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A Healing Response to
September 11

(Written on the morning of Sept 11, 2001)

We assure you that we are tremendously affected here, as Children of Light is located in
New York City. We are surrounded by people who have been affected directly by this event, as we all will be in varying degrees. One thing is for sure, it is apparent that people are having strong feelings triggered by this event and seem to be searching for ways to process and deal with those feelings - no matter where they are located in the world.

First let us say that we have tremendous compassion for all of those affected and send out loving prayers and thoughts to each. However, we also feel that this perspective is important to share... Though it is natural to have a feeling, emotional response to human tragedy such as the one that we have experienced as a country and as a world on September 11, 2001 - what is ultimately important is how we respond.

Our response to what happens around us determines what we will create out of events as we move forward. How we respond determines what these events will truly mean to each one of us. That is our place of authentic power.

The bombing of the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon today will affect the entire world. If we are wise, the events of this day will serve as a wake-up call. We live in a time of the most profound change that we have ever known, as we shift from one level of conscious evolution into the next.

We have known a reality ruled by the survival system of the personality, mostly separated from the consciousness of the soul and spiritual connection that is the deeper part of us all. As we move into a new millennium and the Aquarian Age, we have the opportunity to access those divine parts of ourselves unlike anything we have known.

From the perspective of the soul, we can learn to take responsibility for healing the distortions of shame, fear and judgment that we have known for so long. Only then can we begin to come together as ONE WORLD in unity and healing.

What will allow us to make such a healing shift? To choose a loving response to the process of change as the process of healing change reveals what is out of balance, standing in the way of our soul fulfillment. Love is the force that penetrates reality and reveals truth. The truth is that we live in a world of individuals in a process of human growth and evolution. We live in a world of individuals with emotional wounds, each and every one of us. Within that reality, we have the power to choose the perspective of love as we look deeper at the events that have occurred today. This will allow us to grow through the wounding that led to the tragic events that took place today.

From the perspective of the unfolding soul plan, today's events hold major clues for us all. Many will be asking how and why these things could happen. Many will be asking who is responsible and what price will they pay to make up for this. These are natural questions to a world in survival. However, the wiser questions involve looking to what has brought us to this point as a world.

What can we do to make sure that we learn from these events, so as not to need more powerful mirrors of destruction, loss and death? These events reveal the healing that needs to take place within each one us (the microcosm) and in the world (the macrocosmic reflection). Though these are events of tremendous loss and tragedy, they are also a part of a bigger soul picture - for they have revealed the truth of our own fear, shame and judgment has held us in the survival programming of a wounded child.

Each of us learned early in our lives that this world is filled with limitation and therefore the need for defense. Blame, shame and fearful reactions are the natural survival choices of a wounded child. What we many not realize is that as adults we have the potential to rise to higher perspectives that transcend blame, shame, fear and judgment.

Children in survival feel that they have no choices but to act out their fear - often lashing out at the ones they feel are responsible for their pain. Those children need someone to share higher perspectives of compassion and nurturing, so that they can grow out of survival into personal power - just as each of us needed as children.

Instead, most of us were taught how to defend and control our environment. As we now move deeper into this time of Ascension, we are faced with the challenge of waking up to higher perspectives - those of empowered individuals. This involves opening to the higher perspectives of our souls, which in the name of love come in to reveal the truth of what we have held inside (behind the control and defense).

Those energies have begun to penetrate and reveal the distortions of our world and our lives as individuals. As the energies of soul and spirit penetrate our lower, survival reality, they shake up that reality. We have seen that acted out in our world today. However, if we are going to heal and learn, we will not only see human tragedy, we will look higher to the fact that it is necessary for the force of LOVE to shake up our comfort zones. Otherwise, we may never look beyond the limitations of our survival and defense.

If we can each take a moment to look beyond our reactions of survival and blame, we will get to truths that serve us all. The events of September 11, 2001 reveal in the world (the macrocosm) healing clues for for each one of us.

We each have internalized fear, blame and anger that sometimes cause us to lash out and destroy from a childish sense of survival. We do it in our relationships, in our jobs and in other areas of our lives. However, because most of us do it in smaller ways, we might be hesitant to see that whoever is responsible for the actual attacks today are acting out on a large scale the same childish response. From a soul perspective, we each play out archetypal roles in the world. This involves countries as well.

For instance, the Middle East represents the energies of the lower will of man (the wounded child) - which is why we can see such constant struggle and fighting in its history. As we have entered this time of soul emergence, that area of the world has erupted once again. From a soul perspective, the United States is not only the place where the new paradigm of healing is being born, but the US and other allied countries in the world also represent the dominating parent.

