

And finally a special thanks to Darta Rhoda for being such a wonderful guide.


Copyright 2005 Children of Light