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Welcome to Children of Light

Helping People to Awaken
the Passionate Purpose of their Souls

Please check out:

Ron's new podcast... Empowered At Last! on ITunes.

And stay tuned for:
WorldWide Meditation: Resurrection of the Divine Soul Plan for the Planet... coordinated with a journey to Ireland later this year!!!


Children of Light is a school of self-mastery located in New York City.
We offer classes and workshops in self-empowerment and Ascension into soul consciousness.

Ron also leads journeys to sacred sites around the world. From 1997 to 2012, Archangel Gabriel encouraged us to bring focus to fifteen planetary initiations--unprecedented energetic events focused on raising consciousness into a gradual integration of the soul. Those journeys so far have been nothing short of miraculous.

By leading groups to many specific power spots, such as Egypt, Peru and Tibet and organizing Worldwide Meditations, millions of people have been able to come together with specific intentions for these events.

For those who are new to us, Children of Light is not a religious organization. Though spiritually focused, the process of joining the human with the Divine applies to every human being-- mostly focused on sharing specific ways to integrate a sense of spiritual sacredness into the physical reality of our lives.

We hope you will enjoy your time here.




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