We have become very subtle and sophisticated in how we have acted this out, so it may not seem so obvious. Without much need for physical force and domination as of late, we have mostly controlled and dominated through through money and technology. We have created a world of have's and have not's.

This inequality within humankind has created an acceleration of the wounded child. We have seen it acted out in many ways, such as in the school shootings of recent years. The wounded child is rising and is therefore coming "closer to home." We no longer have such clear "bad guys and good guys." We have the secretive, hidden forces rising to act out their wounded feelings.

So far we have not used our evolving knowledge, education and use of energy to heal the world as a whole. We have used it to fortify our own sense of safety and security (out of fear). And now the wounded child is lashing out. If anyone is held in the threat of survival long enough, they will eventually act out.

We may not realize that three quarters of our world is NOT in abundance and freedom. Those of us who are have perhaps become complacent in our comfort zones. It is time to awaken to a bigger picture. The synchronicity of the rising soul perspective is that today's attacks were made on the two biggest threats to the countries who act as the wounded children rising to be heard - money and defense.

The World Trade towers represent a connection to money and the domination of that energy. The Pentagon represents control central of the domination of defense. Though tragic, this serves a purpose in the unfolding of the soul evolution. Manhattan is also a reflection of the seven chakras held in the physical body. The attacks today were made in the first chakra of Manhattan - bringing up a deep sense of survival and security threat.

What do we do now?

We can get caught up in the fear, anger and blame. We can react, seeking out those responsible - attacking and killing more. The President has already made an announcement that the dominating parent will "hunt down and punish." Yes, we need to deal with all of our feelings and we need to understand that there are consequences for our actions - in order to grow out of childish choices. However, it is VITAL that we also come together as a healing community.

On a deep level, we also need to pull up deeper levels of compassion - for we have ALL, each and every one of us, played a part in building the consciousness and resonance of our planet. We have all made choices out of fear and survival, refusing to move fully out of a childish, survival reality.

Only as we are willing to see this level of reality can we ALL take responsibility for bringing up the compassion of the heart (the access point to the soul), that will allow us to wake up and respond. One thing we all need to do is look within to the wounded child who is crying out for compassion and nurturing - beginning to educate ourselves into adult, empowered choices. We also need to learn how to become grateful for the revelation of the wounded parts of our world and our individual lives - for this is vital if we are going to address the wound.

Anything we can do at this point to build a loving, compassionate focus on the wounded child will allow the manifestations of our wounded choices to serve a purpose - bringing us out of victimhood and fear into healing and empowerment. For instance, though no one can address with logic the depth of loss on a human level that has taken place today, we need to begin to consider that on a soul level each of us who now lives has been served by all parties who have taken part in the events. They have all given us a chance to embrace life in love, oneness and unity.

The bottom line is that it is now time to move into our hearts. Unless we do, we will simply deepen our survival fears, moving deeper into blame and defense. If we choose to move into the heart, we can begin to access compassion for our own wounded inner child and for our world. We can then begin to make the choices that will allow us to wake up and heal.

As always, the choice is ours.

We are creating our world one day and one choice at a time. As a part of the healing community we have a tremendous responsibility to respond at this time in ways that build a resonance of compassion and a focus on world peace. We encourage you to gather together in groups - say prayers and visualize the healing of all aspects of our world, from the wounded child to the dominating parent. Both need compassion, in order to move into choices that transcend fear, separation and defense. We also encourage you to deal with all of your feelings.

This kind of event definitely triggers deep parts of each one of us, bringing our personal wounding to the surface. However, we also need to realize that as those feelings rise, it brings an opportunity for each one of us to release the charge of those feelings. Suppressing them only adds to the wounded sense of self. Getting these feelings out with breath, movement and sound is extremely helpful...and the wisest solution so that you don't act those wounded feelings out on those around you in small ways.

The most important thing is to work through those feelings to become a part of the solution....the healing of our world.

Pass the word. Share this perspective of a deeper truth with those you love, as well as any other information of compassion that may be shared. We continue to share what we can to serve our world in education and raising consciousness to perspectives and choices for healing. If there is anything that we can do to be of help, please let us know.

And if you want further information about how to deal with the feelings that are coming up in a healthy way, as well as some clear suggestions about how you can put this kind of event into a bigger context that will inform you about yourself, rather than make you feel like a victim, there is a great deal of helpful information in my new book, Revelations for a Healing World.

I want to help in any way I can. If you want to be added to our regular mailing list, simply send your email us by writing it in the box at the upper left of this page.

Blessings to you all from Children of Light as we move deeper into the awakening world soul!