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What You Can Expect

in 2012!

We have had many people ask about 2012 and what you can expect.

It seems a great deal of fear has been coming up around this end of the Mayan Calendar. We suggest that 2012 is basically a completion. It is indeed a completion of history as you have known it, or more accurately, as you have experienced it.

In numerology, the number 12 is a number of completion. It is a number of wholeness and perfection that will, in this case, bring about the end of a cycle of creation that relates to the manifest world of form. However, it will NOT be the end of the physical world. It will NOT be a time when you will all leave the physical and move into higher dimensions of energy.

Let us explain this a little more fully. So far in your planetary history, you have developed through an awareness of your lower chakras, the energy centers that make your personality and subconscious mind. You have known this experience for the most part through the friction of duality and separation. In other words, you have been in a survival level of consciousness, attempting to separate yourselves from one another out of a fear of pain, shame and conflict.

In 2012, you will bring that experience to a close in some ways... because you will also be opening the doors to multi-dimensional awareness. At least this is the potential that you reach. This potential is profound; however, you must prepare yourselves to be able to integrate that potential into your physical bodies in order to know that reality.

The potential is for you to experience your lives not only as a reality of physical experience, but a realty where you can take responsibility for affecting All that Is. You will be able to move into soul consciousness and become aware that you are actually co-creators with life itself.

Not everyone is going to respond to this opportunity and expansion in the same manner...because you have many souls developing at many different levels at the same time. You have infant souls to more mature souls, even teacher souls and adepts.

Each will respond according to their own level and capacity. Each will be affected in their own way and will carry out their lives according to their level of development. This is all a perfect part of the Divine Plan for completing this cycle of evolution on your planet.

In many ways, this is the most profound shift that you have ever known. You can see signs of this acceleration all around you. One thing is for sure. Life will no longer operate as a repetition of that which is familiar. It will be a time that will move you out of a dependency upon the world of form as the source of your fulfillment... which will encourage you move into the inner world, getting to know who you actually ARE as individuals, trusting that inner connection as the source of your fulfillment.

It will be a time that begins to bring about a marriage of the soul and the personality and form. There are three layers of etheric separation between the lower 3 chakras and your heart space, which is the place where you access the gateways of soul consciousness. Already those layers of energetic separation have begun to dissolve. This will continue as you approach 2012.

We have already identified 2010 as a time to prepare the body, as the energy of your upper chakras move down to transform your lower 3 chakras. This will prepare the lower bodies that determine what you manifest in your lives - physical, emotional and mental bodies that must evolve in order to move into a new experiential paradigm.

This is all happening through energetic initiations or accelerations that are "beginning" to now move you into the sixth level of initiation - the Resurrection stage of the first three chakras into their higher soul potential.

The Divine Plan of the soul is now moving into the structure of form, attempting to clear the energies of fear, shame and conflict that keep you in density and separation. In short, you have created life thus far through friction and resistance, accumulating blockages in your bodies. As these higher energies move in, they are attempting to break through these blockages, burning them away with higher light.

This has already begun to wreak havoc in your bodies, as you have mostly known a fight/flight survival approach. You cannot escape the energies of evolution. You must learn to work WITH these energies, to create the potential healing and evolution of what you have known.

You need to get emotional education in the most important way. Children of Light is one such place where you can gain this level of emotional education, training yourselves to prepare for these higher energies. One of the main practitioners, Ron Baker, has just created a website where he is able to pass on important layers of information that can help you prepare for this remarkable new level of experiencing your lives as empowered creators. (http://EmpoweredAtLast.com)

One of the primary energies that is now moving is the 7th Ray of Consciousness. This is the ray of energy that will cause all that is out of balance to rise to the surface to be faced. It is no longer a choice. The planet is choosing this new level of healing and balance. This is now becoming the predominant influence as you approach 2012.

There are master souls who have been working with the planetary grids in an attempt to create a successful path for you all to move through this integration with the least amount of discord, damage and pain for you all. The new dimensions of energetic experience will be suffusing themselves with the reality of form in more and more direct ways in these coming years.

The 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions will begin to join as a real co-habitation that is experienced and expressed, as long as you are doing your part to prepare your own vehicle or body.

Do not worry. 2012 will not be a sudden jolt that will change your world in a day. It will be an "initiation/beginning" of energy that will be assimilated over time. Keep in mind that an initiation does not guarantee your fulfillment or integration.

An energetic initiation merely introduces the energy, creating an expansion of potential consciousness that you can then move into. It is already happening, but will accelerate in 2012 as you begin to integrate what is permeating your physical solar system - called photonic light. 2012 will just be the beginning of the Photon Belt and the soul light penetrating to be embodied in form.

Everything that has accelerated in the last two decades and beyond has merely been a preparation.

The 6th ray of consciuosness has been the main influence for the last 2000 years. It is the Ray of Duality and Opposities. It will lose all of its influence as you move into 2012. That has been happening slowly in these first years of the new millennium - and you have already been seeing the exposure of the idealism and imbalance of the pairs of opposites in all the forms, structures and systems of your world.

The last 2000 years have been an exploration of duality, to teach you about the extremes of pain and pleasure, opposites in opposition. In 2012 you will begin to experience the true gift of the pairs of opposites. Their true purpose has been the revelation of spirit to matter and matter to spirit through the bridge of the soul. You will eventually learn to stand in the middle, balancing the gifts that BOTH sides have to offer.

This will be a time where the inheritance of the expression and experience of INDIVIDUALITY will finally become the earmark of the day, in every area of life worldwide. You will see more and more degrees of the desire for service becoming the focus, breaking down racial barriers, as well as social and political and cultural and religious concerns, as the 7th Ray comes in to create a steady influence in the world of form in balance.

This also means that you will see a more rapid breakdown of the old forms, so that you can open to the reformation of the new. First you will experience a period of ENDINGS... then you will move more deeply into the "unknown," as the transformation process begins to prepare you for new revelations of the soul's creative force and the focus on the service to the whole.

You are seeing preparations for all of these things now, as you have seen in events like Haiti. This event has served several purposes. First, it inspires people to come together to serve one another. At first this will take place through planetary response to pain and suffering... as this is how you have been conditioned to respond so far - from the fear of pain and death.

As that illusion of death begins to dissipate... and it will, you will see groups reaching out without the initial need for pain to get you motivated into service. You will see more and more of the development of real freedom of choice as the soul begins to participate more freely and consciously in your conscious lives.

Finally, the 2nd ray of Love/Wisdom is coming in to take you into soul consciousness for the next 2000 years on your planet. That is what you have to look forward to - as long as you are doing your inner work and preparation.

You will begin to radiate forth soul energies more and more specifically as you integrate the 7th ray and the privilege of real service.

This is an overview of what you can expect as you move into 2012. What it will ultimately be is completely up to each one of YOU. - Gabriel

Copyright 2010 Children of Light