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The Focus of our School of Self-Mastery:
Empowered At Last

Healing, Empowerment, Self-Mastery


Training Modes

1 - Private Sessions

2 - Support Groups

3 - Reiki and Light Ascension Training

4 - Advanced Training for Counselor/Healing Practitioners

5 - Leading Groups to Sacred Sites around the World (for planetary Soul initiations)

6 - Organizing WorldWide Meditations

7 - Educating Online, through Articles, mp3 Audio Channelings and YouTube Inspirations


Nurturing Education in Self-Empowerment

Ron and the practitioners he has trained have individual students and groups both in New York and in various places around the the world. They teach a process drawn from the Gabriel teachings that is focused on creating a healing balance in the four bodies of energy that make up our experience in the world - the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

This prepares each individual to heal the "survival consciousness" and defense and prepare for a conscious Soul connection, opening each one to an experience of greater personal potential. They address the four bodies with specific information, experiential tools and exercises.

They reveal in very clear ways how to resolve layers of emotional wounding and defense to reach the core authentic Self.

As we move into a New Age - the Age of Aquarius, we are preparing for the biggest quantum shift of consciousness we have known in our planet's history. We believe this is the time when we can truly move into the potential that the master teacher, Jesus, spoke about 2000 years ago... "The things that I do, ye shall do also and greater than I have done."

Many people are now waking to the fact that there is "more"...
The reality of "something more" will become experiential as each person learns how to awaken the potential that is already held within their DNA.

Yes, we each hold tremendous potential in the very cells of our bodies. What we have not realized is that we will only access that potential by learning how to wake it up, which comes in resolving the density of fear, shame and judgment held in place to protect a wounded emotional body.

We have had REMARKABLE results working with people both in person and through the website, EmpoweredAtLast.com.


Reiki and Light Ascension Training in Self-Mastery

In order to facilitate the growth and expansion of Children of Light, we have developed a process of training in self-mastery. Because we know this process works to prepare each individual for the integration of Soul consciousness, we want the opportunity to reach as many people as possible.

This training program involves a 12-step initiation process, opening the 12 power centers of the body. This program involves four levels of training in Reiki, and then Light Ascension. It prepares the physical body for the integration of the Soul and awakened light body.

In this training, we teach you how to direct energy on multidimensional levels. As you begin to understand the laws of energy, the secrets of creation, manifestation and healing become more accessible. This process is very nurturing and grounded.

This process ends by preparing our students to be able to teach, facilitate and encourage others through the same 12-tiered process. By the time you have finished this initiation process, you are both a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Light Ascension Therapist.


Advanced Training For Bio-energetic Counselors / Healing Practitioners

The most advanced training that we offer to those who have completed the 12-step initiation process of self-mastery is an apprenticeship that allows people to become counselors and bioenergetic practitioners. They are then empowered to teach the unique process we have developed over the years, which allows for more people to be nurtured through this life-changing opportunity. Based on Gabriel's wonderful teachings, this segment completes the curriculum in our Metaphysical School in New York City!

Most of our practitioner training thus far is done in New York City, though we have shared the foundation for that training in other parts of the world. Because of the unique and comprehensive nature of this empowerment process, we have found this training to be effective and helpful even for our clients who are already psychologists, shamans and other types of healers/teachers.

As we move into this time of personal and planetary awakening, many people are finding themselves drawn to making a difference in the world around them. This training offers a direct path for this endeavor into greater service.


Leading Groups to Sacred Sites
(coordinated with WorldWide Meditations)

This aspect of our work at Children of Light began in 1997, when Gabriel began to inform us about the planetary Soul initiations or accelerations that have inspired healing transformation in our world.

There is a great deal of information available in other locations of our web site covering this experience. There is no way to share in a few words the profound effect that these journeys have had on each one who participated. We will simply share that these journeys have taken place at the primary planetary chakras or energy centers aroundthe globe.

Just as in our individual bodies, it is through our chakras that we access and integrate higher levels of Spirit. We schedule these journeys at specific times when extremely powerful energies are flooding into these planetary chakra points, creating the steps of initiation necessary to bring us through our awakening process.

With your help in spreading the word, millions of people have joined together for each of these events all over the world. By learning to come together as a world, we are all making a direct impact on the direction of our planet's evolution. We thank all of you for your help in spreading the word and for participating in these events.

This is one more example of how we need one another to take full advantage of these healing potential of this time. We hope that any of you who are interested will consider joining us for one of the upcoming journeys.

For now, we have done 15 journeys in 15 years... culminating the first segment of encouraging world unity from 1997 to the profound event of December 21, 2012.


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