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Message from Gabriel on the

Eruption in Egypt, 2011...

Due to recent events in Egypt, the world has brought its focus to the Middle East, to a people standing up for their rights... tired of the system that has been.

Below are a few thoughts shared by Ron and Robert, followed by some perspectives from Gabriel.

The first thing we want to share is that all indications are that things WILL settle in Egypt and the journey that we have planned for 11/11/11 will put no one in harm's way.

We also want to point out that based on the accelerated energies in these areas, due to the openings of energies that are scheduled to help with our planetary awakening... some type of upset has happened prior to half of our journeys, as the energies begin to focus and activate these areas and the archetypal energies that are prevalent.

For instance, there was a major fire that burned the entire region prior to our first trip to Peru... that burned all the mountains around Machu Picchu, but torrential rains opened and put the fire out as it approached the sacred center/temple.

Other times there have been eruptions of groups and peoples, who have set off bombs twice, as well as other things... bringing worldwide focus to the areas that are important for the energetic healing and acceleration. So things serve many purposes all at the same time... for individuals and collective, worldwide benefit on a soul level, connected to the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

For instance, Princess Diana and Mother Theresa both died, bringing the world to its most remarkable heart opening JUST prior to the energy of the planetary heart chakra opening in 1997/98. This event in Egypt is no different...

With all of that in mind, here is what Gabriel had to share:

"At this time, when all the new healing energies are continuing to break down duality, there will be conflict in the world. In this case it is in an area where there is a strong totalitarian energy. This is based on a lack of balance, of one force dominating others.

The primary energy that is affecting these shifts is the 7th ray, which is moving into more influence. One of its primary intentions is to break down all old structures that are out of balance. You will see this within all relationships, with individual people, and within world structures, such as economic and political systems.

This is a necessary exposure of deeper truths. In this case, people are rising up, trying to develop or claim equality in their lives. In order for this to happen, often required is an exposure of the conflict. This conflict will pass, but it will create a ripple effect. it will effect all totalitarian regimes. This is even present in the US, in its relationship to other countries.

Again, this is all attempting to reveal what is out of balance, in conflicted feelings and in opposition... so that you can respond and move towards balance and healing solutions that serve the good of the whole.

Every area of life that is in duality has a sense of dictatorship. This simply implies one side opposing the other. This is what is happening in Egypt, and it will subside in months to come, but there will be an ongoing rumbling in this part of the world, as the issues have been brought more fully to the surface.

As the planet moves from cause and effect into resonant causation, it is creating a more powerful exposure of the imbalance in the resonance of these areas in people's lives all over the world.

When it will settle in Egypt will completely depend upon the choices of individuals and the collective, and how willing they all are to create a real negotiation, an agreement that serves everyone. This will take some time.

To assure you for your upcoming journey, we would say that we would guess by the middle of the year, you will likely see a settling down.

Ultimately the economics will become a great influence that will encourage a response, with its pressure to settle down so that the corporations can continue to thrive in these areas.

Another perspective is that the world management team is responsible for inciting these events in many ways, in an attempt to move their agenda of a one-world government. They are not concerned about any one country individually. They attempt to use all that takes place to continue their agenda... just as each one of your ego defenses tries to use everything that takes place to further its agenda.

However, do not forget that it is all encompassed within the Divine Plan, where revealing and including ALL the parts and players is necessary. And this event will also serve to encourage individuals to express their freedom of choice.

As a planet, you are all in the process of moving from the Hall of Ignorance into the Hall of Learning... where the soul can begin to influence the personality, testing it into a deeper awareness.

The bottom line is that your planet's present survival system does not work. You are starting to see that revealed everywhere. This will continue." - Gabriel

We encourage you to take all of these perspectives and use them as an inspiration to show up and take deeper responsibility in your own lives.

Face your own imbalances. Face your own duality. Become a powerful part of a healing resonance in the world... starting with you!

love and light to all, Ron and Robert

Copyright 2011 Children of Light