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Message from Gabriel on the 2010 Oil Spill..

(more at the end of this article...)

One way we can all play a part in the healing:
- Meditate every day at noon, seeing the planet healing, the crack sealing, the oceans safe, and all the people involved supported in creative solutions...


Now for the message from Gabriel

"Understand that at this time as energy is rising on your planet, what you are experiencing is a greater sensitivity and acceleration of experience, as well as an accelerated impact of your choices. The surface of the Earth is like the skin of your body.

The oil under the crust is like your circulatory system or the nervous system. For the Earth, it is a layer of lubrication for the movement of the tectonic plates.

These bodies are very sensitive to activity or impression or activations, such as penetration is disruption at this time of heightened energies. The reactions are more immediate and more extreme, because everything in the physical is becoming more sensitive to life as it really is.

You are also moving from cause and effect to resonant causation on your planet, which opens you to multi-dimensional reality. Cause and effect has allowed you to focus on individual parts, having an action and a more isolated result. In resonance, you find out more fully that everything is connected to everything else.

Your resonance could be said to be made up of your accumulated choices, beliefs, motivations and intentions - all that you hold inside, no matter what mask you present to the world. It will ultimately lead you to awesome new discoveries, such as deeper awareness of your personal power, where you have more of an impact on life than you had realized.

You will also realize that life dances with you more than you had realized. However, you are starting to get clues from the fact that your choices, individual and collective, have a much more powerful impact that is immediate. At this time, you are experiencing the effects in nature that your actions have had upon it.

That can be tapped for creation or destruction. The Earth will more immediately react now, because the action of cause and effect has a delay... which comes as a result of cycles moving. But as you move into this new era on your planet, your concept and experience of time is condensing. Things will seem to happen more immediately.

That comes out of what you resonate with having impact or effects that are immediate. They simply ARE, based on who you ARE being and what you ARE choosing. The Earth contains a vibration that influences everything that inhabits it.

All of that is rising as the Earth's rate increases from what you have always known.

With that said, we will recap that the first real lesson in everything that is happening is based upon you becoming aware of the front edges or the beginning potentials of your resonance - showing you the effects of your resonance (accumulated choices, beliefs and what you hold inside) and the shifts of your choices taking place more immediately and powerfully.

So you have an oil spill... affecting both the oceans and the lands, the people and the other kingdoms, such as your animals. There is a ripple effect that is more obvious.

On a divine level, it is there to show you the ripple effect of single actions, particularly choices you make that interfere with the environment. That environment is at a crisis level in many ways on the planet at this time, based on your cumulative choices.

The revelation of your choices has just begun. You will see more impact in the world around you as you move forward, in hopes that you will wake up to the destructive force that you have become. You are in an emergency state now and truly need to awaken, so that you can take "response-ability."

That is your power to truly respond, so that you will find out how much more powerful you all really are - particularly when you come together.

As you prepare for the integration of the soul body at this time in your evolution, the physical body has to come into a state of greater respond-ability. It is being prepared for greater responsibility and personal power. So you must learn to pay attention and then deal with how you impact the world around you. You cannot be careless and unconscious and move into this power.

If you don't wake up, then the effects will become that much more out of balance, extreme and threatening to your very survival. That is the higher purpose and opportunity in what is taking place. The physical reality is simple and obvious. But you need to look at both the physical and the spiritual to realize how this is all seeking to serve, guide and inform... inform you where you are in your process and how you need to rise, to learn and to respond in new, more effective ways.

Ultimately, everything that is taking place is serving the good. It always is, in that it all teaches you.

It is all there to teach you about life and about yourself. However, until you pay attention, more extreme ways to get your attention are required. It is all attempting to become streamlined at this point - teaching you how to come into integrity with the gift that you have been given - free will and freedom of choice.

How life must be responded to in the long run comes from seeing the impact of that freedom and those choices. It is up to you.

You are never given more than you can contain, use and incorporate into your present levels of learning and opportunity. The importance of this cycle is the awakening of the soul consciousness. That involves the awakening of the White Magician.

You are now in a testing process within the soul initiations... learning to contain yourself and take greater responsibility for yourselves. As you go through these early stages, you are going through preparation. You now need to ready everything that the bodies contain, in order to become "receivers of life" and its sacred potential.

So you are being prepared, waking you up to respond and refine and grow and evolve yourselves. Ask yourself - "How do I need to learn to take responsibility for the freedom of choice that I have been acting upon unconsciously?" - so that you can become conscious and in ownership of the gift you have been given.

Real freedom of choice involves the integrity of conscious awareness. You can't exercise freedom of choice without it. If you are not conscious, then there is no real freedom and no real power in your choices.

In order to be powerful, you must choose consciously - so that you can create what truly serves you in the long run. If you move in this direction, you can learn to literally direct life with your conscious intentions - realizing that you are a part of all of life and that your choices affect all other life.

Thus comes the fulfillment of the statement made by Christ - to love one another AS you love yourself. (basically the Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...)

Over time, you will find out that you are all connected and One. How you treat another will have greater and greater impact on yourself.

Growing into this awareness is how you will create a communion of souls who are all connected and impacted by one another. One soul. One consciousness within the Godmind."

- Gabriel



One way we can all play a part in the healing:
- Meditate every day at noon, seeing the planet healing, the crack sealing, the oceans safe, and all the people involved supported in creative solutions...

We are much more powerful than we have ever been taught. When we come together in a common focus and intention - not opposing or blaming, but supporting and moving TOWARDS solution for all - we create an exponential impact.

***ALL MANIFESTATIONS START OUT AS ENERGY - and we can color that energy AND manifestation with our intentions and focus.

So let's come together every day at noon, creating a WAVE OF HEALING across the planet each day...

Copyright 2010 Children of Light