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Welcome to Children of Light

We are now in an unprecedented time in the evolution of our planet, experiencing constant change and challenge to deepen. The great news is that the energetic accelerations creating these shifts are opening us to more powerful opportunities to enhance our lives than ever before!

We live in a time that is energetically supporting each one of us to transcend a "survival approach" to life and move into direct connection with our SOUL consciousness for the first time!

We simply need grounded tools and a clear understanding about HOW to prepare for this remarkable opening and depth of fulfillment... so that we can create lives of true meaning, value and purpose.

Children of Light is an institute of self-mastery, dedicated to informing and educating individuals about the personal and planetary Ascension that we are now experiencing. In short, we are interested in inspiring others on a path of personal healing that will allow a direct awakening of the consciousness of the soul for the first time in the planet's history!

Our continued goal is to attract more and more people who are interested in truly deepening their journey, by applying information that has consistently proved to create deep healing, intimacy and self-empowered shifts in people around the world!

If that sounds like what you are looking for, we hope you will join in the Children of Light experience. We also ask that you pass the word to those whom you think would benefit from all that we offer.

One final comment for those who are new to this site. We are not a religious organization. What we offer applies to every human being. The information is intended to help us all integrate a sense of real spiritual sacredness into the physical realities of our lives.

Many blessings to you all!





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